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Welcome to our channel!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first of call for new ship releases!


  1. Meru帝国海軍


  2. sort the MM out….

  3. fix match maker

  4. Long time no see, Alena!

  5. Alena is back, ???

  6. AVW_TorchCad30 NA

    ?Welcome back, Alena ?…. phenomenal and on point video intro for WOWS channel … well done ??

  7. good to seeya back Alena 🙂

  8. Patrick Infinite

    Hello! I love Warships! I love british BBs! Lion and Orion are my favourites ships!

  9. Dasha Perova.. what can i say, a true beauty

  10. Bring wows legends to switch please

  11. Curious Entertainment

    Could you please not make any more condensed videos about ships? Please.

  12. can we get some more BAD Advice?

  13. WG puts out Quality videos always.

  14. Woo Hoo Alena is back. It’s not the same without you and Dasha. You guys make a good team together.

  15. well i quit the game but i guess ill watch dasha anyhow ?

  16. good job WG… love y’all

  17. I don’t play this game anymore but i always watch the history documentary’s

  18. Mt only request is way more CGI battles and historical videos.

  19. Great video Wargaming! Big surprise to see Alena back and with Dasha, then some great explosions added in! Great work in deed!! 😉

  20. I like naval + i love game + i like war history = World of Warship Legend

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