World of Warships – Abruzzi First Impression

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Checking out the , game shows off the issues of the vessel. Visually impressive but some of the performance leaves something to be desired. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII Italian Cruiser Abruzzi Replay


  1. Not 1st

  2. It IS good that it’s hard to set fires in that cruiser, it should be the same for all ships with a high rate of fire!
    HE and fires are fucking overpowered and need to be nerfed or removed completely

    • Fire’s are the worst type of damage in game… You can repair 100% of fire damage if you have repair party… and because of the inherent fire resistance of ships it gets progressively harder to set fire to higher tier ships… As an example tier X ships have a 50% resistance to getting set alight…

    • Ah yes remove cruiser’s ability to set fires but keep the ability for them to get one shot from a battleship 25km away, right….

    • I agree. And yet, I think that fire is a big problem all around. And, no I’m not a BB main. I play all types.

    • On the other hand I don’t think creating a cruiser with piss poor He perfomance is the right way when HE is only realistic way to deal damage in a light cruiser at the moment. Just makes every other cruiser completely overshadow it. Abruzzi seem at most to be mediocre is not downright bad

  3. Whao. Her HE dmg looks disappointing. Compared to the Schors, I’d still pick the Schors

    • Patton 160 Actually her He damage is just 100 less then Schors… between the two i would probably take Abruzzi instead, the concealment and manuvrability makes it a more durable ship

    • TheWhiteJack48 till you get hit. In either it will still hurt XD

    • Sure since it’s a light cruiser but with the Abruzzi you should try not to get hit xD

    • That’s kind of wishful thinking if you would factor in her size. Albeit that She is more responsive than Schors, but i believe she was the basis of which the schors was conceived from.

    • I played her and actually found to be quite agile, even if it has 1.5 knts less speed then D’Aosta it keeps her great manuverability. Also, Abruzzi has a 680m turning radius, Schors has 900m 😛

  4. Thanks Notser. I was very hyped for this ship, now I’m considering purchasing T-61 more.

  5. wtf are you doing??? is your worst Vidio ever!!! why you spaming HE with AP cruiser? make the vidio again this is useless. did you same shit with the Italian tier 6? or the German light Cruisers? firechance 6% useless HE and you spamming HE only? realy? now wonder that you think it under performing? Thx for showing us the Abruzzi how it dont works. What comes next? Roma only HE?

    • because the rate of autobounce/overpen/decap of these AP are already shit at tier VI and simply are not worth wasting time against Tier VII targets? Check some streaming from russian servers and see how desperately underpowered this ship is with your own eyes. since you can’t pen shit anyway, sometimes you try farming a little more damage shooting HC, which are the worse in game, but at least add up to the damage total…

    • Black Templar AP is even worst, noob.

    • Great East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere

      someone cant stand the fact italian ships suck.

    • Great East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere not all: the Cesare is great, but certainly these cruiser do and need some form of buff to be worth playing. At least, as first Italian ship in game the Duca D’Aosta was worth as a commander trainer, but since the Cesare is out, why the hell play these underperforming cruiser?

    • because Cesare is Battleship and Battleship make much more Dollares for the motherland ! Cruiser are only honeypot trap for stupid customer ..haha ask why Lenin still smile in his tomb after 80 years has not decomposed. Capitalist stupidity makes him immortal.

  6. The Italian ships looks sooooo goddamn sexy.

  7. HE velocity is a lie . 995ms my fat ass! Look how long shells hang in the air when shooting over 7km .Getting Yorck AP flashbacks right here.

    • Yea… must be a bug… That def doesnt look like “excellent” velocity. Played the german line up till Admiral Hipper. Having Yorck flashbacks too…

    • it aint russian comrade…only russian shells can propel themselves with railgun characteristics fueled by the almighty stalin. Of course we must make desinformation campaign on capitalist pigs making them believe they have high velocity cannon….muahahaha …those decadent western swine will not know what hit them. Nastarowje comrade!

    • they have a lot of drag to them since they are light so like the french shells or the akizuki shells they slow down over time.

  8. The biggest problem with all italian light cruisers is the shell penetration and damage: Germans have improved HC penetration in exchange for low fire rate, British have amazing reduced auto bounce angles in exchange for being AP based, Japanese have A LOT of guns with good fire chances, USN have excellent anti aircraft abilities and fast firing rate with a lot of guns too, French have high velocity with the best incendiary shells, while Rusky, as always ahve everything: velocity, damage, fire chance, range, penetration, etc… I’ve followed 4-5 Russian and polish streamers which had this ship for testing for some time: with 19 captain skills and unicum players this ship barely average 30K damages per game with probably 20% survivability rate. Italian shells may be fast, but AP are very light, deal sub par damage and the amount of bounce/decap/overpen is almost 80% on average targets (I think I looked about 15 games being played), which become really a problem at long distances. HC simply cannot pen enemy armour, have almost no ability to start fire and keep in mind Italian light cruisers don’t carry a lot of guns. I should add that as soon as this ship is fired at, it takes A LOT of damages, taking easily citadells even by enemy cruisers and DD at 12+ km range. Torpedos are nice to have, but are rather moving mines then true aim and hit weapons because they are creepingly slow to get anywhere . Duca d’Aosta already is one of the weakest cruisers at tier VI because of all these flaws and because it’s a HUGE target. Duca degli Abruzzi is the same, but worse because of being Tier VII where it’s ammos are even more anaemic compared with average targets and it just sports two more underwhelming guns.
    Being “manoeuvrable”, reasonably “stealthy” and having “Fast shells” is not enough if your shells are the crappiest in game and you are playing in a 190m ship: they need to give the nation some kind of edge, at least in some areas, or having “another pretty ship” not worth playing wil not do good fore the game.

    • Maybe this ship (or all Italian cruisers?) need the same HE penetration enhancement as the Germans to make up for their weak pen and low fire chance?

    • I don’t know, but certainly, in this state, they are one the loosing end on everything: Since WG is NOT doing historical ships (or the Roma should have 30KM range at least), I guess something could be arranged, like, may be, reduced drag on the AP shells allowing for better penetration at distance, or may be, like “it seems” they may do on Roma, introducing a longer timer on HC fuses allowing them to explode moire effectively. At least these are things not yet tried on other nation techtrees

    • people dont get it…cruisers are just there to be farmed by the whales who buy every battleship that comes out …and as a little ruse they throw in a cruiser at tier 7 every now and then…if it aint russian or a belfast fuck it…and for that ..we nerf smoke.

    • This problem comes with every battleship in game, including tech tree ones. The problem, for what I see, is that maps are too small and range of guns too short compared with accuracy and damage dealt: DD stay in the middle and BB come too close to caps area because they don’t fear other BB at range or DD because their own DD are spotting for torps. In this deployment there is no space for Cruisers because they are not doing a role other can’t fulfill: they are large and glass chinned ships while in this game Battleships are as good if not better at taking out enemy DD with their large calibres; hydro acoustic could be nice to have, but with other DD able to dodge torps with ease and spotting at close range why risk so much for a cruiser to get within 5km from smoke and spot? Light cruiser are not effective against DD shot per shot, with too much HC overpen and minimum HC damage (unless you set a fire), so DD can most of the times escape with just a few bruises.
      IMO the solution for this impasse is to make smoke even more effective, but it should hamper view for both sides, while now, if you are hiding inside smoke you can can see and shoot outside.Smoke has always been a defensive strategy, not an offensive one. Finally, torps should be marked on water only when YOU spot them and not someone else: if someone spots torp, you should get a marker on the minimap or a generic direction from the HUD in game, but not the exact location. Same for other ships when you can’t see them: as in real life, you can’t aim at something you can’t see (except for guessing). All these changes would force BB to stay further back at and create some playing space for Cruisers. People complains BB are not going in and keep distance, but that’s because we have too many BB per gamer: they could limit BB number per game to 3 per team and 1 Carrier to create a more dynamic playground for Cruisers and DD. Historically speaking BB were few and expensive and Cruyisers were always outnumbering them at least 3 to 1

  9. “Asota” lulz sorry Notser but I laughed when you said that xD It’s aOSta, not aSOta!

  10. It makes sense that Italian and Soviet cruisers would be similar- historically, the two countries collaborated on cruiser design, with the Soviets modelling several cruisers after Italian ones.

  11. Maybe don’t run IFHE and just rely on fires, your HE alpha is shit regardless

    • Hanna-Justina Wallia Rosalind Sieglinde Marseille

      Your fire chance is also shit though

    • You’d go from 7% fire to 9%. Better but not that much. IFHE will give you more consistent damage and less rng. But that’s just my opinion.

    • Hanna-Justina Wallia Rosalind Sieglinde Marseille

      Just get Shchors and you get both better damage and fire chance, plus more range, better shell travel time because they bleed less speed at long range, and more guns.

    • like proven many times before….soviet power is unstoppable and we have created perfect concept to lure capitalist idiots in spending much needed devisa for our motherland.

  12. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Why …why the Italians can use both hydro and aa and powercreeped CA like Eugen not? If WG says that is good with AA is ok But you have the great hydro!! So why not give the option to use both?? It might help Eugen a bit

  13. The duca on tier 7 with 2 guns more then

  14. To me it feels like Abruzzi deserve to be at T7, the improved concealment, main armament and armor makes it a superior ship compared to D’Aosta.
    They could give her a little bit more range or another little buff somewhere yes, but it’s not a weak ship.
    Between Abruzzi and Schors i would take Abruzzi, less firepower but way more durable thanks to concealment, manuvrability and armor scheme.

    • TheWhiteJack48 the range is a big deal. A lot of people are going to regret this if they think it’s a soviet ship that has crazy good range.

  15. A not as good shchors. Pass

  16. you know, looking at your consumables… I think I know what wargaming is going for here.  Looks like it’s an anti DD anti Air escort cruiser.  Hydro and fast reload (low fire chance) to kill DDs.  Defensive fire to support your BBs, so you can roll with them.  Spotter plane because sometimes the BBs are hanging back, and you need range while you’re hanging with them to do anything at that point in the game.  Just a thought.

  17. 89k with 202 hits…. wow…. thats bad… even with that shattering on the bb guns :/
    seems that the guns are rly not great as far aas he dmg is cencairnt

  18. Torp reload is surprisingly fast.

  19. Torp arch look good but range isn’t great. This looks like one to pass on. Unless your from Italy 🙂

  20. So we’re not gonna have the Italian Battleships teir till the year 2020?

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