World of Warships – Abruzzi Heal Impression

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Back in November the appeared for CCs to share our of the ship. The ship was very weak back then, now it has heal and I’m pretty pleased with the result. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII Abruzzi Replay – Discord Server


  1. An offer you can’t refuse.

  2. Notser what do you think of the current state of the roma would you say it needs some kind of buff or its perfectly fine ?

  3. Hmmmm tier 7 cruiser with heal?????? With torpedo and smoke one of best CL in game Fuji Notser

  4. Nice ship. This will propably be a buy for me like the tier7 Z39. And i am really looking forward for the Prinz Eugen to get a heal too, so i can take off her dust cover. 🙂

  5. Hey Notser what do you think of the Prinz Eugen getting heal and the Hipper not?

  6. a salty sea… a salty chat section XD

    • General Cartman Lee

      New York derping into the enemy team without looking at the map and without reacting to teammates telling him to fall back. And then complaining about getting sunk.
      Welcome to NA server where tomatoes can’t just silently go back to port.

    • well Asia server also have the same amount of salty tomatoes…. just visit our rice field server, its a heaven for a tomatoes and potatoes :))) (not just in WoWS but also in WoT)

    • Tomatoes live in all servers

  7. so this is the 3rd or 4th ITN premium put out and yet still no sign of an actual ship line 🙁

    • The Italians are supposedly getting a cruiser line this year.

    • Dustin Spiegel Yes, we arleady know this, but when?

    • Wargaming seems to be looking to introduce 4 lines per year. We’ve got French battleships and up next are American light cruisers. It’s widely speculated that Russian battleships will be next after that, which would probably mean around November or so for Italian cruisers.

  8. Against t9 mm like i mostly get, this ship won’t do verry well. You will be deleted verry quickly heal or not.

  9. Your Italian accent sounds a bit like the Muppet Show’s Swedish Chef.*

    Try gesturing with you arms next time or shut uppa you face! You don’t want making certain olive skinned gentleman who are in no way involved in organized crime to become angry. You have a nice channel here, it’d be a shame if something were to happen to it. 😉

    * I always liked the way they made a blunderbuss into a kitchen aid in those skits.

  10. Still hoping to someday get a propper Duca review.

  11. Too fragile to even call it a ship…

  12. After have bought Roma and Duca d’Aosta, I wont buy this ship. WG wont cheat me again with totally uncosisten butter weak ships. AA is not strong, AP are caressess of cotton, HE don’t switch on fires, the hull is totally weak… so for what to own this ship ?! WG is disgusting company and soon or later i will leave the game, too tired of many things of the game, for example the balance system, 99% of matches end with total unbalance between the 2 opponent teams, where one team end with 10/11 ships and the loser team end with 0/2 ships. This is the most inaccurate aspect of the game that it makes me starting thinking to leave, and I am not alone with this feeling.

  13. I like the itialian cruisers so far: good turning, turret traverse, reload. Only downside is there’s no armor, but most CLs don’t have much armor, nothing new there. Hopefully the main line actually keeps those traits.

    • Destroyer Inazuma

      Yep, and it’s not like CRs with armor are that much safer either. Roon, Hindenburg, Moskva still don’t hold very well under focused fire esp BB’s

  14. All cruisers should have heal. They probably ought to have an “escape smoke” as well.

  15. It’s “Aosta”, not “Asota”.

    Seriously, is it that difficult to remember?

  16. 1 or 2 % extra fire change would make it a must buy

  17. Giving any cruiser the damage repair ability just makes them too tanks for what they are. They aren’t battleships, they shouldn’t be taking damage and just shrugging it off. With the damage output most of them can sustain at higher tiers, the ability to heal makes them overpowered. Plain and simple. Especially the British Fiji and minotaur which can both heal 50% of ap damage done, meaning that if you citadel them down to half hp, they’re gonna go right back up to 3/4.

  18. Need Zara

  19. Indianapolis Jones

    so all cruisers get punished by BB caliber guns, why should the Italians get repair party? fucking power creep.

    • TheLinkandmarioshow

      Indianapolis Jones “you show youre inability to develop anything resembling a sensible comment”

      Your* not youre
      And “anything” resembling
      Anything typically implies /anything/
      But the fact my other comment was close means i did show my ability to develop /something/ resembling a sensible comment

      Rip again kid

    • Indianapolis Jones

      Wow, you are that kind of person who cares more about bad grammar than the point being made. Well congrats my dude, you get that low-hanging fruit. Next, you can level up and tackle arguments rather than the people making them.

    • TheLinkandmarioshow

      >ignores every point made against you
      >goes after last comment about “crying”, the lowest hanging fruit
      >spends entire thread doing nothing but acting tfw to intelligent
      >fucks up grammar

      sorry kid, if you’ore gonna act all tough and smarter than everyone else, if you fuck up grammar you’re gonna get called out on it buddy
      Next, you can level up and tackle arguments rather than ignore them because you know you’re wrong

    • Indianapolis Jones

      I’m no actor. I am just being myself. Since you want to be technical and point out bad grammar, you shouldnt be using inequality signs to denote a list. You also are not very original with your comments.

    • TheLinkandmarioshow

      Indianapolis Jone I hope some day you find someone willing to be your friend

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