World of Warships- Absolutely Evil

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at a replay from Stick_FK in the Tier X Special Ship Yoshino in quite the evil flame thrower division! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music: GET AWAY by tubebackr is licensed under a Creative Commons License.…

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. Thanks for commentary (I use different nick in wows). Yea I am used to big fov

  2. Yoshino is veeery gud

  3. Ah yes, the Yoshino flamethrower experience, 3 fires, 9 citadels.

    Good game though, especially with a Yoshino, which is just a solid, though not OP ship. Would say you shouldn’t discount the armour though, because while it’s not icebreaker BS, Yoshino does have more side armour than something like Stalingrad and has a ton of spaced armour on the sides. If you don’t broadside and don’t get hit directly in nose or stern, citadel risk is quite manageable. Also, good use of AP here, Yoshino really can surprise people with AP, as people expect HE when the ship actually has the same dispersion as Petropavlovsk on 310 mm Japanese high velocity guns.

    • iirc yoshi has better dispersion than petro and even than a normal bc dispersion

    • @Zavinac_ Yoshino originally received an improved dispersion compared to other supercruisers, based on the fact all IJN heavy cruisers have destroyer dispersion, so WG wanted to keep that trend for the supercruisers.

      Petropavlovsk then received the same dispersion when it was introduced, because it fit the model of the line being a cruiser version of the BB line, where the closer you are, the better.

      In general, their dispersion starts out as destroyer dispersion, is better than regular cruisers up to 7 km and better than other supercruisers at any range that you realistically fire at (breakeven point is way beyond 30 km).

    • yea I load ap for everything that shows broadside or I overmatch. I just like those +15k salvos. I paid for a ship so I’m gonna use everything that it offers me

  4. Fearless Brawler on THE YOSHINO?! Let Alone the AZUMA…. Dame Stick be Flexing with that Skill choice. Supreme confidence in his ability to work his ship.

    • well, I just didn’t have enough points and with conseal module it has 13.2 km conseal + it camps at the back anyway so that is why I run top g (tgg)

    • I take it on my Azuma, the extra reload when you get close can really save you, especially against destroyers, much more likely to get the second salvo off before they go dark.

  5. Great game, I loved it

  6. But if he says it out loud phonetically he will be canceled.

  7. 11:42
    Is it too late to report that Schlieffen? He should be wrecking everything on the map.

  8. Great game.

  9. Have you used the separate Norton removal tool you need to download? It’s the ONLY way to fully remove Norton. Norton stick around in the registry keys when you delete it normally. One of the reasons I will never use it again.

    Now…holy Yoshino! That ship slaps if you know what you’re doing with it, which the captain in the vid CLEARLY knows how to do.

  10. Almost right. Groningen is a bit pronouned as “grow-ning-an” and is a town in the North of The Netherlands in a province with the same name. It is not located in the province “Friesland”. This ship is named after the province, not the town.
    I think our Sealord did quite a good job with the pronounciation…

  11. Alonso Ovando Chico

    That skill’s called Top Grade Gunner and is fairly standard on Yoshino and Azuma

  12. Captain’s log: NakhimOff, Stalingrad, Azuma, Amalfi, Vampire too

    I had once great game with Yoshino too.

    This ship big advantage is its weakness too.. excellent base gun range 21,3km even with reload module in 6th slot means that always you fire your guns, you light yourself like Christmas tree star wanted by every enemy BB player.

  13. BunkMasters Gaming

    I know this guy. He’s the one who sent me this link. He played really well. He’s one of the better Yoshino players

  14. Thanks for uploading a quite interesting game. I am NOT a fan of ‘scroll-zooming’ as a viewer, detracts from my enjoyment of the replay.

  15. Grzegorz Kapica

    Halland should just have rushed Chung Mu.

  16. Good tutorial on how to play the Yoshino, the damage count is very unusual but the way he plays, patiently working from the back in the beginning and then moving in if the conditions are favorable. Cause if you go in early with the Yoshino, you don’t come back

  17. Very good battle.

  18. Nice commentary!

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