World of Warships – Accidental mid rush

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I really had no plan on going through the middle but MM and enemy teams camping forced my hand, okey?
It’s true….you’ll see….you’ll see…
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Netherfield Junction

    Going down the middle is fine as long as you don’t face anyone with torpedoes. You’d be surprised how effective it is, since EVERYONE turns around to shoot you, and then it leaves the A and D caps open for the taking… If you go down the middle with a whole bunch of pan Asian dds, then you can go ham with your torpedoes and not run the risk of torpedoing your own team!

  2. You are quite the gentleman for always posting a daily vid in West Australian afternoon time. ?☺

  3. Shotgun BB with IFHE, BFT, AFT and manual secondaries? I have Kurtfurst for that 😛

    • Outside of torpedoes, is the GK a tanky ship?

    • Probably the best close range tanking T10 BB with the largest HP pool, turtle back protected citadel and resistance to cruiser HE as compared to some other T10 BBs.
      However AP bombs citadels her like no other T10 BBs. Plus in order to use all the guns you need to show more sides so more active angling is needed to use all 12 guns or risk eating constant 20k penetration from BBs.

    • oh and you forgot to add … She is a lot of fun too .

  4. Imagine getting ANY citadels on that Hindenburg for 150K on a bottom tier. Unlucky.

  5. “Accidental” ya…right! The ol Flambass mid rush!

  6. T8 vs T10 is tough. Like playing a T7 Atlanta against a bunch of T9’s!

  7. sits playing warships all day, can’t imagine sitting on a plane for a flight to Murica

  8. Flambass, wait until you have had the “privilege of spending Hours upon hours in a C-130 before you complain about a couple hour flight. 🙂

  9. Gonna start calling Flambass Malcolm in the Middle

  10. Flambass, try 13 hour straight flights, then all flights would seem easy.

  11. Oh noes! Don’t do that! Do not put up a vid about going through the middle successfully! Now all the potatoes are going to be like “haz seen tath vid! It’s total cool going middle!”

    • yeah and it’s so funny when they do and winge in the chat cause they couldn’t do it lol
      ” Like in the vid “

  12. Flambass be like: I accidentally impregnated the enemy team.

  13. Longest flight 2-3 hours, those are rookies numbers
    Try flying from Australia to the USA, then come to my level bro 🙂

    • Thats his point, he dont LIKE spending half his life in the air so he dont. Plain and simple and i have NO idea why you think you are super special just cus you have done a travel that many million other people also have done. Try driving 2000 miles in a tractor and then turn around and drive the 2000 miles back home because you are where you wanted to be so now u gotta go back home. now THAT is rare….

    • No it isn’t that rare at all, to fly from Australian on long, flights, but I wasn’t saying I was special at, all just saying to toughen up princess. But it isn’t that rare either to drive a tractor around millions have done that as well, so calm your farm, I was taking my comment as a friendly Joke mate.

    • Driving one 4000 miles definately is rare….

  14. if next time i see flambass..ill wait in ambush …inthe mddlee

  15. Just an FYI Flambass on the comments about seeing all the ships on the east coast of the US, they’re not close to each other.

    USS Massachusettes is in Fall River MA (outside Boston)
    USS New Jersey is in Camden NJ (outside Philadelphia)
    USS Wisconsin is in Newport News VA (major US naval base)
    USS Alabama is in Mobile AL
    USS Intrepid is in New York City NY (lots of exhibits both from the US Navy, some US Air Force, the Enterprise space shuttle)
    and then there are tons of CAs, a few more CVs, some DDs, and Subs.

    It would take months, just spending a few hours at each vessel, to see them all.

  16. Rng incarnate

  17. #triggered

  18. American Anti Citadel Shells are to puny for German Cruiser Steel! ^^

  19. Flambass, you haven’t had a bad flight until you’ve been on an 8 hour+ military flight to Afghanistan, but they forgot that you were meant to be passengers and so forced you to try and sit on the cargo (it was a C 17 Globemaster III). No free seats, so we had to sit on/amongst the cargo and it was a super turbulent flight.
    Worse, the military flights don’t descend gradually when coming in to land in “dodgy” places (I.e. Afghanistan), they’ll literally plummet from their cruising altitude so they spend as little time as possible vulnerable to attack.
    Oh, and we were shot at while landing. Nice!

    Now *that* was a nasty flight.

  20. Hi FlambassThe Massachusetts is berthed in Fall River, Massachusetts. U.S.A.I live in Mass too ! You could visit ! 🙂

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