World of Warships – Accidental overcommitment

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Sometimes you pass the point of no return without realizing it. It means you overcommited and now you have to find a way to make the best use of the situation you found yourself in.

The best thing you can do is to stay calm and not do anything stupid xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. This title describes about 10%…

    Of my life.

  2. Anyone else not getting channel notifications?

  3. 12:54 I salute you from there

  4. Citadels a Bismarck at 6km uhhhh ok.

    • Bismark was hard rudder to port, turning at close range renders turtleback ineffective, you either lift the shell out of the water, or flatten the angled top armor of the citadel.

  5. As a cruiser main, and a player who enjoys the Myoko..that part made my me to shreds..that’s what all the BBs say..hold my beer, while I light another fire..

    • Jimmiar Reltherford

      Love doing that in Zao. A BB is annoyed that I’m spamming him then damage cons a single fire. I chuckle as I light 2 or 3 more fires on him asking, “Dude, do you know what ship is shooting at you??” XDXD

  6. Love a blind fire kill!

  7. That enemy derptiz, avoided torps, safe behind island, pulls out, into torps and can be shot at…

  8. The Tirp is also an awesome firestarter and not only by his secondaries.. but his main guns shoot a lot of firers too…

  9. I want that budaah notification ?

  10. Lol 5 over pens only in wg!!!!

  11. You shooting that Irian is how I feel anytime I pull the trigger in any ship ever.

  12. 13:24 “C…. 4…. You sank my battleship!”

  13. I like the part where the x on the mini map doesn’t provide any advantage during cyclones.

  14. what i found most impressive is that they didnt leave you hanging when you over committed they came and followed you into the fight

  15. Those are the anchor capstans, red for port, green for starboard

    And yeah, there’s some amazing texturing on WoWS

  16. Why not type dd then ping the area instead of quick commands

  17. “Accidental overcommitment” is when you come too soon 😛

  18. When did you become a Cyberman?

  19. There is ABSOLUTELY a “Best Tier 8.” The best Tier 8 is the Vanguard, and you can’t change my mind.

  20. Uhh excuse me, the VANGUARD is clearly the best t8.

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