World of Warships – ACE

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This ranked sprint season is one of the most fun seasons of any kind of ranked WG ever put out. When teams are small your own contribution matters a lot.

It is a very simple and nice way to test your own carry potential.

In this match I’m playing Jutland and I’ll have to ace the enemy team to win because my own isn’t that good.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I saw “ace” and I thought it was going to be in a random battle

  2. Just a normal day at work for Flambass, having to kill the entire enemy team by himself.

    Nicely played. 🙂

  3. I managed to get an ace but i also got stuck on an island so i still looked like a potato

  4. “SAYONARA SUCKER” That was the best line of flambas in 2020.

  5. If you havent tried it yet the Alaska with radar upgrade and Akuma, are both amazing in this split. I got rank 1 relatively easy with those two amazing heavy cruisers

  6. I can’t believe you didn’t torp the Benham for bonus style points.

  7. Entertaining upload as usual, Hans! I have one question for WG and all of you warshippers out there but, especially, WG: Where are the Italian BBs and DDs??? How long must we wait? See you out there on NA people’s. 😎🇺🇸

  8. Destroyer Inazuma

    L to the J, say stay laced, here’s my card, B
    Royal flush and I’m the ace

    P3 FES

  9. Man! You are really good at this game.

  10. wish i could play more ranked matches lol didn’t know after rank 1 that’s it

  11. i had to do this 3 times in this ranked season because of useless teammates. 1 time with almost 240k dmg. 🙈

  12. When team mates give the other team something to shoot at.

  13. That was, okay.

  14. I love it when u launch torps at a bb and a dd comes right into the path of em

  15. G to the mother effing G

  16. That was amazing, I loved this ranked season but too bad I achieved rank 1 already

  17. I absolutely agree. This season was one of the most funny season after all… I mean I did a 3 vs 1 carry more than once. Situations you usually don’t encounter in standard WOWS

  18. Hey flambass what is you’re Favorite ship in WOW? can be any tier any nation.

  19. Felt like the enemy team just went ahead and threw the game.

  20. You inspired me to get WOW again!
    I play it now with my 2 friends and we have a blast!

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