World of Warships – Ace

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In which Ace_04 takes the USS Indianapolis out for a casual spot of sailing around Two Brothers and puts on a frankly disgusting display of greed and avarice!

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Bloody boat game again Jingles?

  2. I don’t like the intro, Still, Jingles. I may let some men out of the Mines.

  3. *Jaws smiling in background*

  4. 10kills and not even 100k damage…..

    • As others have pointed out, though, Indy isn’t a DPS machine to start with, and I’d rather have a cruiser put away a BB than have to waste one of my 30 second reloads to polish him off, especially if it’s a top tier BB. Remember that American cruisers are squishy enough and lack any torpedoes, so you’re purely relying on your guns and not being looked at by angry things with big guns to be allowed to do anything. It results in far more cautious gameplay than we’d like to have, but it’s the only gameplay available to us at every tier from 6 and onward as USN cruisers.

    • To be fair, it’s not like he was refusing to shoot until his team weakened the targets for him. He just kept finding himself shooting at low health targets, which is perfectly sensible (less guns shooting back, and all that).

    • That’s still impressive even for KS-ing…

    • And even then he’s done more than mere kill stealing, it’s just as people before me said, HP at this tier is not substantial

    • Well if you look him up he is a clearly good player. So not all that surprising. Personally I think my 8 kills in a tier 9 game in a Myoko was probably more impressive. 😀


    I believe that Mr Mighty Jingles over here does a brainwashing trick to makes us watch wows videos in order to prepare for the video to be captain. Naughty Drawf…

  6. Perfect. I was just watching yesterdays video an thought “This came out 23 hours ago. If I’m lucky, I get 2 Jingles videos in a row!”.
    Well…. Jackpot!

  7. Still waiting for our yearly War Thunder video, jingles.

    • Joseph Stalin of course you love War Thunder, Stalin

      The Russian bias..i mean hard bass in War Thunder is more superior than WoT

    • Nicholas Williams

      It was only like last week that he released one from the salt mines

    • You had one 4 days ago and another one only 2 months ago even for a monster like you that’s enough evil/ Russian bias for one year

  8. Jingles as commander!

    *We need to hear “That’s a paddlin’!” every time someone gets Citadel’d*

  9. Umm….no Kraken Unleashed roaring? I am dissapointed


    • Kraken was deserved, he just got lucky getting that many kills due to circumstances.

    • He really didn’t earn it

    • If I counted all the times I “deserved” one (what’s the requirements there btw) and didn’t get one, we’d be counting till the heat death of the universe. He got a few kills from ~10k and up – or almost kills no one else managed to killsteal like that New Orleans – then finished off one or two (like that NM that was on 1.6k for like 30s+ before he took the first shot at it) no one else bothered with when they had the chance themselves.

      Objectively, while a few kills were indeed a bit “cheap” (like the NM he only dealt the killing blow to), he wasn’t maliciously holding fire to rack up his kill count or anything. Was it a 10 kill amazeballs game including a carry and every reward imaginable? Nah, it wasn’t that special, but it wasn’t your 300 PR guy killsteal game either.

    • Since when did bullshit copyright claims ever stop companies from claiming it.

  10. 9.9km Radar “Now, this is T7 radar, so it’s not particularly good”. Yeah… about that…

  11. EternalFlameSolarFlare

    did anyone else notice the man named dave on the enemy team XD

  12. “When Napoleon chooses a new General he doesn’t ask if he is good he asks if he is lucky”

  13. He was lucky his team wasn’t better and the enemy team was even worse! lol

  14. Actually Jingles [puts geek glasses on] this IS A VERY GOOD radar. It lasts 25 seconds (which is only 5 seconds shorter than all the tier 8 radars and tier 9 without radar mod) but in return is has the best range of all american radars up to tier 10. It beats all tier 8 US radars by almost a kilometer!! and it still beats Buffalo’s radar (tier 9) by more than half a kilometer. And it has the same reload time.

    • downside is, your reload is so bad you can’t make as much use of it yourself and the other US cruisers can counter-radar once spotted whereas Indy can’t. A DD has ample time to react. Pretty sure the range was originally smaller too and only buffed because the ship wasn’t exactly performing that well.

    • premium bias at its finest

    • It still doesn’t perform terribly well… So that’s a poor use of the term “premium bias.” If you want to see premium bias look at a Belfast

    • +JVCCR
      ” other US cruisers can counter-radar once spotted whereas Indy can’t”
      As far as I am aware, only the Worcester has shorter surface detection range than it’s radar range, so this comment sounds utter bullshit to me. Even DM has longer detection range than radar range… unless you meant something else…

  15. Vulgarr the Viking

    10 kills, 93k dmg. That’s some high quality kill “secures”.

    • IMO, most of them were targets of opportunity and not necessarily” kill secures.”

    • Vulgarr the Viking you’re comment got off quite lightly compared to mine lol

    • To be fair he didn’t start shooting at all of them when they were already low health. The timing was good for KS, but he did start shooting when they were 50% or more

    • He was also shooting at anyone stupid enough to lift their skirts at him, not necessarily looking at low HP

  16. The Lewd Bohemian

    10 kills and no Kraken unleashed sequence. Now that is some lazy editing.

  17. Isn’t that like a boo radley medal in WoT or something?

  18. There is an old Welsh proverb that says luck is where preparation meets opportunity.

  19. Anybody else notice Dave is officially on the opposing team?

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