World of Warships – Achtung, Bismarck!

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I really struggled to come up with something witty for the description today. Why don’t you just imagine I said the funniest thing ever and we’ll call it quits? “Oh , you’re the funniest!” I know, it’s a gift.

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. -35 ping, wtf are you from the future?

  2. Awesomenoob25 The Gaming Noob!

    Oh Jingles, You’re the funniest!

  3. Doesn’t seem that the Bismarck and other German BBs have that many
    weaknesses compared to the other 2 nations

  4. Ungrim Baraz sound like dwarf from Warhammer Fantasy.

  5. Uploaded 10 mins ago, 33 comments. Are you fuckers camping his YT page?!

  6. Hey Jingels, 2 weeks ago I found your video’s and subscribed the same day.
    Now you are in my top-3 youtubers. Realy nice work and keep up the
    goodwork! BTW I love the Why you hef to be mad series and would love (more)
    w-o-warships content. Thanks for the entertainment!

  7. *sigh* Jingles, will you ever learn?

    Nürnberg firing AP into the superstructure of a broadside battleship IS the
    correct choice. With the excellent german AP damage, you can rack up 5k
    damage with each salvo every oddcouple seconds. That damage potential adds
    up really fast. Compared to that, the HE on those german 150mm guns has
    pityful damage and with their low chance to set fires the over all dpm
    (including any lucky fires you might get) is nowhere near, least of all
    consistent (remember that fire chance?) compared to firing AP.

    How would that game have ended differently for that Nürnberg had he shot HE?

    Less XP and less credits, that’s how!

  8. anybody else notice at 2:10 that the rear gun turrets fired even though
    they weren’t aimed at the enemy battleship? (I wonder if he doubled clicked
    is left mouse button????)

  9. Jingles do you ever play on the NA server?

  10. I’m considering starting up a church for the Bismark’s secondaries.

  11. A “secondary build” increases damage by A LOT … but there isnt any such
    increase for destroyers and their torpedos or cruisers … or even main
    damage builds for battleships.

  12. Way too many carriers forget they have engines.

  13. Khazukan Kazakit-ha!

  14. ungrim is a dwarf from warhammer jingles

  15. I think Ungrim Baraz is a dwarven name from warhammer maybe? That Amagi was
    way out of position.

  16. Cameron McAllister

    Oh Jingles, you’re the 5145264th funniest person in the world.

  17. Anyone else notice the 2 rear turrets shot before even pointing in the
    direction of the Amagi? 2:17 Hacks?

  18. I have been watching the Mighty Jingles for almost a year now and i finally
    decided to play World of Warships. I have to say its pretty fun and
    everything i have learned watching the game has made me a decent Noob in
    the game. I can not wait to unlock the Uss New York because my grandfather
    was a engineer on that ship. Anyway is there any tips anyone has for a
    Noob? Also when are they bringing in some more BB’s for the British and
    Russians? I mean both countries had BB’s on there side.

  19. Jingles!!! I can’t go full screen! What have you done? It’s all your fault.

  20. 10:20 I don’t care if the Aoba was only at 1K health. The Hiryu beat him by
    charging head on starting from a good 10K out, and won. My kind of carrier.

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