World of Warships – Action Stations!

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Music: Always With Honor by Epic Score © Lasse Enersen, Gabriel Shadid, APM Music

Haven’t done a music video in quite a while so before you start your Warships today, here’s something to get you in the mood. This is an edit of three official trailers by Wargaming before the game’s release set to one of my favorite epic scores…by Epic Score. I do these from time to time as a practical way of improving my editing and because it looks and sounds pretty damn awesome. I also wanted to have another video to thrown in on the stream when I need to take a 5 minute break. Hope you enjoy 😀


  1. 2:12 i wish my secondary gunners could shot like this xD

  2. Dude! Awesome work! I need more! Btw you should start linking your vids
    to You would get a lot of fans
    from there

  3. Nicely done!!

  4. That was pretty spectacular..

  5. if only we could get turret rotation speed like in this video. Damn nurfs.

  6. Dep Dog (Deputydog09)

    Watched those trailers for about a year waiting for the game to come
    out…….nice vid.

  7. I played this video for my Wickes, and now it’s a Gearing. But since this
    is a Business6 video, shouldn’t it include a cinematic of a ship running
    aground just after scoring like 5 citadels?

  8. That North Carolina is majestic as fuck, I would have used the Iowa though,
    the one that has the Bofors mk.2s on her #2 turret, I think that the Iowa
    next to her Oerlikon single and double mounts should have nothing but
    Bofors mk. 2s on her C hull instead of just 4 and a ton of mk. 1s. Even the
    NC has 6 mk. 2s.

  9. Yavuz Selim Han Osmanoglu

    This is beautiful. But you might just needed hans zimmer’s soundtrakc from
    pirates of caribbean movie.

  10. They aiming for Citadels…and DETONATIONS!! I Love it <3

  11. They really need to make a night map (real night not the shit night they
    have now) with a lighting storm going on.

  12. will im in the mood now

  13. Although it is only in 240p fantastic edit my good sir. well done Mr. Beach

  14. all that needed was a kraken rising out of the sea and swallowing the
    carrier… drama!!

  15. Epic!!!! Goosebumps!!

  16. Kerspaprog Balceram


  17. Very cool. Now that’s what WoWs needs next, some weather, lightning, heavy
    rains and rough seas. I feel sea sick already :-)

  18. Yeah, that was pretty………….epic I guess!

  19. man I get mad everytime I watch this video because i wish world of warships
    was like this but I can’t stop watching a video because it’s so damn epic!!

  20. If you tied the entire score to the entire video you did an excellent job –
    especially the ending, synching up the firing, explosions to the final hard
    hits of percussion. If you did that – then congrats!!!

  21. Not just good… very good!

  22. There were so many Destroyed ships , so many honorable captains . Very epic
    video . The tears were already in my eyes .

  23. i waiting for the weather effects updates… XD

  24. FrustratedNameSearch

    If only it was really like that!

  25. wow that was epic ♥

  26. I shit you not … I got goosebumps from this trailer

  27. The name says it all – WOW!

  28. That was f*king epic..

  29. New game intro ?

    (I may not know this – i always click to skip it … to be honest)

  30. man on mad why can’t world of warships really look like that

  31. Well that was really EPIC. Great combo of music and video.

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