World of Warships- Actually Having Fun

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Hey guys, some highlights from clan brawls over the weekend, enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. What?! Fun is forbidden 🚫 in wows! Get back to grinding!!! 😆

  2. Thougth that was what you are supposed to do when playing a video game!😅

  3. when fun last 2 minutes cause the whole other team dies within 1 minute

  4. What’s this…’fun’… you speak of?I know not the meaning of the word.

  5. Wait there’s fun to be had?

  6. Having fun in a german BB????
    WG: nerf incoming

  7. Thumbnail: Tirpitz
    Video: Großer Kurfürst
    i was expecting a low tier yolo brawl but hey this is fine. Sad that the only way to have actual fun in Wows is to play with friends or you’re drunk on 30 bottles of Vodka…

  8. Marcus Jones Stinks

    Still not playing this trash anymore, but you do make fun vids and it’s great seeing you have fun. Kudos to ya 👏

  9. _reads title_
    Wait, that’s illegal.

  10. Clan Battles/Brawl…the only time you can still have fun in this game. Fun to watch!

  11. Oh my goodnesss Lord Is In his Kurforst again lol..

  12. CBs was fun and a great way to grind recourses. Of course we only lost one game I played in 😉

  13. I felt my lungs with that cough/laugh at 2:48 XD nice video bro!

  14. Wg: Gamers are having toooo much fun! Time to do something dumb.

  15. 2:50 the fun meter gets pegged OR sea lord sat on his on nuts…

  16. Love watchin’ ya vids! What’s your GK build after the rework 10.1? Cheers

    • My guess –
      1: Emergency Repair Specialist
      2: Grease The Gears
      3: Super-Heavy AP Shells, Adrenaline Rush
      4: Improved Secondary Battery Aiming, Close Quarters Combat, Emergency Repair Specialist

      Secondary Armaments mod 1
      Damage Control Systems mod 1
      Aiming Systems mod 1
      Ship Consumables mod 1
      Main Battery mod 3

  17. Wait, that’s illegal.

  18. German gona get nerf again when they see this.

  19. Right now the only thing keeping me here is my bois in the clan, we have fun despite the game tbh.

  20. Taking 20 torps from fdr, 20k ap bomb damage, 10k he damage bow on and double fire from 23 km away, brawling bb is still irrelevant, almost everyone play the same, teams are absolute garbage, how is this game fun still? I haven’t play over a month with over 7k battle in my account and have more fun playing other game.

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