World of Warships Adapt and Overcome

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The more things change in World , the more they stay the same. Too often we try bend the will of the game to our own individual play-styles instead of adapting to what the game really is. And we know what it is. Its a camp fest of lemming trains punctuated by a good brawl every now and then. Nothing has changed this. Nothing will. Nothing you can do will stop lemming trains. There are no strategies that can save you from your teammates. So why try to fight it when you can embrace it and have some fun in the process. Adapt and overcome.


  1. Hey zoup
    Love your vids keep up the great work!

  2. 1:41 Perhaps in view of his historic mispositioning at the Battle of Leyte Gulf, using Halsey as an exemplar of where to be and what to do was not the best idea? LOL

    Apart from that, good vid with some excellent points.

    • Ha! Clever comment of the morning. Course with todays education, only 1/3 the population will get the joke. That may be an overestimate as well

  3. Good points, but lemmings aren’t actually suicidal (and certainty not as suicidal as half the wows players lol) , that’s an urban myth

    • your right sometimes it works. it depends on the accuracy and dps of the enemy. Noobs will miss a lot no mater where you are randoms, campaign, or coops. wish they had a tutorial about aiming. Maybe a video on tips and tricks on aiming and where to aim when you have certain angles.

  4. Richard Hutchings

    Ends with Flaming Zoup. Gr8 video. Evolution is the way to enjoy the game

  5. Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada

    I some times like to dare and push forward … but normally I receive no support. but sometimes is awesome.

  6. As someone who played in Asia server, i must say the lemming train is quite a rare occurrence now. Most ppl know what to expect, what to do when the match start and whenever a lemming train happen, the whole team acknowledge the problem. Sometime they be like Yoloing for the lol, but some actually turn back and help the lone ship that goes the other way or atleast try to salvage the game.

    The fun part is, Asia player with most of them unable to speak english, use the pre-set voice to give command and asking assist really well. Everyone does that. You will have match where no one said one word, but still able to coop well

    • Well the playerbase of the Asia server is considerably younger than the other servers, especially NA.

      SEA players usually just don’t play WoWS either. They usually come from very competitive games that heavily rewards a Winning Mindset like Dota, CSGO, Starcraft 2, etc. So the Tryhard mentality usually carries over and can easily adapt to changing metas because of how often those games are balanced.

      t. SEA player

    • アリンスグKen

      I find that this isn’t the case on weekends though. I get a lot more lemming trains even in tier IX or tier X games on the weekend.

      but I agree that it’s uncommon to have a lemming train game, at least on weekdays.

  7. Thanks…
    I had to google lemming train though… (we aren’t all that knowledgeable about every term WoW uses).

  8. you’re totally right zoup, and more, this guys keeping complaing really don’t know how to adapt. in one match for instance i shoot down 24 planes in a shima (without aa build), yes the cv player was hunting me and yes i didn’t manage to do much in the match, but the enemy cv burnout precious time on me and fail, i manage to be top score point in the match with only 59k of damage and the good feeling that i actually contribute for the victory. i have been playing this game since the open beta and i know 2 things about all of this: CVs are now weaker and AAs got stronger, it was impossible to do that in a shima in the past, even if you full spec the ship.

    PS.: i have a print to proof this battle.

  9. “Take command of the team”…. We already know how this goes down. Sadly.

    • No kidding. It usually goes like: “You’re not the boss of me!!!”

      Hell, I’ve had people throw that line at me even when I wasn’t trying to order them around. Once, I was pinging the map late game to tell the team where I thought the enemy CV was hiding, only to have some moron act like I was trying to order the entire team around. All I said was “I think that the enemy CV is hiding there.” (where I’d pinged the map) Or another time in an Operation (Defense of Newport Station) when some guy in a Dunkerque had gone well outside of the inner harbor early in the battle, and I (as well as others) politely suggested to the guy that it might be a good idea for him to fall back to the inner harbor, to which he got extremely rude and started swearing at the rest of the team. He ended up dying very shortly thereafter and disappeared, and the rest of the team seemed to agree that this jerk was very drunk.

      Honestly, I’ve even used this line or a variant thereof when some starts acting like they’re the commander of the entire team, in a legitimately obnoxious way. Hell, sometimes, I won’t even say a thing, but will do EXACTLY the opposite of what the obnoxious “commander” wants just to spite him. It’s one thing to make a polite suggestion about a plan. It’s quite another thing to start issuing rapid fire orders and expect them to be followed.

    • well i always try to give helpful advice to the team to help us win…but most of the time they couldnt care less.
      well trying i still worth it as some DO care.

  10. Part of any Lemming Train is a (or more than one) bot who only knows to go where their pre-programmed script takes them. Get 2 or 3 of these guys “leading the pack”, and everyone else decides to follow em.

    5:10 “It’s possible players will ignore you”. I wish that was the worst-case scenario… and it’s more frequent that they tell you off in chat for “telling them how to play their game”, report you, and TK you. Much better 🙁

  11. 3:35 no, the old T10 and premium carriers had a much worse effect on the game. Most other tiers were ok, with T9 being a bit CV-favored, and T4/T5 cvs being underpowered as heck.

    The proper way to combat carriers int he old system, of course, being to group in teams of 3 or 4 to overlap AA, which everyone seems to do now, but would have been just as effective against any of the CVs pre-change (save for the aforementioned T10s and premiums).

  12. I have seen a battle where the Lemming Rush worked. It was waaayyy before the Radar reworks and it was T6 battle where a pair of DDs channel rushed and smoked the rest of the fleet behind them. As for play, I ususally like to get into brawling range when I am in a BB and slug it out, and I have no problem charging in my DD or CA to fight. Games I have seen more games lost when everyone huddles behind an island and tries to play sniper instead of getting out and engaging.

    • The only time when Lemming trains work is when the team doesn’t fall apart or stop pushing at the first sign of opposition. I’ve seen most lemming trains collapse because you end up with something like 9-10 ships facing maybe 2-4 enemy ships, but being afraid to push into them. The same is also true in WoT. Lemming trains only work when you understand that you have a serious numerical advantage and you push that advantage right into the enemy’s face … HARD!!! You keep pushing and never let up. But if you just think that you can lemming train to victory by allowing yourself to be stopped and engaging in a long duel, you’re likely to lose if the enemy does push around the other side of the map with their own local numerical superiority.

  13. Zoup, you are wrong.

    The meta has significantly changed post 0.8.0. The perceived need to form the AA death ball makes pinwheeling and lemming training MORE attractive.

    I do applaud your urging to get us to adapt and overcome. Because that makes the game better…

    • they lemming even when there are no cv’s in game tho.

    • dclark You’re actually wrong on this. During Open Beta, players would form up AA blobs all the time. AA blobs are nothing new. Hell, it’s the historical way to defend against CV planes, for crying out loud. The only reason that AA blobs slowly disappeared was that CVs became more rarely seen prior to the rework. But with the rework, a lot more players started dipping their toes into the CV pond and we started seeing more carriers. *Hell, that was the entire point of the rework!!!* Is it any wonder that players are returning to a historically (both in Open Beta and in real life) effective AA tactic???

      Also, it’s really not necessary to have a lemming train to counter CVs. AA blobs don’t need to be any larger than 2 ships to be pretty effective, and 3-4 ships become extremely effective. But overall, if you have BBs pairing up (and at least one of them has really good AA), you’ll have a rather effective little AA blob.

    • That’s the problem. Trying to team with someone whose ship’s needs and advantages dictate a similar play style and who isn’t doing something unwise. Which means you either follow join the train or got it alone and get focused by the carrier(s).

  14. 2/3 of the player base are just dumb or / and blind drunk. There is no solution against that. I’m on board since beta and atm it’s on all time high stupidity level.

  15. Just play your best and remember it is a game, and move on to the next round and have some more fun, by just having fun

  16. Lemmings don’t really do that, it’s a fable.

  17. I am a CBT Player too and i have seen so many metas(shima torp carpets, CV domation, 5-6DDs or BBs per game and radar) since then.
    You are right with adaptation, i do that too.
    When it makes no fun i stop gaming for days or week, whining makes no sense.
    But i am to lazy to take command.

  18. Something I like to say in chat at the start of battle when there’s a CV or CV’s is Don’t go chasing no CV’s just stick to the ships and Caps that you are used to . Seen far too many lemming trains chasing after the enemy CV after I’ve killed 3 ships a took 2 caps and just start laughing my ass off as we go from winng to losing as the enemy picks off broadside ships and secure all caps

  19. You are a Sir. Sir. Good advice the community needs to hear!

  20. Nonsense! Just stfu zoup. Im really triggered by your opinions and ideas.

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