World of Warships – Adapt or Die

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Todays’ video is likely to ruffle a few feathers, but well that’s just tough. The feathers most likely to be ruffled are probably the ones most in need of it. If you’re still around by the end, let me know what you think.

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  1. Spent half the replay thinking “Holy hell, if you’re going to sit at the back and shoot, ACTUALLY SHOOT SOMETHING!”

    • and yet.. he misses.. with one of the most damn accurate ship in the whole game..

    • that’s the thing about sniping BBs and something I wish everyone complaining about would understand
      they dont actually measurably support DDs and take caps, which is what actually wins games and puts clock pressure on the red team
      when playing a deadeye thunderer/montana/slava you’re relying entirely on the enemy teams DDs and larger ships to be idiots and your teams DDs being smart and self reliant
      you’re placing more RNG on the matchmaker on whether you’ll win or not in the hopes you get DDs good enough that they wont need your help to secure their caps, spot, screen, and win their DD vs DD battles
      tldr; deadeye is dumb but sniping BBs have always been relatively useless and will continue to be

    • @DaManBearPig “sniping BBs have always been relatively useless” and yet.. still won… lol
      and no, sniping BBs are ones that hold the line against approaching cruisers.

    • @Cesarin Pillin Wrong. Sniping BBs are useless. It was just the simple case of the enemy team being even more shit. They couldn’t use their 3 caps advantage and pull off a win. Don’t try to justify the means by some miracle. A BB 15-20km from the caps won’t stop anything.

      The most optimal way to play BBs (or at least it was at some point) is to be in between. Not too far and not too close. Be in a position where you can tank, deal damage, have a presence and have a good area of control. A BB hugging the map border has nothing. It can only deal damage if the enemy is trash and don’t know they have a keyboard to dodge.

    • @Jan Mitiska Not many of those ships really played with their speed tho. The only one I saw was the Zao in the beginning. All the others were easy to guess. It’s even a miracle he hit to be honest, that’s how bad his aim was. BARELY pulling off those hits.

  2. I have never seen somebody sitting full broadside for that amount of time..

    • There are ships, and there are Soviet ships. They can sit broadside and survive, their turrets rotate faster than cruisers’, their freeboard is so low they would sink on a lake, let alone sea, but they deal OK here, and they accelerate/decelerate like a light cruiser. But, just to be clear, there is absolutely no Soviet bias in the game, it’s just malicious reactionary capitalist propaganda 😉

    • At high ranges, plunging fire actually gives your Broadside quite a bit of angle, so it´s not the worst, although you still run risk of getting plunging fire into the deck, which, at those distances will usually mean getting citadelled relatively easily, even in german ships.

      But yeah, he didnt make himself a good target by staying that far back, 2-3 kilometers would´ve helped his team, but the position was decent.

    • @Johnny English it’s all for the motherland comrades

  3. Haven’t bothered pressing the W key since the rework, just load the longest range battleships of the tier and right click it’s practically playing arty in WoT now.

  4. “World of I don’t play this anymore”

  5. That chat contains more salt than the ocean they sail on.

    • 😂😂😂

    • Am I the only one here put off by how bad Slava is playing? Chat on fire, Jingles talking and I’m sitting here completely distracted by the plethora of this guy is making, my mind going “…but why the fuck would you do that” every single time.

      Bad aiming, can’t lead his targets, no situational awareness, completely broadside to the whole enemy team for half the game, Almost no use of armor or angeling, ignoring low HP targets and going after full HP ones (yet missing), unloading entire salvos on targets that are not locked on, mismanaging his consumables, wasting salvos at badly guessed blind shots and yet, the enemy team is somehow worse…

      Pretty sure I lost a good amount of brain cells watching this replay.

    • Chat contains more salt than what salt mines of Jingles can produce

    • The chat basically summed up the old man’s point. The enemy team were explaining what a fool the guy was and he still couldn’t get it.

  6. Dilophosaur sniper

    ladies and gentlemen i give you philosopher jingles

  7. The meta is the meta we all agree, however, its still shit game design to take something thats been bitched about for oh jeez i dunno since bow tanking has been discovered and then add a skill that will explicitly make that problematic play style even more viable than it already was, and i can see how immensely frustrating that can be to be on the receiving end of

    • @Jake Caratacus Oh, there are a lot of things I don’t enjoy from the “modern WoT”, like how wheeled vehicles are utterly broken, the ever increasing amount of gold in the air… But I can still enjoy some stuff.

    • No no no.

      “It’s only semantics that matter” -Jingles

    • Yes. And the players taking advantage of this aren’t the ones to blame. WG and their immeasurable incompetence in game design and understanding their own game’s dynamics is to blame. What causes it is kinda irrelevant but the end result is the same: WG repeated their mistakes done in the CV rework and fucked the game up again

    • @m0ntheg3rs It eliminates modes of play that people found fun, mostly.
      You might get your satisfaction out of having high average damage alone (and that’s totally fine, you do you) but not everyone does.

    • It hasn´t made bad playstyle more viable, just slightly more effective.
      So now you don´t have as much deadweight to drag to victory, they can actually hit a little sometimes.

      Other than that, you SHOULD always stay out of Standard detection range of any enemy ship, no matter if spotted or not, otherwise you wont be able to go undetected if you need to, and if every good player was NOT playing like that, noone would recommend Concealment expert.
      Which they do tho, so no bad gameplay is required to utilize Deadeye in the first place.

  8. A quote by Gene Spafford “The Internet is like a herd of performing elephants with diarrhoea – massive, difficult to re-direct, awe-inspiring, entertaining, and a source of mind-boggling amounts of excrement when you least expect it.”

  9. TL;DR: A 23 minute discussion saying repeatedly that the game meta has changed because of the perception, not the reality, of the dead eye skill.

    • @Esau Alfaro That is about as far from reality as one could possibly be.

      The game mechanics have been turned on their heads. Where before you had battleships (in theory) up in the mix, tanking, with cruisers behind them using their DPM and destroyers spotting. Now, you have battleships at the back sniping, cruisers up front having to tank while destroyers are in the middle of all this going “dafuq?” and the CVs are just laughing their arses off.

      There have been some good changes (the UI changes especially!), but the vast majority of the changes have been absolutely game-shredding. Not because some are absolutely broken (but there are some very powerful skills there), but because of how poorly thought out it all is and the reactions it has elicited from players in game.

      CVs are fundamentally impossible to balance as well. Different method of warfare, which needs a totally different set of mechanics to work. This one fact makes it impossible to balance.

    • Maybe you missed the Mingles episode where Jingles reveals that one of the exersizes they had in the Royal Navy was a 5 minute talk about the inside of a tennisball without preperation.

      Jingles is a professional.

    • Why is that a useful skill to the Royal Navy? Do they bore their enemy to death?

    • With bad grammar.

    • @Paul Plus Your right, the meta hasn’t changed at all.

  10. Whether you view a problem as “factually true” or “true based on perception” is irrelevant. The point is that the introduction of the deadeye skill has DIRECTLY led to a negative change in the way the game plays. If you take away the deadeye skill, ALL of the problems listed in the video are resolved. If that doesn’t tell you what the solution is I don’t know what to tell you.

    • Pretty much what I said too. That skill is artifically generating bad gameplay, which is a clear sign of bad game design. And yet, to me, it looked like Jingles is trying to actively defend bad game design and blame the players for being bad instead. (Which is also true too tho.)

    • @Henry P. Kinnel As with the CV rework, I don’t think it is unclear.

      CAs don’t like the Dead Eye skill, it makes their job impossible.

      DDs don’t like the Dead Eye skill, it means there are no CAs for AA cover or cap support.

      Most BBs, I suspect, if they were honest, don’t like the Dead Eye skill, since it has to be boring to wait 30+sec to push a button and do nothing else.

      It is unpopular in the same way and for the same reason CVs (before and after rework) and the Ocean map are unpopular. Because it’s almost as boring to employ the meta as it is frustrating to be the victim of it.

    • Nah you always had DIpshits rushing forward at top speed and camping smokescreens when DDs have you spotted then blaming the team for their own failure. I rarely saw BBs pushing up in the first place

    • @Murphy 18 I think it wise to include the modifier that it is changing the gameplay to be less fun.

      If it made the game MORE fun, the way some of the seasonal events are, or the way the asymmetrical battles could be, then bring on the change. Dead Eye doesn’t really do that.

    • @Peter Van Schepen And you are basing all of this on what data exactly?
      It’s the exact same thing with the CV rework: It is unpopular *with the most vocal part* of the community. That is literally all we know, because the most vocal part is all we can see and hear. WG might know more, they probably do because they do surveys, but they sure as hell won’t share that data with us.

  11. the thing is that the smolensk was an idiot who didnt have a clue on how his own ships work,or even how a dd work – this cap-rework has made me give up on the r supposed to tank-that’s why they have healtpool and armor,cruisers r supposed to help bb:s whit enemy dd:s ..this shit has just made bb:s camp even more,so it’s pointless to play cruisers now

    • BB captains may be having a field day now, but if this meta solidifies, I imaging they’ll be crying about getting torped by DDs while cruising the back line.

    • Play Russian Heavy cruisers

      Unfortunately thats the way it is

    • So true playing any light cruiser sucks especially in high tier matches. I got spotted by fun police 20 seconds into a game and next thing I know I have multiple BBs who easily overmatched me deleting me out of the game with no broadside given.

  12. The most telling thing about this whole dead-eye meta? Jingles has 23 minutes to ramble on in a circular argument about it because the gameplay is so astonishingly boring it’s not even worth commentary. The meta for WOWS has become “play a different game”.

    • I thought that was the case back with the carrier rework

    • @dodhungry Well you’re not wrong…

    • It was fucking terrible. Basically what we have learnt from this video :
      1. how to cure insomnia in 23.5 minutes.
      2. how to say “it’s all about perception” in 300 different ways with the same words arranged in a slightly different order.
      I was screaming at him to STFUUUUUUUU after the first 2 mins. WE GET IT. IT’S ALL ABOUT PERCEPTION. Just STFU about it or end the video right there.
      Holy fuck.

    • you’ve used the key word here, mate. “Boring”. That’s the real problem with Deadeye and what it incentivises people to do. I don’t care about the 10% smaller dispersion, they won’t hit me at 24 km anyway. What I do care about is that if I’m going to spend 15 minutes of my life playing a computer game, I want it to be entertaining and fun. Deadeye skill has made it a boring game, and this is the biggest sin in a computer game.

    • This is literally the worst youtube vide I’ve watched in weeks

  13. Deadeye should have come with a 25% increased loading time.

  14. Moral of the story: Facts don’t care about your feelings

  15. The battleship meta has been back line sniping for the last year or so. Deadeye wasn’t the cause, it just reinforces the meta and makes it even more unlikely that it will change.

    • Yep this 100%…
      The issue with Deadeye isn’t the skills buff itself but how it shifted the meta because of how people misunderstand it and misuse it. This can’t really be fixed…
      It’s the same as anti-concealment builds for CAs, similar issue.
      The issue with the skills rework isn’t the different individual things (and there are many, all over the place) but the way it has affected the meta.
      Making skills that obviously bias longer range gameplay is encouraging a bias already there, which is a problem

    • this fucking guy gets it
      idk why 10.0 is such a shock to people, brawling wasn’t killed in 10.0. You can’t kill something that was never alive.

    • Add onto it the nerfs to other builds and that just makes its even more unlikely to change as well.

  16. There is a third option: leave the game.
    This boring meta created by WG stupid and uninteresting. So why adapt to something that won’t provide any enjoyment?

  17. It’s true Trump has a small PP, but

    Jingles it looking at both sides of the argument? Well this is my time to shine then, jingles, will you let us out of the salt mines? It’s uncomfortable in here. Jingles? Wait… why are you closing that gate.. JINGLES

  18. “There’s a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure the truth.
    ” -Maya Angelou

  19. Masterchief needs to give more lead to his targets. That Zao in particular.

  20. The Mighty Jingles: Wise beyond his years or at least beyond mine…….

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