World of Warships Admiral Graf Spee Review

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The is finally in game as a tier 6 ! This pocket , as termed by the British, sports 11 inch guns and the repair party consumable. Don’t play it like a tough. If you do, you’ll wind up getting punished.

In this review I cover the history, pros and cons of the , followed by my final analysis. The pros and cons are as always provided by the one and only Little White Mouse. Check her review out for a far more in depth look at this .

has a wonderful history and its great to see her finally in game, but she won’t be a ship easily mastered. I’ve got the info and the low down.



  1. What the name of the song you used right after the intro? Also is that the
    Oleg or Bogatyr in the intro


  3. Looks like a future ship to add to my fleet…

  4. Excellent review. I think this will be a Christmas gift to my self.

  5. Great video!

  6. Can’t wait for this beauty coming out next week.

  7. when can i get my grubby mitts on it though ?

  8. nice one!
    small point though, I am not German, but AFAIK the ee in Spee is pronounced
    more like ‘ay’ so it becomes ‘shpay’.

  9. Sir Orrin Productions

    Ive never bought a Premium ship, just because it’s expensive, and I usually
    have the tech tree counterpart Bismarck=Tirptiz Hipper=Eugen
    Gneis-Scharnhorst, but I might actually get this ship. It’s a cool
    historical ship, and its tier 6, so it wont cost as much. Who else is
    considering buying it?

  10. I’m confused…. so youre saying Show your broadside? or No?

  11. So is it more a Tier V battleship ?

    Seems no better than a Texas

  12. gosh you need some practice with torps man

  13. WOW… a cruiser that can deep dick a BB like @2:45? I’ll take one, please.

  14. Excited :)

  15. Do you blame the guy for shooting himself, its that or leave your fate in
    the hands of a pissed of Adolf Hitler.

  16. FINALLY! she’s in game.

  17. So she sounds like a better Kirov

  18. Any idea when it is available for the EU?

  19. nice wide spread torping in the beginning of the video, baddy

  20. Graff schmeeee! British did know what to call them. The pocket Battleship
    is an insult type name to make them sound less scary. Pronounce it spay by
    the way!

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