World of Warships – Admiral Hipper Citadels Everything

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on Northern Lights moves forward and engages a enemy near the B point. AP all guns firing, we get a couple citadels just before the enemy disappears. The game is dominated by some great broadside opportunities that we can exploit. Ultimately, we destroy a lot of enemy ships and accrued a good amount of damage. Hope you enjoy this citadel dominated game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Admiral Hipper


  1. Hipster is unique compared to all the other German cruisers as it has the
    biggest guns out of them all.

  2. Very good play made this enjoyable to watch. Too many times I would be out
    of position and get wrecked when facing a BB. Turning and running would
    only open citadels up. Avoiding any and all 1 v 2’s is so important esp.
    when 1 is a BB. Well played sir!

  3. This remind me of yesterdays pensacola game. 7 kills, over 100k dmg. One
    and only time I should have recorded :(

  4. yavuz selim han osmanoglu

    This, the kutuzov, the mogami, the atago or the usn tier 8 cruiser?

  5. Oh looks like everyone has the same problem switching back to AP after
    torps, now it doesnt happen to me that often after long play time XD

  6. あなた~! すごすぎです。どうやったら、そんなに上手くなれるんでしょうか?・・・・・すばらすい。

  7. In your Intro- Torp speed is 64 knots not 32 Notser :=)

  8. I’ve seen a few videos of the Hipper and it looks a good ship, but I have
    to say, I really dont fancy the grind through the lower ships. I stopped at
    the Kolberg. I still have it, but have not played it for months.

  9. Man how did you get so many citadel shot’s with a cruiser? Great game ,Keep
    them coming.

  10. I call aimbot =)

  11. stop bullying us BB…its painful to be slow enough…
    * if u have time talking u better have time time dodging torp too :)

  12. what a great game,and very well played.The only thing missing was “doing at
    Thanks for posting

  13. I have to ask Notser, is there a philosophical reason to you not using any
    mods? I mean not all mods are crazy spiderweb crosshairs and anime skins. 🙂
    For you I would think that the crosshair made by Nappelcommander would be
    perfect as it is simply an extended regular one (so the lines extends
    further out). And the damage counter is always useful (especially for one
    such as you, having the audience to cater to a bit).

    Well, no pressure, I’m just slightly surprised at how long you have
    ‘lasted’ in this. :)

  14. Nice! Btw, don’t forget Tirpitz for the 19’th Januari :D

  15. Can’t wait your tier X videos

  16. now that was a sweet game. im on the yorck:/

  17. Wait so the numbers on in the binoculars actually work? I always thought
    they were just cosmetic.

  18. Hey Noster,I really feel with you with the torp back to HE thing… happend
    to me also all the time when i Play my Tirpitz^^.Keep up ur Content, i
    really love ur viedeos.

  19. I s there the same different flight time between the shell types like the

  20. gg.. notser

  21. TeK “Th3xRaVeNx” RaVeN


  22. What a disgusting game Notser, well done. German cruiser AP is so

  23. very enjoyable video Notser—
    that Atago almost ate your lunch—I don’t know how many ” its just a flesh
    wound ” medals I have but a bunch.
    but whats up with the bait & switch–your last video said the ARP Myoko
    video was next in your rotation.
    keep up the good work Notser.

  24. I`m just surprised seeing a cruiser captain fire AP. That does not happen
    very often!

  25. Hey Notser, firstly nice game as always wp!

    I have a question though if i may regarding how you range targets, do you
    use the Km indicator to estimate how many ticks you lead rather than the
    shell travel time indicator to target?

  26. Just to confirm, when firing at the NM around minute 9+, you were aiming at
    the infrastructure and not the waterline?

  27. Nice one mate 🙂 Cheers buddy

  28. Notser, great game with the Hipper. Looking forward to getting that ship!!!

  29. I have the same problem going from Torps back to AP, always press 1 and end
    up with HE =P

  30. any reason you don’t get the mod to show damage done and show the
    difference between he and ap?

  31. I think I will buy back my Konigsberg and resume working up the German
    cruisers to get a Hipper

  32. all the German cruisers after the Yorck are citadel machines. the Hipper
    seems to be good at long range pens though even on BBs

  33. Great Game…I am loving the German Cruisers. I used to love the US
    Cruisers but they have become ho-hum (insert frustrating)…especially
    since the Velocity nerf of the shells…I would love to see the real
    ballistics data between nations by comparison to see if they are modelling
    it correctly. I just have a hard time believing what is represented in the
    game is accurate. A EU bias maybe?

  34. This ship really seems like its made for me 😀 I want it now! Still at YORK
    :/ doesnt really want to play it that much.. without premium :D

  35. I told you! jaja love the Hipper for a Tier VIII, fantastic game man! so
    imagine what will be a ship with 12 of those cannons firing 6.8 rounds per
    minute, a Hindenburg well played is a beast. Same for Roon, best CA in Tier

  36. dam lol cit city over here lol

  37. great video! carnage!

  38. Notser vid: Instalike

  39. I am looking forward to the Admiral, also don’t worry i do the same thing
    all the freaking time with the torp to HE reflex. I believe it is because I
    play a lot of DD’s and with them you almost always want to be using HE. But
    I have done the same thing, fire torps off, switch back to guns to fire at
    a broad side cruiser and not until I fired once or twice realized I loaded
    HE instead of AP.

  40. Holy armor piercing mayhem. This has certainly given me the motivation to
    grind out the Yorck. I actually don’t dislike the Yorck as much as most
    people, you just have to stick with HE on her and only use AP within like
    7-10 km.

  41. I’m still going for the roon but man, I love this ship. it’s a citadel
    finder, it made me being called aimbotter for the first time in this game

  42. Kracken game 🙂 WELL PLAYED

  43. Noter !, great batle ,,!! One of the best gameplay ever ! På tell me IF the
    A… Hipper is as good as Mogami, FLAMU youtuber shows that Roon at Tier 9
    is the best cruiser in the Game. I have credits and exp. For YORK but Its
    to bad vs My Myoko. I dont like to play in the worst Tier 7 Cruiser to
    grain 165 k exp for the Hipper.

  44. I don’t know what is people’s problems with german cruisers (after the
    Karls of course) ! It’s pretty straight foward, stay at range and shoot AP.
    Instead i see people going at close ranges and shooting HE.

  45. Damn good game

  46. Icecream, coffee & Notser. Life’s good, again! Thanks for another great
    video! :)

  47. Dayyyyyuummm, Notser! 12 Citadels! 3 on that Atago at late game! Good Grief
    – I finally have hope in my German Cruiser grind!

  48. I feel you Notser, the accidental HE switching is especially more annoying
    when you’re in the Tirpitz :o

  49. Good work notser…..Any chance of a carrier episode….it’s been a
    while…..happy hunting….

  50. I LOVE the Hipper. My favorite cruiser. Not even worried about working on
    getting the Roon or Hindenburg.

  51. I wish I have those aiming skills -_-)

  52. the zoom in zoom out guy says he pays attention to the battlefield, just
    after switching to he after launching torpedoes when shooting at a
    broadside cruiser :I

  53. play the Admiral Kutozow or the Imperator Nikolei

  54. waiting for your ranked battles :)

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