World of Warships – Admiral Hipper Moves To Counter

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Admiral Hipper on Land of Fire moves to attack the eastern flank, most of the team seems to stay around the middle to the west. We take some loses, a couple enemy ships try to push the eastern flank. The enemy retreats from the east, we decide to engage the enemy in the center of the map. A enemy destroyer threatens the base, we retreat to keep them off the point. The enemy continues to push into our base, one by one they fall under our guns. The final two enemy ships attempt to run. We make chase but the game ends before we could finish the job. Hope you enjoy the games and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII German Cruiser Admiral Hipper Replay


  1. The Hipster is not to be underestimated! One thing I dislike about the
    German cruisers is they are a really specialized Cruiser where they really
    only excel at one thing, and one thing only. Punishing people who don’t
    watch their angles properly….

    Great vid as always Notser!

  2. あなたは、本当にうますぎます^^ 自分も、その船のってみますねー。^^v

  3. Yea if anyone knows a good mod/addon to help with ship display that would
    be greatly appreciated. And also gg Notser can’t wait till the Hipper I’m
    on the York grind right now.

  4. 5000 subs! Nice Notser, well done! :)

  5. You should check out Aslain’s new mod. It has new player panels that you
    can take the ship icons away.

  6. u dont like baltimore? How comes we rarely see u playing it

  7. Number 174 to like :)

  8. Hey Notser! Any chance you could make a video about the Pensacola? I’m
    struggling quite hard with it, the change from 152mm spam to 203 snipe mode
    is quite challenging for me. I have the same problem to a lesser extent
    with the Aoba… I really want to like the Pensacola but I just can’t
    figure out how to make it work 🙁

  9. how do you follow on shells / torps after being fired ?

  10. Can you recommend a site that has the armor profiles? Or, what do i search
    for? I’ll try armor profile… :}

  11. I agree with the comment of the TheStone , if you would have let him live
    he could potentially do more damage to your team members.Great game Notser.

  12. No such thing as kill stealing. It’s only win cementing.
    I don’t get it. Was this an AP challenge because this is not like you

  13. Very nice game,shows how to use space and right positioning against enemy!

  14. very nice game play.

  15. I sent u a replay in my Gnevny, I did include the post battle results

  16. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    almost 5k subs!!!!

  17. Notser what’s the tier 9 German CA and how close are you?

  18. Great Game for the team. You did great on killing ships with those long
    distain guns. Keep them coming.

  19. It seems like every time you say “This guy must be skilled; he has Rank 1
    Camouflage”, the guy promptly demonstrates a distinct lack of ‘rank 1’

  20. Solid game in a solid ship :)

  21. question does the ctrl tab doesn’t change the team panel like in wot?

  22. arnt they giving the rank one camo in the pearl system because that is a
    Lot of people to have that camo lol

  23. Love to hear the tips while you play. Helps improve my game play.

  24. yay, Notser vid for my daily fix. I won’t comment on your game, your stats
    speak for themselves. I’m nowhere that good but the voice that says you are
    the last hope is getting old especially since I don’t sit at the back.

  25. Try aslains mods, there are some good ones to recognize the different ships
    other than just their shape.

  26. hi Notser, i enjoy your videos. i have improved my skills just by learning
    triks from you. my advice is to try and bring more diversity to your
    content. Try Armored Warfare by obsidian. you will gain more subs that way.
    and it is a fine game…pvp and pve.

  27. If a ship is alive and has working guns it can kill, therefore that ship
    needs to be destroyed quickly, no need to give them one extra chance to do
    damage. There is no such thing as kill stealing! You stole nothing! You
    play to win and when people bitch about it they don`t understand teamwork.
    But maybe WG should introduce points for assists and spotting.

  28. Lol Notser the kill stealer!! jk but I did have a game last week where they
    CV called “dibs” on killing the enemy DD and got upset when someone else
    killed it…. is that kill stealing? haha

  29. John Luedke (Jason)

    Hey Notser what do you think the main difference is between the higher
    their Japanese and German cruisers?

  30. How do you recorded wows

  31. German Cruisers are the best ships in the game!

  32. Why have i never had land of fire!? I play pretty often and im sure ive
    seen games on youtube from tier 5 games…so it’s not a map just for high

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