World of Warships – Admiral Hipper ROF Impression

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Taking out the new Hipper in 7.4, better rate of fire and rudder shift help the ship be a little more competitive. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII German Admiral Hipper Replay – Discord Server


  1. Mc Shagan pronounced Shaegen

    morning Notser

  2. 3rd! So are these new premiums fully competitive in your opinion, and not just for unicum/ Notser-level skills?

    • Binks Webelf eugen now can act like torpitz with twice rof and %50 more torp with less armor and hp. But definitely better

    • I just finished playing a couple of games in the Hipper. The ROF buff really helped – it’s back to being a major threat to BBs and CAs at long range. And it works really well in CQB ambushes.

      I think the changes moved it from being a bottom performer to a solid mid level performer. And the AA is still great.

      You’re still eating BB AP citadels, but the rudder shift helps reduce the number of them.

      Overall, one of the more solid changes WG’S made to a ship – a good improvement without radically altering it’s power or playstyle.

    • Erik Trimble I think he asked for Prinz. But I wanna ask this: rudder upgrade at 6th slot worth using instead of concealment one? I run the number and the concealment becomes like 12.1 or something. Which i find small enough since Hindy has similar concealment.

  3. question: If i have a permanent camo for the Cleveland, will i still have it once it gets moved to tier 8?

  4. GG once again! And You still think they ignore You cause You are in a Cruiser… And I still believe it’s cause: 1. You are skilled and rarely present a good target. 2.They may not be the best players (like Alsace in this video). They definitely did not realize who You are. Otherwise You will be hunted as “High threat” and just cause “Look who we got here”. 3. There are other targets that look more important or/and revealed. Classic situation: You are in a Cruiser, but friendly DD is spotted closer (both important and easier sometimes). But most of the time it’s just people who are not interested in getting better in it. Like “I don’t care for the win, I play for fun”. (He’s team usually doesn’t cause of him) Pew pew! Otherwise it’s all coincidental. No logic in it. 7 feet under Your keel mate!

  5. Both the Prinz Eugen & the Admiral Hipper are sexy ships

  6. I tried Hipper out yesterday, while she might not be a top dog of T8 she definately feels more enjoyable to play. I don’t feel like I’m way behind all other cruisers at the tier in terms of firepower so overall had a pretty good time in her

  7. Good lord, the Hipper looks so much better than the Yorck. I’ve been at the Yorck for ages on the German cruiser line – hardly play it because the Yorck is so lackluster. Hipper probably isn’t the best T8 cruiser, but it at least seems decent.

    • It definitely seems to be the lemon in the line.

    • I’ve been trying not to free xp it, but I just might have to.

    • I actually like the Yorck, it’s just a bit of an oddball in the KM CA line. It is NOT a long range AP specialist like the prior 2 ships.

      Rather, you do two things well in it: play like an Algiere and long range HE spam (which it does VERY well), and then brawl against heavies at under 6km with torps and AP.

      It’s weakest at mid range (10km or so) and the poor turret rotation makes it mediocre against DDs.

      But it really does well against CA and BB.

      The Hipper is superior because the turrets move really fast plus the AP is very strong at all ranges, though the HE is noticeably weaker.

    • I haven’t played the French cruiser line, so I can’t speak to the Algiere comparison. And doing the long-range HE spam that you’re “supposed” to do in the Yorck, the HE still feels weaker than Myoko, Pensacola or Shchors. Only 8 guns, slow-as-molasses turret traverse, slow reload, short-range torps, just moderate speed and armor… Yorck just doesn’t have much going for it. Glad you like it though! I have that feeling about the Pensacola. I played through it before the concealment buff and still loved that ship. Once I learned to hang back, use islands and NEVER be the first ship spotted, I did very well in it. Lots of guns, great HE and outstanding AP for the tier.

    • I actually had a good time with the hotel, though I can’t remember precisely why…

  8. “Hello there”

  9. My hipper still have 12.5 reload. Any one else has thus problem?
    And wg said that there is a problem with respecting the captain for free.

  10. Mini Map bug is not the only one, my “John Doe” Captain no longers switches shell types at a 75% reduced rate. It takes the full reload time.

  11. My Prinz Eugen & the Admiral Hipper are sexy ships and I love them both well before this Patch. Now with the Patch, I see my Prinz Eugen dominating what ever side I take her with 1 or two other ships helping me. So you were right Notser about the changes made to these two ships. So well done to Wargaming!

  12. i almost exclusively use AP on these ships…its amazing even vs BBs as long as they dont angle too much, and u aim at the upper side armor

  13. Was that a radar edinburgh?

  14. Ey Notser, WG just begin the Asashio sale, so I wonder if you will do a vid about her? 😉

  15. why did notser pick the superintendent, even though hiipper doesnt have heal, Demo expert would have been better i think

    • He mentioned in the Prinz Eugen video that he doesn’t exactly have German captains coming out of the woodworks. So most likely this is the same captain as used on Prinz Eugen and thus specced for something different.

  16. Christopher Matarazzo

    what with that new damage counter? what do the two mean?

  17. “Wouldn’t it be terrible if somebody set a fire on that…”

  18. funny how you talk about the smoke stacks drawing up same time. SINCE this patch i get smoke stacks and up to 10 secs later ships draw in. And yeah that MM draw is all fucked up too. ever since i went to a SSD this type of thing happens. And the MEM leak is STILL here. But hey, knowing im gonna die in the next 10-20 secs I cant leave a battle without getting a warning. ITS MY TIME, I played the gd match so if i chose to leave THAT early I should gd be penalized for it. The other changes for that i agree with….

  19. I went manly mode in my Prinz Eugen just for shits and giggles the other day. Went right up the middle of the map, bow-tanking and guns blazing. I survived being fired on by 5 ships, 2 of them BBs, for almost 3 minutes before dying. I managed to kill a DD and a cruiser in that time. The heal makes a huge difference. It feels like a completely different ship, now.

  20. Nice game! In 7.4 which ship is now your favorite, if you could only play one?

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