World of Warships: Admiral Makarov

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A lot of people are getting this ship from the Christmas container drama. Let’s play it!
The ship itself is the Nürnberg.

0:00 Game
16:51 End Screen
20:32 Port – Captain Skills & Upgrades
23:49 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 6 Soviet light cruiser Admiral Makarov.


  1. Oh? Tell me more!

  2. “Unexpectedly”

  3. People really don’t get jokes these days

  4. Officially ending my weekend on a good note with an Aerroon video.

  5. You do pronounce the G in Gneisenau.

  6. If you think that’s a good deal, then I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

  7. North Carolinian Mapping

    1:42 Ah yes, the Italian battleship Amalfi

  8. i wouldnt say “quite a few” people got makarov

  9. honestly more games like this would be great, i have no clue how to play this yudachi, california, duca d’aosta or gallant that I now have

  10. This ship is a proof that every cruiser in a game needs a repair party.

    • I highly endorse this idea. What they could do is just make the heels lower powered at lower tiers.
      But with the way the skill rework is going WG is going the other direction with trying to make ships less survivable. It would not surprise me anymore if they try to take heals away from all cruisers.

    • @H Will It’s a stupid idea though so you shouldn’t endorse it. Adding heals to all cruisers is just.. A buff. No reason to buff something balanced, that’s called making shit overpowered.

    • I think every ship that doesn’t have a repair party should have a passive heal in that while the healing is rather weak, it adds up over the course of 2-3 minutes.

  11. Just an FYI, it’s not pronounced “Can-Saw”, it’s pronounced closer to “Can’s ass”

  12. I can’t wait for the morning to hear their excuse, the issue is that this mechanic isn’t even knew, which is the sadder part. So I await patiently to see Puerto Rico #2

  13. I just got a Logitech G733 and its light has long battery life, and really good sound

  14. @A. Can Aksu I got a ban. Twice. But ones clans starting using Makarov’s they stopped banning people for it

  15. mynameiswritinwater

    yeah well who expected them to learn from past mistakes : and as for Gneisenau _ Gnei-se- nau, the “Gn” is similar to the “gn” in gnaw or gnash

  16. mynameiswritinwater

    asset recycling ? I mean the pushed the hiurme berg a few yearas ago as at christmas with a Winter and obviously that was rousing success, because they are everywhere … ok less irony I guess.

  17. What’s with the cheap snare drum sound from the guns, is that a WG sound effect?

    I stopped playing a couple years ago, that AP then was great at closer ranges.

    Headset Fnatic React Gaming Headset, very good mic, decent price ~$60 US.

  18. I got a temporary chat ban by typing ” I love when my Makarov gets raped by CV dropping AP Santa crates”.. so yeah.. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY will be my next in-game tag.

  19. @A. Can Aksu I have writen makarov , that comment directly was reased , but I did not got banned , maybe because I writen once and I just asked “Will WG today made statement about makarov gate ?” , but I would belive if someone got banned for spam makarov… and there was many people doing that .

  20. @Gareth Fairclough whooosh…

  21. Droid Motorola 388

    I only wanted to get info on how to play her :'{

  22. Nurnberg is good for tier 6
    But not when you get a Tier 8
    She’s a decent HE Spammer on it’s tier
    That at least for me

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