World of Warships – Adriatico Impression

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Excited to finally get to showcase one of the most interesting additions to World of Warships, Adriatico shows just what awesome gameplay is available to Italian Destroyers. Discuss some early builds and strategy, I’m sure the strategy will mature as time goes on with these ships. Hope you enjoyed the video and have a wonderful day!

Tier 9 Italian Destroyer Adriatico Replay


  1. Here’s my Adriatico Impression – “phssh phssh, boomboomboomboomboom, ratatatatata, sghwung, glug glug”

  2. Are you okay there Notser? Hope you are well

  3. Isn’t this look too bloody bullshit?

    You can get within 3km without getting spotted, more than enough to yolo anyone

    Any other dd don’t have that luxury, they have to get spotted at their detection range and start getting blasted earlier

    Why is this game keep making new gimmick, how could they balance everything?

    • It is a function of exhaust smoke, which has existed since the cruiser line. I think the ships that counter these effectively will rise to the top and be used more when the queue is dominated by these things. Game will settle out to have some nice counters still but I do want to see these in others hand before making a change

    • @Notser i agree because the smokes have to be used correctly and carefully. If you try and smoke up in the range of a radar, not only are you spotted, but you cant escape your smoke and are blind to the ships firing at you.

  4. Any reason to get the Emilio any more?

    • Stoolzy's Surgery

      Emilio torps do a lot more damage and so can more reliably dev strike BBs. Looks like this DD line is balanced more for long range torp damage over time coupled with short range guns for assassin gameplay against DDs

    • The torps are way better

  5. Hey Notser Hope you’re feeling well,can I ask why you run superintendant on these ITA DDs when they all have 6 consumables base and you prob won’t run out of them?,also to do with the propulsion mod,why do you use prop mod instead of steering mod?,I thought for All DDs you would use steering for extra manoeuvrability, I am still pretty new to the game so I was wondering 😃

    • You wouldn’t, just the build I defaulted for the limited play so far. I’d swap it for either gun reload or drop even preventive to get range. I have never run out of consumable charges yet with them so clearly superintendent is just overdoing it. Acceleration is better with smoke or corner island camping, I make use of active dodge in open water so no real need with rudder on DDs as they can throttle jockey the best by default.

    • @Notser Ah I see, thanks notser

  6. So in worst case scenario 60k dubsfor tech tree ship… That will probably get nerfed, after everyone gets their fill and copy’s one working build from some CC/Streamer. Isn’t frightning how predictable it all is?

    • 60k dubs for a tech tree, $140 for a coal ship. Steel ships for sale next?


    • @Robbie Stevenson But of course I like when the seller is pushing the product in my hands, like it’s a contraband! xD Kinda sorry to mention it here, but I’ll support Yostar/Azur Lane before Wargambling.
      To quote: “It’s scary how a game that put tits on ships, makes them more historicaly accurate than World of Warships”

  7. You ok Notser?
    Your voice sounds a bit raspy
    Hope your doing alright bud

  8. To powerful imo. Those guns have a little to fast of a reload to be doing 4-6k chunk dmg on a dd. I understand its close range, but thats how most dd’s engage. I’ve seen and ran into a couple of testers playing it, its a literal shotgun with the ability to smoke charge you. Even if your dd has hydro and your running it, the ship is so damn fast you cant flee 9/10 times

    • I’m also worried that played correctly it is very tough to deal with for everyone

    • @Notser yah if its not caught by a radar and dealt with, its going to pop up on in your face

    • So it’s good at what it does, with some in-built balances that need a skilled player to pull off? That’s a good ship, by definition. Whudayu complaining’ about? Gabagoul!

    • Honestly I feel different, it doesnt seem uber powerful unless it’s right in your face. It cant spam fires from 14km like Kleber and Khaba and Grozdovoi, and is really forced to put itself in danger if it really wants to do good damage. I see a lot of people charging in, getting 1 or 2 kills, then dying off quick. The awful range and detection force you to knife fight, and getting half-decent range takes a LOT of upgrades and modules

    • @Weaboo Trash but its only counter to stop it from being super close, is radar, so unless your the radar, your flank depends on someone else hitting the radar button if there is any radar ships. If its in your hydro range, its torps are already locked on. Only other possible outplay if it your dd has 2 turrets together so you can angle heavy to stop all sap dmg

  9. I think it has too many smoke charges, as well as speed boost. Maybe 3 or 4, so each smoke is impactful and you can’t just yolo all the time. Speed boost, no more than 5. It’s already fast without it. Like someone said, it’s too strong because of the SAP against dd’s. Regardless of the short range, that is where DD’s engage in the first place. The torp’s should be super bad if they give it these guns, with lower damage and maybe even lower speed. Or a unique trait could be good damage torps but even slower, 45-50 knots. I don’t know, it’s definitely not balanced right now especially if people play it properly and well.

  10. Take care Notser. Love your content

  11. Oke cool looks very sap-ishfying
    I am so sorry, I couldnt stop myself

  12. Why. are. you. whispering?

  13. I don’t normally spend D.B’s on crates, but I decided I would do five crates just to see what happens. I got the Adriatico on the third try.

  14. Notser, be real. Those ship are just bad, long reload slow torpedo on low tier and low range gun on high tier. You are always in radar range if you want to use your guns. Gw keep building italian lines around impossible to balance gimmick only to nerf them to the ground. It wasn’t funny with the bb line and is not funny with the dd.

  15. Kraven Fox Bodies

    I was checking the shop, didn’t understand what it was asking or talking about, but I got the ship on 2nd chance which, I guess the 4 boxes means to limit your chance? I also got to buy the IV Turbine package.

  16. Amazing, i got this in my second bundle i bought… 1st time that’s happened ))

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