World of Warships – Agent Smith

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USS Smith, a premium tier 2 that’s slow, has guns that can barely send a shot the length of their own barrels and a health pool that’s so shallow babies could safely bathe in it. I want one of these ships. Badly.


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. On Asia we had mission marathons for the Smith, Tachibana, and Mikasa. So free tier 2 prems.

  2. Just been reading up on the Net Neutrality Issue… if net neutrality dies here in the USA, everyone else will follow suit. It only a matter of time. If this does happen, i will no longer be able to afford to get online whenever i want to watch Jingles.

  3. TOG of the seas, then?

  4. Smith was a reward for two little mission sets on EU server. Got Smith myself – love to troll in her time to time :3

    • same here, and it gets really nasty with e.g. a 19 point fletcher captain, torps reload like every 9 seconds even before adrenaline rush kicks in. Utter hell!

  5. I’m early for once! A joke: What do you call a stone fountain that’s missing its angel?

    A sans-seraph font!

  6. it was a mission
    to get it

  7. 2km perma detect range jingles

  8. What is this aspect ratio??

  9. Hmm lets see, by thumbnail, here is a matrix joke:

    I see you disguised as s boat in search of mr Anderson

  10. 32 mins late to gnome OVERLORD’s video…….Im a disgrace to my family

  11. Jingles, remember that game Project Tank from a while back? I think I heard it survived Wargaming’s lawsuit… you should check it out!

    • If you look at the PCGamer article about it, WG’s claims are hilarious. “Copies design elements like historical inaccuracies.”

    • Actually, that kind of makes sense. If they “modify”(historical inaccuracies) the specs of vehicles like as Wargaming did, it would be odd if they ended up with the exact same numbers. If they did, it would point towards being directly copied.
      Sure, that alone is not enough for a lawsuit, but it does sound odd.

    • I just looked into it and it does look _extremely_ similar, and don’t think Wargaming was wrong to file a lawsuit. Doesn’t mean i won’t see what the game’s all about tho 🙂

    • I mean it is clear that the game was copied, the looks, the tanks, and even the garage were nearly identical. I just happened to remember that game after watching a jingles video and looked it up the lawsuit, the only indicator I could find being places you can sign up for Project Tank. We need to get this enough likes that Jingles notices so he’ll make another video on it!!!

    • The tanks being Identical is what I find so funny. Wargaming didn’t create any of these tanks, they all have some basis as blueprints, prototypes, concept tanks, etc. The historically inaccurate for gameplay is also something they didn’t create. That goes back to game balance on tabletop wargames at least as far as the 70s. The graphics etc are the only thing I think are that similar, but remember to carry a lawsuit WG has to prove they copied assets (code and artwork) directly, something very hard to do with things based off objects that actually existed.

  12. Jingles. It’s been on both the EU and NA store for the past few months. Just checked today (30/11) and unfortunately it’s gone. You *might* be able to grab it via dubloons in the game client however – not logged in to check. I had to wait forever for it to appear on EU to grab one.

  13. *Jingles — next time this ship comes up for sale — -just grab one by the Smiths.*

  14. Мультики про танки - CrashFox

    Great speech!

  15. *_Actually_*_ Jingles the Tachibana has the smallest guns in the game at 76mm… 0.2mm smaller than the Smith’s guns…_

  16. Actually Jingles… The Japanese premium T2 destroyer has the smallest guns in the game, Tachibana with exactly 76mm guns 😛

    • Reaches for the shotgun…

    • Oh god please no! XD

    • Then WG forgot the .2 because the Tachibana’s guns were also exactly three inches and were called so even by the Japanese until the IJN went metric in 1917. Tachibana wont be alone though, the UK bottom tier DD will also share this gun whenever it appears, and it seems the Italians too whenever they appear. Technically Tachibana’s guns are still the smallest because the guns THEMSELVES were smaller, the US Gun had a 30in longer barrel and a longer cartridge case but the projectiles themselves were within ounces of each other in weight.

  17. Jingles: The smith is terrible in nearly every way, it has terrible guns, terrible speed, terrible torpedoes, all of it
    Also jingles: glancing at his many models of Togs around the man cave
    Jingles: I want one

  18. It’s great that you featured the Smith, and what a game to feature! The Smith is a hilarious little seal clubber. The guns are troublesome mostly due to their small caliber, but they have the highest fire rate on US DD guns until you get the Benson (or, on the premium side, the Sims). I don’t use my Smith that much because I’m not on at peak times usually, but it’s a lot of fun to break out occasionally.

  19. “…the smith has 7300 health…”
    * looks at smith’s hit points *
    *8000 hp*

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