World of Warships: Aggressive Tirpitz – 166k Damage

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Me being aggressive with the Tirpitz on the map Hot Spot. I end up dealing 166k damage and get into quite a few nice situations. I even end up ignoring a closing in Mutsuki because I was too busy being ALT-Tabbed. The game went well though and it was really fun.


  1. I really love your channel. Keep up the good work!

  2. keep up the great work! your the in reason i go on youtube now

  3. I can’t afford a Turpitz right now. It there any reason you can’t run one
    using torps as your primary weapon?
    You have the speed & decent enough armor that if you make 30 degree rudder
    when target fires, you might get on like a DD. Less citadels at close range
    & no reloads.
    I’ve noticed Turpitz isn’t so good at trading punches.
    You can close at about 1km/min if the target is stationary.

  4. “Tactical beaching” love it! lol

  5. Perfektes Deutsch !!! :-)

  6. Cant citadel a Tirpitz?? I have citadeled the Tirpitz several times 🙂 Not
    that hard :P

  7. Great vid mate, sorry I haven’t been commenting been at hay season! Still
    watching all ur vids though and liking them haha. Enjoying them all :)

  8. Who is “strangers” you play with

  9. Hallo kamerad.

  10. Well – Aerroon – You can rest easy on the pronunciation – it is not a long
    A sound, but people with sirname “Mahan” tend to place accent on the second
    syllable (ma’HAn). The ship was named after Alfred Thayer Mahan, so I’m
    guessing that “Ma’HAn is correct (and MAYhan is just silly).

  11. I’m gonna guess you were playing Kancolle during alt-tab :P

  12. Thank you!!!! That you say your moderation in german! You.Are.Niiice! Thank

  13. zumps upp for yoar gut german!

  14. hey aerroon what ship skin mods do you use

  15. Oh that’s the game I was in with the Hipper.

  16. i like your sense of humor :)

  17. everytime those none-german ppl who try to talk german >_< but to be fair, everything was spoken the right way, which i cannot say from everyone out there. btw, 13k exp cause of win of the day + flags + double xp skin? that's a unrealistic high value!

  18. a comment 11 hours ago on a video which has been posted just 5 minutes ago

  19. how long play you world of warships?

  20. Of course Aerroon


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