World of Warships: Agincourt – New T5 British Battleship

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Agincourt is the new tier 5 British battleship. I don’t like her. The ship was given to me by Wargaming.
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0:00 Agincourt Match
14:23 End Screen
15:30 Captain Skills & Upgrades
15:59 Agincourt & Iron Duke Comparison – wowsft
17:29 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 5 Royal Navy battleship Agincourt.


  1. Hello Aerroon! Can u do and Italian BB when u can?

  2. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Wow. How did you get that so fast?!

  3. The Agincourt was going to be a Brazilian battleship under the name Rio De Janeiro, but then they sold to the Ottomans, and then, the British reclaimed it.
    PS: I’m Brazilian! 🇧🇷

  4. Alighieri = Poet Dante’s last name. Alley+GHEE-airy.

  5. Aerroon, could you make a video on one of the new tech tree german DDs? Thanks a lot! I really appreciate the content!

    • I’ll try, but I have to check whether I have the ships on a press account. I didn’t play them much when I had them on my main.

  6. Theredcoatarmy _

    In real life at the Battle of Jutland, when Agincourt fired her first full broadside in anger, the other Royal Navy Battleships around her thought she had been hit and blown up. The broadside on this ship was so massive, when they were designing her they thought the guns would snap and bend the keel.

    • I kinda doubt that claim because the gun caliber is only 305 which is 12 inches… Other battleships with larger and yet less guns can produce louder explosions than this so I’m just kinda not believing that

    • Luke Ueda-Sarson

      @Robert Staats Sure, but their explosions are not produced over the entire length of the ship, unlike in Agincourt. That was the difference – it appeared as a one single big one.

    • @Robert Staats History proves Theredcoatarmy correct. Read a book, Robert Staats.

  7. If the captain went on deck with a pistol, it would have more anti air

  8. watching this wile doing some french homework!Love your content!

  9. We need a triple Agincourt division. 42 guns in tier 5 XD

    • While enemy has a 3 Lyon div (48 guns) or 3 Hyuga div (36 guns with reload booster)

    • Артём Шепелев

      @Fall Guy 1600 My first experince in Trento was dodging triple Lyon divison for solid 10 minutes. Horrible, horrible experience…

  10. North Carolinian Mapping

    You forgot the WiP overlay, don’t get into trouble!

  11. “If the captain went on the deck with a pistol, the ship would have more anti air!”

    You made me spit out my drink! That’s hilarious!

  12. Luke Ueda-Sarson

    That Kongou penetration curve was an eye opener!

  13. Please do IJN Ise review once it comes out or once you get early access

  14. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    New ww1 era not modernized BB appears.

    Viribus Unitis: Finally a worthy opponent!! Our battle will be legendary!!!

  15. So a Drunk jingles on deck chucking bottles of beer and Whiskey makes up this ship’s AA then? I’ll take that

  16. That ship did have a nickname; “A gin court”.

  17. From my POV playing it in wows blitz, it sort of was like a t5 Fuso

  18. Thank you Aerroon & WG for saving us our money !

  19. Артём Шепелев

    Konigsberg: *pushes alone into 6 enemy ships in the open water and somehow dies while performing this textbook example of light cruiser gameplay*
    Konigsberg: “fuck team”
    Ah yes, the usual stuff

  20. Waiting for the meme video of three Agincourt division.

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