World of Warships – Agir down the middle

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One of the best and most fun German ships on my most dear map. What else is left to say but SPESHUUUL and let’s go 😉

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. You know you’re in for entertainment when it’s a game of Two Brothers

  2. ’10 seconds ago’. Keep it up, YT-suggestions.

  3. I just love this smile when he saw its two brothers 😀

  4. We do know why for Husky. Hes managing his wife and he was Thinking StarCraft Videos would be Bad for His Reputation… Hes an Idiot…

    • What does his wife do that she needs to be managed?

    • @Akshay Anand with just a little search, you can see why. She is YTer with more than 12 million subs. That is easy decision to make lol.

    • I was initially glad when, after years of being subbed to him, I saw that he had uploaded something new. But when he spoke of re-inventing and the SC videos not being good for that, I was so disappointed.
      Those videos had made so many people happy, it was doing nothing but good for his image. And many of the replays were sent to him personally, meaning a lot of the great SC games when it was still on top in E-Sports could only be seen there. Not to mention the crazy Ladder games between the top players.
      It was horrible, and such a lousy decision.
      Also, it legitimately terrified me to see how much he had changed, personality-wise and visually. I’m not saying relationships don’t end up changing you anyway, at least a little, but it was like watching a person after a brain-washing session. He used to make ironic videos and music about hipsters and wannabe rappers, and now he literally WAS one, putting up weird stuff about buying puppies and making cakes…
      I guess that’s what you do when a lot a of money and some coochie is involved, but still.. sad and horrifying to watch.
      I thank the Universe we still have some folks like the LagTV guys still being themselves (an example where both got into relationships and it only improved their chemistry instead of turning them into other people), or other content creators like for World of WarCraft, with Taliesin & Evitel, Crendor, Nixxiom, Preach or Madseason.

    • He’s also done some proper damage to his voice, so he can’t shoutcast anymore

  5. We want Flambass and MONKEY on OMAHA’s going down the middle!!!

  6. I so wanna play that Minnesota! – said noone ever!

  7. Talking about husky takes me back to the early days of youtube gaming

  8. Imagine having a mod so toxic and anti-fun that a guy is scared to give feedback and asks not to be banned when doing it. Yikes.

    • Forza official discord. There is one mod in there that apparently treats it like their job.

    • I was banned for two weeks from WoW after giving an honest opinion about the PR event *after* having asked by a mod to do so.
      And I wasn’t using bad language in any way. So for me : I ‘ll never give feedback to these cu#ts *ever* again.

    • @BigLBA1 i would have written an explitive filled email myself but that’s just because I can’t control my temper sometimes.

  9. I like the compilations. If just so you get some more voices on the matter.

  10. Flambass goes down middle, meets little resistance.

    I go down middle, destroyers waiting, toros left and right. Suicide cruiser torp rushes me.

  11. I’ve found that there are generally 2 types of compilation videos that “work”. The ones with context of what’s happening with the creator talking in the background, like you usually do Flabino. Those are usually funny, and I always get a good laugh out of them, so thank you. The second type are the ones without context. Usually it’s just a bunch of cool moments, but I don’t find them as fun unless you’re making it more like a high paced action music video.

  12. The cit on the pompom was pretty unexpected fair! haha, also yes you deffo had a Jingles moment

  13. Why do you have an Iowa on J line while you’re going down the middle FROM the enemy cap??
    Imagine how useful they’ll be when grinding the new, wonderful USN BB line. LOL

  14. This reminded me of Sol Glacies, who made Dark Souls 3 video, and vanished completely one day. Channel deleted, no explanation found anywhere. I found a reddit account, but he never answered the message I sent him. There is a “Sol Glacies Archive”, where all his video are apparently archived, but unlisted.

    Man I miss his videos.

  15. 0:50 that’s actually an upcoming change I believe. Manual secondaries will allow fire to both sides — I believe two targets can be selected. Flamu did a new talent build video on it a few weeks back.

  16. I loved Husky starcraft damn. He was such a genuine player I loved it!

  17. I tried bringing my agir down the middle
    I met a georgia…

  18. WoWS Brews and Boats

    Husky got me into SC2 as well. Still watch it!

  19. Hey guys, anyone knows the name of the mod he has for the HP bars?

  20. Dang, totally forgot about Husky Starcraft. Starcraft HD and Life’s a Glitch TV were also great back in the day

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