World of Warships – Agir was a VERY good pick for this ranked sprint season

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Agir is my favorite tier 9 cruiser, technically a battlecruiser, and I thought it was going to be a so-so/mediocre pick but it ended being a fantastic pick.

I overestimated the importance of radar and underestimated the importance of simple hydro. Ofc this thing gets a lot more than just hydro going for it.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Jean Bart is also amazing for it. Completed the season in a few hours and I am very much an average player. Barely lost any and the ones I did lose I most of the time was top of the team so I wouldn’t lose the star.

    • JB is just a powerhouse. Ranked out in JB only in 17 rounds, carrying most of the rounds. Hardest loss was in a 3vs3 BB Match were my Iowa and Missouri died fast and I was alone against a Georgie, Pommern and Alsace. Still kept my Star.

    • I also ranked out only using Jean Bart it was fun.

    • Jean Bart was like a printing press for credits, too.

    • Agir, z46 and pommern 21 battles. Agir was my best ship, 86% winrate. Yolo in torpedo everything and shoot whats left. Need to upload my replay from my match where I killed 2 bbs and the cruiser in under 5 mins with agir.

  2. I love how went always went for the water line knowing he cant citadel a JB but hits the watre in the process so get 1 pen out of 6 guns in the front

    • My agir cited a jb 3 or 4 times in one battle during my final match in ranked, over angled jb at under 4km but not flat broadside, went straight into his cit.

  3. I won 10 out of 11 matches in my Azuma, supremely underrated ship IMO(got to rank 1 thanks to Azuma, It was a big struggle bus to win with Kitakaze as we get potato Pommerns and Georgias almost every match)

    • Also played my most battles in azuma, she suits to my playstyle pretty good.

    • i can definitely relate with the kitakaze. I solely played it this ranked sprint and won every 1v1 dd engagement except for a few times against z-46 with hydro. and my teammates would suck so much

    • @Kai
      I ramed a bad Kitakaze player with my ram signal installed Azuma.
      In the end i lost the round, but thats a different story.

  4. Friedrich der Große was my friend during this sprint.

  5. So, this close quarters, 3v3 T9 season was fantastic. No CVs, Smolensk, Stalingrad, or any of that other broken crap at T10 to ruin the fun. Lots of great ships at T9… had good results with Agir, Pommern, Georgia and Alaska. Riga was underwhelming, but Kitakaze worked pretty well for me, as well. Wish I could still play after ranking out, ’cause the format is so much fun!

    • @Jan Mitiska Yeah with the FDG you do need teammates who can captalize on doing damage while you tank, if you gets match with someone in a neptune then you are pretty much fucked lol.

    • @David Sun That was my point. I got tired after 10 losses in a row, being 1st in 7 of them and the last 3 were where 1 DD was and dmg to other DD combined with some torp hits pushed him to first place, even when it didn´t kill the other DD and for rest of us resulting in a farmfest for it and our loss.

    • Why did you find the Riga underwhelming by the way? I do not have the ship yet, but I would have guessed that it’s AP would be well worth it.

    • @ThePeperich I don’t have a Freddie anymore since moving up to Kurfurst, but, yeah, that armour, the secondaries and the hydro make it wonderful for bullying people out of smokescreens

    • @Anne Onyme I think it was partly because a LOT of the cruisers I encountered were supers like Alaska, Agir and Kronstadt, and my Riga’s still stock, no upgraded hulls… also, I learned the hard way it has trouble penetrating a Soyuz’s broadside. >.> <.< not ideal for the ranked, but pretty good for randoms. I'm also not an especially great player, and might just be doing it wrong. 😉

  6. I want to get this ship eventually, but my alaska works just fine.

  7. I complete this ranked season on Agir in 13 battles (0 defeats)

  8. Why cant I do this sprint over and over again, it was so much fun!

    • Because WG does not like fun, because WG wants us to always play the same shitty gamemode with shitty MM, always 11 potatoes in your team and a CV, where brawling, flanking and having fun is not allowed and where you have the smallest influence on how the match unfolds because you cannot carry 11 potatoes.

    • This T9 sprint was really fun although I suspect they chose T9 so they could sell premium ships at a higher price than say if they had made it at T8 or 7.
      Still it was really fun

    • I had fun. And great part is i ONLY used german ships in this rank, Roon, Ägir, FDG, Z, And Pommern. And i tell you it Was A blast! 😀

    • I know! I finished it in 16 battles (10 in Kitakaze, 8 victories, and 6 in Ibuki, 5 victories). So short lived….

    • @MrEykster u forgot the fun part where your screen does the yellow flamy thing and the voice says, the ship is on fire captain

  9. One of my clan mates used Agir for ranked and raved how good it was.
    He told me that he ranked out in a single evening with it.
    Funny thing though, out of my 20 something ranked matches I think I only came across Agir once and I didn’t see Sigfreid at all

    Personally though, Pommern was the one putting in the work.

  10. That Jean Bart could have gone for the ram, if you both died his team wins because he’d have more points. So the real 5head play was to predict your flank at the end and cut you off to force a ram. With Engine Boost and good driving he could have gotten you.

    • Слава Сахно

      @dzello Still don’t think so. Would or not is the matter of strong discussion, and even that will be guessing. If I would on JB – they both will never got me on that position with 40+k hp in 1.5 minutes.

    • @Слава Сахно Sure dude.

    • Слава Сахно

      @dzello If you try being sarcastic – it is very sad. You just throving this into the dark abyss of stat comparison wars… From my experience – that game WAS winnable for JB, if the caps won’t be taken. The only difference in my match – that I was on Alaska vs similar ships, that cant overpen my stern. I literally bite lemmings to chase and run to the border.

    • @Слава Сахно If you say so dude.

    • I think if that allied Sov. Soyuz rammed the JB they would have won earlier. They almost loss at the end.

  11. Actually, time did fly for me during the pandemic. I thought it was going to be dragging on forever with so little to do, but the effect was opposite. I can barely remember where these six months or so went, it flew by so fast.

  12. iowa was my pick for this ranked sprint.

  13. I did it in my georgia, worked great. learned to boat the ship way better and the 3vs3 was fun! first time making it to rank 1 ever (usualy i get anoyed before i reach rank 1)

  14. That’s kinda funny, I was thinkig to myself, if I were that JB, I’d actually point north of the island you were coming around and hope you didn’t just hide behind the island lol.

  15. 11:50 Famous quote: ” Ranked Sprint has never been torture” Try it with a non OP premium ship, like any cruiser or a non Kitakaze DD 3vs3 and tell me it’s fun! I did it with a Musashi and was ludicrously easy as far as my random team mates did not die in the first 2 minutes (it happened a lot!). Just park in the circle and shoot everyone in the face at point blank for huge damage reward!
    I started with a Roon and it was not fun at all: every time I got a regular cruiser in the team I knew it was useless, either Neptune, Buffalo, Roon, Ibuki, Brindisi, which tell a lot about how cash grabbing and premium focussed WG has been with this season. Last Ranked sprint a tier VIII gave you a lot of options, none better then the others, whatever you decided to play: Atago or Mogami 155mm? Prinz eugen or Hipper, or Mainz? Tirpitz or Bismark? Baltimore or Cleveland, Wichita, Montpellier, Edinburgh, whatever you had could be used with decent results: here, without drawing your wallet there is nothing even remotely usable, except, may be, Kitakaze. They even brought back “Black friday containers hoping to lure someone into gambling for a back Alaska!
    The only “viable” techtree ship for this season were all BBs ad certainly not even remotely close to how good the premium ships were given they forced you to play at point blank range!
    I’m not very fond that no CC had te guts to denounce how cash grabbing this season has been compared to any other before!

  16. It took me 18 games to rank out.. I made it with Riga, a little Georgia and finished with the Alaska. That sprint was really fun, for a change 😀

  17. my personally recommendations are Missouri or the new german BB i got from a container (forgot the name). but most of the time its 1 or more BBs against CA/DD and you can handle very well in those 2 ships.

  18. Skilled my ägir full sec, and always went straight in. 50%alone 50%with another ägir.
    15 games later, done and a lot of fun. 😀

  19. 11:29 i mean… he is not wrong. im also playing the ranked “prison”… help me

  20. We just got Oden on legends. It’s beautiful, top tier in our game. I really hope we get Agir.

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