World of Warships – Ah Hellz No, I’m Going

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Let’s just say game loved me this day and we had 2 brothers more than once.

Since I spent so much time playing ranked, casting KotS etc I didn’t see my fav map in a loooong time so you know what time it is xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I’ve been looking forward to this

  2. Monkey got citadeled by a SE Iowa. LOL.

  3. Even bots in coop start going down the middle

  4. Man you’re wife must think you’re a psycho. Lol

  5. Why are all the best replays on this channel are with Monkey 😆

    • Despite Monkey charging out all the time and getting knocked out early a lot, he is actually an extremely skilled player. I’ve seen him pull some pretty impressive carries while watching Flambass streams. To Flambass’s credit, he has posted a couple of those replays.
      Also, Flambass can play a LOT more aggressive when he knows he has a quality player backing him up. This allows them to pressure the opposing team. When people get under pressure, they tend to make many more mistakes. Flambass and Monkey are more than capable of punishing mistakes.

  6. 4:44 Flambass- “spood beest and reverse dude.”
    Monkey-“yeah yeah.”

    Me- “whaaaa?” 😂😂

  7. Not enough time to do anything with it, but sporting of the other team to say “He’s here and he’s AFK; help yourselves”.

    • Well it works for them too. Less time spent waiting before next match, if they are exping a tech

    • This is one reason WoWs is so much better than WoT. WoT had to turn off “Chat All”. In WoWs, it is unusual if people give away the position of more than just AFK players. Much better community/players.

  8. MyopicAutisticMetal

    Like many people, I first saw Flambass on Jingles channel in the Leander bottom tier in the middle solo 2 brothers and he wasted 50% of the enemy team. Nuf Said. 4:38 “Spood Beast in reverse”

  9. Imagine getting complimented from flambino and monkey now the cleve can die in peace

  10. From the looks, the Georgia seems like a very strong Ship.

  11. 3:25 Flambass is starting to turn into Jingles? 😛

  12. Romper Stomper 4Life

    When he said we lost Myoko and Schors I instantly checked my last games if these two clowns were on my team as that’s how I go out in the schors every time…

  13. Mrs. Citadel, “People can see you, you know that right?”

  14. Petition for a school of wows episode on: “How to play the middle in 2 brothers”

  15. Got to love when they charge out to support the Loyang, risking broadsides to support a teammate who came to their rescue, and then the friendly DD torps Monkey with a full salvo …

  16. Cleveland, the ultimate team player. I thought they were extinct.

  17. I guess Flambass doesn’t need a woman. He just needs Two Brothers. (Damn this sounds wrong. xD)

  18. 13:05 first indication of torps. 13:21 “OH WTF ARE THOSE TORPS?!” lol. Love it.

  19. I feel bad for the Fantasque, [DSTG] Iowa and King George on the other team. I hope they didn’t throw their backs out trying to carry their team. They even got more XP that most of the ships on the winning team.

  20. 9:55 – thats because it missed completely. Something is so majorly wrong with the hit registration. Since update 097 something isnt right…

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