World of warships – Aigle a French monster (WiP)

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  1. They finally balanced the frenchies

  2. The camera is that far back on purpose. Gives you that feel of your ship trying to flee XD

  3. Well… I mean it IS a Nurnberg… citadels are obligatory

    • Yahliamir nurnberg is in my opinion one of the most balanced cruisers tier for tier, it has monstrous firepower and kiting capability but doesn’t have Hindy or Zao bullshit troll armor and can be punished for mistakes

    • Paul Chirica Can’t really agree. Sure you have decent fire power (especially now with the buffed HE pen and 360 degree back turrets) and good range, but you’re slow, have incredibly shit armor (and huge citadel), have low HP, and that combination makes you the kind of ship who gets punished for no reason, no just for mistakes. I’ll agree it’s much better now after the buffs though

    • Yahliamir try kiting, it is cancer to end all cancers (it’s decently quick till you try to turn I’ll give you that) the two reward turrets make kiting so god damn easy, couple with good to glorious range

    • Paul Chirica Yeah that’s exactly what I do, but apart of being somewhat boring, arguing that a ship you must do this in in order to survive and be effective is balanced… 😀

  4. Tier VI Khaba. One of my least favourite ships to play. No thanks but yeah, nerf this monster!

  5. Another crap dd with no identity. Wait.. its a kaba reskin..

  6. A tier 6 dd with the health of a tier 8 and the gun range more than some cruisers of its tier… interesting.

    • in the french navy the Guepard class is th first ( contre torpilleur class) and the first 5,5 inch gun later the Vauquelin Fantasque et Mogador class would com in the game th US naval reclassed the free french DD like light cruiser ! the 5,5 inch gun is coming ! the best DD gun ( AA except )

  7. so…Atlanta owners, how pissed are you guys?lol I get WG’s strategy when testing these things. They push the limit then nerf, then up it a bit and gradually find a “balance” but seriously, who in WG thinks 15+km gun range on any DD is a limit that needs exploring?

    Flamu’s stream had a funny moment when he went to play this thing. Someone in the chat took offence to all the French reversing jokes then Flamu sticks the ship in reverse and it clocks 17knts going backwards.lmao

    • but the french DD must have a best range than the Atlanta ! the rise of the french 5,5 gun will coming !

    • Duane Sarjec yeah, I suppose it let’s them shoot for a bit longer as they run away :p

      …am sorry, I couldn’t

    • what would you did with a rifle against Tanks and dive bomber in less 3 weeks more 180 french soldiers because they wil preferd to die a lot with onlys their bayonnettes ! Without the freee french forces in africa th 8th army will be annihled in th battle of Gazala without the free french force of the legendary lazy desert rats forces and the squad brigades of the SAS without out the french army in Italia englsg and american wouls stil under Cassino the french forces broke the line Gothique and th way for Toma without th resistance th améerican woul wait pore on yer dor to see th germans frontiers the french army from Provence was Lorrains vefore the americans You can be sorry , you are no fun and ignorant are realy to pride for that ? the Brother of my mother was a renégat from the Vichy navy he escaped from fort de France in a dinghy for join the USA and rg free frnch forc nad to hunt th Uboat in the altantic north and alla th family of my father was in the resistance in th reseau SOE anf the shief of the SOE stil at home 2 years I have to oncle with the medal ” Compagnons de la liberation ” only less 10 000° heros received it , my father killed is first german soldier before twenty year ! It was a Maquisard and and soldier in the mountains infantry and invade the south of the germany in the south flank of the american army until VIenna he was sergent ! You wil have to learn the History , you would tell less rumors or Fake if you beleive that to tell fakes and rumors is humor I al sad for you and every body !
      The french bashing is born in Henry V who killed all thier prisonners th greatest king of th chevalry ! and yopur french bashin came from Roosevelt him self for to find an excuse for to still in peace ! you are luck you learned th true history today not your revisionist history today a lots of ignorant beleive taht th USA won the world war I and two even in battlefield WW1 no on french ! where are us ? have you an idea ? and with yur new fake story you forgot the russians and a last news ! more french are dead than the américan and tha americans killed equal frenchs than germans in normandia ! I hope than th nest time you wll be more fun ! and less ignorant

    • Don’t be so presumptuous that a joke in bad taste comes from ignorance. I am well aware of a lot of achievements and sacrifices of not just the French armed forces but of the French people as a whole. If you had bothered to ask instead of jumping to a conclusion I would have told you that in my opinion the history of France and the French people during WW2 should be as well known as The Battle Of Britain, loss of HMS Hood and Royal Navy hunt of Bismarck and Pearl Harbour etc. While we’re at it we should also add in the Forgotten Army in Burma where my Grandfather served as a driver with the Brittish Army. One of the most significant and influential forces in the Pacific Theatre but know as The Forgotten for bloody good reason.

      As for my remark, how about the world stop making fun of Scottish “skirts” and bagpipes? While we tend to take it on the chin because we actually have a sense of humour you ignorant fucks are shitting all over a history and culture that goes back to long before the days of the Brittish Empire. If you see something lame stop calling it gay. Stop using the word Autistic to describe something dumb as that perpetuates ignorance too. My point is offence is always taken, never given. Short of self censoring every tiny thing we say there will always be something offensive or triggering. Also, you started the tone of the conversation. Don’t have a go at me if it takes a turn you don’t like.

      I will however offer my apologies if I offended your fathers memory. It was never my intention so I am sorry for that and thankyou for sharing his story. Lest we forget…

      ps. fyi NOT American. I’m Scottish 🙂

  8. the futur french DD tree wil be mediocre until the tier 5,with this Tier the french DD become Torpedo boat slayer execpt the futur Hardi class who is more ” nippon ” later the us navy will class the french DD like light cruiser, I think that her will assist and protect the other DD of the team , or like selfish corsair cruiser search shoot an run away with her guns we wil go a lot of pain for the light cruisers the highpower RPM and the range of the french 5,5 inch gun wil still the mest of the game ! and the future Tier 9 french DD will equall all the DD tier 10 and the speeder of the game the french Tier 10 will be the ultimate dream with her 4×2 guns and 2X2 and 3X3 torpedos and the faster DD if the BB freench tier 10 is the worst of the game the Mogador will be the best !

  9. Finaly a french ship that’s historicaly accurate : 42knt speed and 16km range. But wg will nerf it i think

  10. Well, this (apart from Soviet fantasy 130’s of course) is exactly what WG had in mind introducing “139 mm limit”. Le French boats have 138.6 and it is completely different from for example IJN 140mm, right? 😉
    Small, 40+ knot citadel-less cruisers with all benefits from AFT/BFT _and_ 550mm torps. How WG intends to balance this, with stratospheric arcs?

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