World of Warships: Aigle Preview – New French Destroyer

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the new French . This should be her final form. She feels and fairly powerful.

of footage of the new French destroyer Aigle.


  1. First

  2. LOL, French dd armor is so OP…and then it isn’t. Did the concussion from those 14 shatters blow up the magazine? Like how does that work?

  3. Lol… excellent intro, Aerroon 🙂

  4. *Very Engaging* gameplay.

    Please do a review with the T9 BB Alsace too.

  5. Start of video made me crack up, well done

  6. How does the AP work ? It has decent caliber to pen cruisers and even battleships at that tier. Do the shells shatter a lot ?

  7. Tier 6 matchmaking has changed as of late, I mostly get matched against tier 7s and 5s so it’s not that bad being in the middle. On the other hand, around 80% of the time I play one of my tier 8s I get dragged into tier 10 games…

  8. zlmost liek shinonome -,- buff shinonome retards WG

  9. 5:10 Aerroon, isn’t that what I’d do?

  10. Love the camo on her!

  11. How does it compare to Blyskawitza? Looks very similar but one tier lower.

  12. I wonder if this is going to be the flavor of the French destroyers, long ranged firing dd with good torps. I really want to see what the Le Fantasque will play like or even the Morgador class destroyer. The only problem, that i believe will be the problem with this line will be that they take AP worse then the german line, and i dont know if people would want another khab in the game.

    • Lews Therin Talamon

      That’s kind of a problem, because the Mogador IS the Khaba. It has 4×2 138.6 mm guns and went 43 knots in speed trials. It just actually existed.

  13. Lews Therin Talamon

    Actually, they’re 138.6 mm French guns, the same as the Les Fantasque and Mogador. This is important because they still work with AFT, which was likely designed for these guns.

    • Stalin with a Walkman

      Lews Therin Talamon Or it could be designed around the 140mm guns on the Kuma, Tenryu and what was on the Kitakami.

  14. so basically u feel like it should be T7 and the Cossack should be T6 or lower…seems legit

  15. Real Funny. I almost cried until I looked at time remaining….

  16. Ah yes, let’s decide to powercreep ALL the tiers…

  17. I wanted some cold milk, but turns out it’s frozen inside its carton. Now I’m shaking the milk carton and gently massaging it at the kitchen at almost 1 a.m. while watching the video. It’s kinda fun, but not engaging, I want my cold milk…

  18. So French premium DD good, British DD dog shit. Well played Wargaming, well played.

  19. It has terrible gun angles that need you to be flat broadside to use all of them, the warspite will out turn her, the detection range is abysmal, her torps are slow, and the shell velocity is slow, it’s a huge easy to hit ship, …….but it starts fires and has a large health pool and is relatively fast? Getting up tiered is gonna have you fighting better gun boats who will out spot you. Gonna be a hard pass on this boat

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