World of Warships – Aim

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Sorry for being late with the release

Helpful guide for main battery and torpedo aiming, we discuss different techniques that will help you increase your success. I’ve got multiple examples that just how to make use of these techniques. Talk about time to target, lead required for each target, and helpful visualizations. As far as torpedoes, we talk about how you should approach a target and what you can do to have the most impact on the target. Hope these help you out and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier V American Battleship Texas Replay
Tier X Japanese Battleship Yamato Replay
Tier IX German Cruiser Roon Replay
American Battleship Replay
Tier X Japanese Shimakaze Replay


  1. Ome Slikkum (Omeslikkum)

    Good video, like always. I use the static one to, but with an different
    skin. I use number 5, and I notice that in light maps it’s better noticable
    then the stock one.

  2. im my experience the most important numbers on the dynamic crosshair is 5,
    10 and 17ish, with the dynamic crosshair if you aiming for 20 your going to
    miss unless its as rediculas as a yamato firing at its max scout plane
    range at a DD at full speed

  3. Notser, if you were to do a aiming video on dynamic crosshair, everyone
    would be able to make use of your guide, the static crosshair restricts the
    guides effectiveness to only helping thoughs who use the same zoom level as
    you, not working for someone using any zoom mods, and possibly not working
    for people using different graphic and resolution settings then you. i know
    for me the reason i stick to the 3 highest zooms is because i lose the
    camra angle if i zoom out any more and my settings are to low to make out
    the details

  4. the advantage for the dynamic crosshair is that its the same scale no
    matter what zoom level you are at, so the number that you are aiming at
    when you are fully aimed in is the same number that you will aim at when
    you zoom out.
    all you have to do to make a video on the dynamic crosshair Notser is
    convert the numbers you use to the same spot in the same zoom level on the
    dynamic crosshair and it will be that number you aim at that same number
    for for any zoom level your at.

  5. Thank you notser, with this calculation, I one-shot a Nurnberg using a
    Nagato today. It was great! Almost at 59% win rate now

  6. Omg thats complicated (for me). BB 10km away, point 10 on center. Faster
    bb’s on front turret, slow on back turrets. CA’s 10km away point 10 on
    front turrets. Faster CA’s aim at bow. My shots usually end up center mass.
    @2:25 Wyoming 9.4km and your shells end up at 9.5 on the aiming reticle. On
    the back/upper front turret and center. Only problem fot me are dd’s. I can
    hit them but it’s more of e feel thing than looking on the reticle. Only
    ships this aim style doesn’t work for me is the Yorck and Tirpitz. Don’t
    know why.

  7. Mike Lakemountain

    Many thanks Notser, very imformative and works quite well – been scoring
    alot more cits since I watched this vid :-)

  8. Awesome video. Thanks!

  9. Not being the sharpest calculation tool in the shed: I still don’t
    understand. What does the “X1 or X1,5” referring to? With the Wyoming I can
    see 5 seconds to reach the 9.3 km. Center ship is on the 11th mark of the
    recticule. I just can’t figure out the math.. Could you please try to
    decrease your IQ by 50% in order to reach my level???

  10. Evryone!

    Im giving away 500 doubloons for one lucky person!
    GO GET IT!

  11. existentialvoid

    Top shelf as always noster, good to see the Texas out and about.

  12. It’s more like you are aiming using muscle memory gained from practice and
    verifying that the reticle readings follow accordingly. 😉 After watching
    you videos I tried to do math with the reticle during a game and found it
    …. discomforting :D

  13. THe only question i’m left with after watching this is, what would be some
    advice you would give for cruisers with torpedo armament? I would guess it
    would be similar to the advice for a spotted destroyer, but i was wondering
    if there were any specifics you would say?

  14. ACiD_ “Th3xRaVeNx” ReinX

    I felt sorry for that Kirov paper plate armor ?

  15. Alternatively, you could just hold the [Alt] key (by default) to
    momentarily see the distance, time, and health information – for those who
    like to keep the on-screen clutter to a minimum.

  16. Keep them coming. Your the best.

  17. Not sure this works for laptops, as in standard resolution i.e. 1366×768 or
    whatever. I only get to something like 16 or 17 by screen edge. But you got
    me thinking and my system puts it at 1=25 knots so 20=x.8, 30=x1.2 etc.
    Love your work, keep at it!

  18. The Dynamic crosshair is actually super useful especially on ships with
    guns that have lower muzzle velocities. Just zoom out 1 step from the
    highest zoom, use the 15th dot and you can hit a lot of targets with ships
    like the Cleveland and some early german ships.

  19. great hints and tip mate.

  20. So does the shell velocity impact the lead? If so, how you calculate it?

  21. Very elegant way of explaining aiming. thanks

  22. Thank you so much for taking the time to do these game play instructional
    videos. Your efforts are very appreciated. I’m also looking forward to some
    more map tactics videos.

    Regarding aiming Iv inadvertently come across another factor that seems to
    affect where you aim and how much lead is required.. Last week I upgraded
    to a new, much faster computer and I have found all the gunnery lead times
    I used to use are no longer correct. My internet and connection speeds and
    pings are exactly the same, my old computer ran the game at around 30fps,
    the new one at 70fps. Iv found now that all the lead times I used to use
    are all shooting at the very rear of the slowest ships and missing by miles
    for the faster and fastest. So it seems a computers performance is also a
    factor to consider.
    Just to give an example, a full speed tier 5/6 cruiser at between 10-15
    klms on the old computer would require on average around a 10 tic lead, on
    my new computer. Now I have to give a 15 tic lead for the same ranges or
    see my shots fall well behind the target. When I use my Cleveland, I find I
    need to add even a fraction more lead due to the lazy firing arc.

  23. Best Video on Aiming Great Job NosterTrust me this works like charm this
    video should have been made earlier

  24. awesome video

  25. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    Good stuff as always…..really appreciate these videos.

  26. Do you tend to hold off on firing torpedoes when there are planes around
    that can spoil your chances or just go for it since they tend to be a

  27. Newer player to the WoW community and I just want to thank you for the
    entertaining and informative videos you put out. Always a joy to watch and
    learn from!

  28. nice man close follow you or you match what you learn …

  29. Notser, you are The Man! I went out and got High Caliber (really rare for
    me) first game after watching this vid. 😀 Thanks!

  30. Noster, I want to thank you for all your effort to try and teach us. This
    is probably the best guide and resource you have given us. I will now try
    to remmember 1x for BB and 1.5x for CL/CAs plus a little lead. I been
    watching all your videos, never change Noster ;)

  31. Texas!

  32. Brian Lock (神通)

    No leading on destroyer?
    Almost all ship can hit destroyer under 10km, some can hit at 12km++

  33. Brian Lock (神通)

    5:50, ah random oval

  34. Brian Lock (神通)

    Japanese cruiser go 35knots

  35. Brian Lock (神通)

    Prefer it off, sometimes, the view is just better without all those extra
    stuff me sing around.

  36. How do you change the camera like you did when you where following that
    torpedo in the Shimakaze clip?

  37. Which crosshair mod is used? Sorry if I missed it somewhere. LOVE the

  38. FaithfulScrubHD

    I just aim by dead reckoning. I always thought that line with the numbers
    was just for show lol. I’m fine with 30% hit rate if it means I don’t have
    to think too hard.

  39. i have my default at max zoom at 15, how do you make it to 20? i have to do
    one click scorl mouse weel zoom out to see the 20 mark, its really hard to
    aim DDs when they are out of your sight (out of your screen view) or if
    your in a ship that has low sell flight, you have to give out more lead.
    Thanks in advance!

  40. OldSchool Gaming

    Great Shima video Notser, didnt really get the thing with the oval but
    think i got i covered anyways. How did that Hipper not see those torps? The
    plane flew right over them?!

  41. So, that little line with the floaty bubble in the middle is for aiming???

  42. 0:36 — I find it necessary to preface this comment by saying I am not
    currently playing WoW so I cannot speak authoritatively about what is true
    for it, but I can speak about what was true in the real world. Namely, is
    it cheating (or not) to have a known range to target as part of the
    information provided to Fire Control? And the answer is No, it is Not,
    because warships have been using many kinds of accurate range-finding
    equipment for a century or more, with radar being the mid-20th century
    state of the art. And, since the range to target can be known, so can the
    time it takes a shell (with a known velocity and ballistic trajectory) to
    get to target. The only “cheat” as such is that there aren’t people working
    as “computers”, calculating the updated time to target on a moment to
    moment basis.

    That’s the real key point to this long comment — people used to be
    considered “computers” and then transistors changed everything, in terms of
    how fast calculations could be made using nothing but machines.

  43. Ok maybe I’m just not getting it, so lets say the ship is 7 secs flight
    time, so you 1.5 x 7 that equals 10.5 so does that mean you put the number
    10 on the gunsight on the middle of the ship?

  44. I am going to practice this in coop.

  45. Why were you shooting AP on a Benson ?

  46. Well done Notser, I think that your video will help a lot of players!
    On my side I chose the dynamic crosshair….But I play always at max zoom

  47. nice vídeo notser!!

  48. Nothing better than waking up when its your birthday and watching another
    amazing Notser video. Thank you for these. they make my day!

  49. Christopher Doll

    I saw you mention the relationship between the timer in the reticle and
    aiming, and honestly it really improved my targeting. Cheers

  50. Farkel Rysunhope

    Hi Notser, been watching almost all the time you have been doing these WOWs
    vids. Would you be able to do a vid on how you record them. Cheers

  51. Thanks for the videos Notser, they are most informative and have taught me
    a lot…. like the target indicator being graduated for 20kmh….. NOT 30
    LIKE I THOUGHT! Doh!!. I guess I just sussed out why I miss so much :).
    Also I like how you shot the bow on target, I always have a problem with
    that shot, Thanks for the videos and keep up the good work sir, the WoWs
    community is much richer for it!

  52. I wish you just said 20 notsers instead of 20 knots XD

  53. Apirit Damrongsuntisuk

    How do you get the number to go to 20? Mine only goes to 15.

  54. Nice on Notser. iChase’s video with the BB going 20 kts has helped so much
    with long range gunnery. I am nailing shots on DDs at 12 km, and was having
    no problem keeping my shells on a BB sized target in the Kutuzov/Chapayev
    at 17-18km. I also really like the torp aiming guide you did here, tons of
    good knowledge.

  55. Great thank you

  56. A teacher should make learning fun #ThisIsHowYouWreckPeople ;)

  57. Lol topping people in low tiers is like firing torps at a railroad XD all
    people do is go in straight lines. but they’re low tiers, thats their

  58. Thanks for the Great vidoes!!!!!

  59. Last night, I finally learned how to aim at Russian high tier destroyers
    with my Fletcher.

    I zoom out all the way, and then lead by twelve screens.

  60. 20 “Nots” ;D

  61. And this kids, is also a wonderfull way of getting acused of aimbotting ;)

  62. Yeah i am trying to get use to dynamic, I think it is 30 knots too but it
    seems a little off, still working on it though.

  63. hey man , why is this in HD only? I dont have the speed 🙁 . I watch your
    videos everyday .

  64. Is there an similar discussion at NA server about ingame automatic aim than
    there is in EU;
    (such great timing for this to pop up) :D

  65. Was trying to explain how to aim to a new player in TS last night, but now
    I can just show him this! Thanks, Notser!

  66. Nice Public Service Announcement +Notser. :)

  67. Only HD and FullHD at 60 fps? ITS SO SMOOOOOOTH, WHAT IS THIS SORCERY!?

  68. Why do I only have access to HD quality?

  69. dosent work

  70. its gonna be HD soon… yt needs some time i guess

  71. Hey Notser, I think this vid is only available in 360p res. Or is it me?

  72. Why no hd video?

  73. InfiniteLee ofΣast

    360 p club

  74. great video as always

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