World of Warships – Air Supply Premium Containers x15

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Wargaming kindly provided 15 of the premium Air Supply each type of holiday crate for us to open and showcase to you guys! WG has not told us in advance what these will sell for. We’ll have to see once they appear on the store.

Each premium Air Supply crate contains:

+ EITHER nine (9) Union Jack camouflage or nine (9) Economic flags
+ 100x Florins
+ 1x “Naval ” collection item

Plus a chance at a mission to earn one of the following :

+ British tech tree Edinburgh
+ Tier VIII Premium British battleship Vanguard
+ Tier VII Premium British battleship Duke of York
+ Tier VII Premium British battleship Hood


  1. Why don’t you have the new years decorations on the cargo ship?

    • Maybe that’s reliant on what port I’m in? Dunno, I assumed the New Years’ thing was over.

    • +SeaRaptor Christmas decor just ended, then it went to what you have, and then mine went to New year’s decor with the patch update.

  2. On the plus side, they’ve removed the issue I had with the last three launches where I spent more money than any sane human should and didn’t get higher than the tier 7. The other side of that seems like there isn’t as much value to the containers overall.

  3. Michael Mitchell

    Ok I collected all 4 of the missions. I only need the Vanguard so the other 3 are good for free captains credits port slots and Doubloons.

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