World of Warships Aircraft Carrier Balance Issues Discussion

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Today we are having a serious about and the issues with them. This includes their exclusion once again from Clan . just can’t seem to get them right. However, I think the ships are fine. It’s the players. It’s not their fault either. This is just the continuation of a snowball effect. The good players stay good and the new players can’t get better.


  1. Plus there’s the fact that WG hasn’t implemented an official tutorial for cvs into the game.

  2. I am so tired of people blaming everything on the cv. How many games have I been in when there is no cv and my team is down 5 ships and the only kill is the one I got.
    All this whining and complaining is so tiring. I just had a game were a dd came around behind my cv an Iowa was near me and he did not fire on it. The Iowa said he did not like cv so he would rather lose than help and win the game and that is not the only time that has happened.
    Everyone is trying to win. Know one wants to lose. So SHUT YOUR PIE HOLES AND JUST GET BETTER.
    And if you think playing cv is so easy try having t8 planes in a t10 game and see what you can do. A cv gets to fire once every 5 min and you fire every 30 sec. Playing cv is the hardest ship in the game. Give the cv a break and help out instead of trying to lose.

    • Slawomir Chmielewski

      No, I can’t launch them from 1km and survive, like a carrier can. I can’t get within 1km of an enemy BB and survive in the first place. You let me remote launch my torps like the CVs can and I will be killing a ship or 2 every 5 minutes.

    • Slawomir Chmielewski planes cant eather. Try t8 planes in a t10 match also once i am out of planes thats it. All ships have there challenges. Midway has t8 torps in t10 match. Good luck getting a fish drop.

    • Slawomir Chmielewski

      Oh, so I guess the 103k average damage of Midways is done by ramming.

    • Slawomir Chmielewski Khaba is 150 to 200 yammy is well over 100k . if they were all powerful it would be 300k.

  3. Just got a minute into the video and I’ve got to say STOP RIGHT THERE, Zoup. “Everybody” is NOT upset that carriers are not included in season 2 of CBs!!! IMO, the only people who are upset are the unicum CV mains and their clans. Period. End of story.

  4. I agree with you.

    I’ve stopped CVs at T6 and I just play Co-Op with them. Tried a RB last week and got outplayed buy a better captain. Might as well stayed in port.

    I think that CVs are fun and something different in the game but it’s not something to build the game around.

    It’s also sad that the unicum CV-caps can dictate how the CVs should work. They are less than 1% of the playerbase and should not set the standard for the rest.

    My “Dream” is to remove manual drop and strafing. I believe that would lead to more players going up the CV-lines and a more balance between CV-captains.

    Why should high-tier CVs be exclucive for the super-unicums?

    Just my two cents.

    • Just the other day I was in a battle with 1 cv per side, both playing the same ship – our guy was stock, the other had upgraded planes (+1 tier), and I’m guessing a higher skill captain. Our guy was out of planes very quickly, the other captain made a big impact on their team results. It’s the only ship in the game which can (solo) swing results based on player skill. An unskilled captain is useful, but generally not significant, while a high skill captain is generally top damage earner and can rack up significant kills too. I have no idea what the solution is though.

  5. I one hundred percent agree with you here, Zoup. I got Saipan when it first came out, and I got Enterprise because of her history. But I never play CVs because despite me being an above average player, I know I’m nowhere near competent enough with the heavy heavy micromanaging required for this and because I don’t want to screw up the chances for my team to win because of said poor CV skills. I don’t have that issue with any other ship types. All three other types all share the same playstyle and you only ever need to control one thing.

    The skill floor for carriers is VERY high. And while I think you shouldn’t get rid of manual drops entirely, *how* they are handled should be significantly easier. But like you, I have no idea what that entails. And I don’t think Wargaming does either. There’s no way they’ll be able to make everyone happy here, especially the top tier CV players who already hold such incredible sway over the battles.

    • If you want to get better go to training room and practice i am not that great with CV’s but the training room has improved me a lot just with the managing of the squads. It doesn’t help with in game but you can always do CO op and get practice there as well

  6. If you want to keep more CV players in the game, fix the rewards for CV play. 180K+ damage, spotting the entire team, huge amounts of damage upon your spotting, 40 aircraft kills, 5 ship kills, tons of torpedo spots, a few based defenses. In a CV, that equals less than 2K XP and at higher tiers a guaranteed loss in credits without a premium account. That’s why folks stopped playing CVs. This coming from a not quite unicom CV player.

  7. WG should encourage cv play to get more non cv player to play cv and learn how to counter it …i am a cv player and i rarely die from CV ‘s because i know how they think and what they can do and not do

    • Exactly. CV’s are easy to counter and mitigate. I learned most of that from playing them and seeing how more skilled players mitigated my drops.

  8. I believe if they remove manual drop ability for torpedoes and bombs that will improve balance for the game. It’s worked rather well in T4/5. It should be the same for the rest of the tiers.

    • Figures a special needs player has to get personal when his cash cow play is threatened. Listen, work on your social skills. You’re sorely lacking in that department. I’ll let you return to your cesspool of a hole so you can foam at the mouth more.

    • AFilthyFnCasualGaming

      Lmfao rage more shitter. Come back when your stats rate.

    • Boy, get off your daddy’s computer before he finds out you’re showing the world just how intellectually challenged you are.

    • Doobie dude your idea stinks. Why don’t we take manual aiming of girls from dd then. It manual aiming from every ship.
      People always want it easy for there type of ship and that is plane wrong. Cv are was my countered. Spec for aa and group together.
      Thats all you have to do but you live in your I hate cv bubble.

    • Now you’re being ridiculous. The main issue that I have, as do others, with manual dropping of bombs and torpedoes, is the fact that can close to point blank range with near impunity. Do you see a DD doing that with it’s torpedoes against a cruiser or a secondary spec’d battleship? The answer, no they won’t if they want to survive. That is not the case of a CV. You think a 500 meter torpedo drop is fair and balanced against a cruiser or battleship? Or a manual bomb drop where they wait to the last moment to release to counter their target’s movement?

      Those who decry the idea of removing manual dropping of ordnance do so because they lose their easy mode of farming damage and credits. CV planes suffer only if a ship has strong AA defenses, then again, that’s not an assurance of not being nailed. Why? RNG is involved against the AA firing ship. RNG has little effect in the manual drop save that on the number of bombs that may or may not hit. Forget any chance of surviving a 3 torpedo plane squadron from the Hakuryu if you’re a battleship let alone a cruiser. With manual drop from 500 meters you don’t need to use a cross drop pattern. The target has no time to maneuver or defend itself. I see that coming at me I know I can’t do anything so I quit the battle right then and there. Just like I do when I see AP armed bomber squadrons coming for my German BB. No need to stick around, I know I’m done. Yeah…real fun and engaging mechanics for a ship that can instantly delete ships without any consequences to itself.

      And to counter your ‘team up for AA support,’ hell will freeze over before team play in random battle will produce such an oddity, especially on NA server where most are more concerned about what they can get out of than they are what they can do to help the team win. RNG need needs to have a large affect on CV drops than it currently does. A DD, CA, or BB fires their main guns they get 1 of 4 possible outcomes, if not all of them in one salvo: Penetration, Shattered, Over-penetration, or Bounced rounds. What do CV get? They either hit with all or some may miss regarding torpedoes or bombs. Yeah, that’s really fair and balanced. Not only that their attacks do secondary damage via a DoT, fire or flooding on top of their massive explosive damage from their torpedoes.

      As it stands right now, CVs are the single most powerful weapon in the game that can attack with impunity. That is until they are spotted by another ship or enemy CV’s planes or both. Then there’s those new American armored piercing bombs that nuke any and all battleships who have turtle back armor. German battleships are either wrecked left with a third of their HP or they are obliterated. Yeah, let’s keep the way things are for the CV players so they can thump their chest spouting how great they are in destroying ships because they are given a mechanic that allows them to instantly defeat any ship in the game that isn’t equipped with outstanding AA or Defense AA fire or both. In my opinion, CVs in their current form are able to project unmatched devastating power with little to no consequences to themselves. Manual releasing their ordnance from point-blank range makes them recklessly overpowered.

      To that end, I refuse to play the CV until they do something to bring them in-line balance wise with the rest of the classes in the game. I don’t hate them. I just hate the current abilities they have that nothing can be done to defend against them because they can manually drop that defeats whatever I or others try to do. That is not fair and balanced no matter how much you and the rest of the CV defenders howl at the moon, hold your breath, or utter foul vile things at me and those who do not agree nor support the CVs in their current form.

  9. So a few things:

    1) Zoup is uniquely unqualified to talk about this subject. Seriously, he has 22 lifetime battles in CVs. If you really wanted to talk about this, ask Fara to do it for you.

    2) One of the biggest problems with CVs is the AA power creep. Most high tier CAs have god tier AA with a 7km+ range. It is extremely frustrating to deal with and just encourages CVs to bring their own AA divisions, further exacerbating the problem.

    3) As for getting new players into CVs… I was a GM level Starcraft2 player who played with some of the best in the world. As a super unicum in WoWS, I REFUSE to touch CVs because of how abysmal the UI is. I’ve never seen such a buggy, uninspired UI in any strategy game. But what’s worse than all of that is the fact that in the near 3 years I’ve played this game WG has made minimal changes to the UI. The best they’ve ever done is the alternate control scheme. WOW, nisu jobu.

    4) CVs are so RNG based its pretty unreal. You have the RNG of who you get on your team, drop RNG, fighter RNG, who the enemy CV is, etc. If you want CVs to be fun, fix all of that. There is no worse feeling than when you play absolutely perfectly and the game gives the good ol’ RNG middle finger.

    5) Regarding the skill gap in CVs… It’s almost there should be skill based MM or something. Huh, never could have put that together.

    6) WG has admitted that none of them play CVs. So they have absolutely no idea how to play them, what makes them good/bad, or even what to do with them. Their solution has been to ask the community, who is largely battleship players, how to fix them. As you might expect, the BB tears came out, BBs got buffs, CAs got more AA, and CVs (until just recently) remained the same, making them objectively weaker over time.

    TLDR: Zoup should use some critical thinking and really think his arguments through before blabbering on about something he knows virtually nothing about.

    • Peter Baron
      please link the threat so i can view it too

      AA stacking with heavy AA ships is hard, especially AA heavy divisions with CV that makes your life really hard.
      MM rng is the same for everyone so it isnt a factor.
      i personally dont have an issue with the UI as im doing fine with it, as a “playall” player that has both T10 CVs. with good skills in them.
      CV rng is annoying but its reasonable usually. it rarely decides the outcome of my games.

    • cobrazax ://

    • too bad that as an EU server player i cant view that forum

    • please dont change the way AA is i like farming clear sky medals on tier 10 CVs with my fletcher that only has BFT manual fire for AA and AA mod 2 with defensive AA 😀

      Edit: to change the skill levels of CVs i would advice looking at a different game like steal ocean (yes that game that people still to this day call a WoWs rip off) and the way they have it 1 so there is not auto dropping. 2 there is only manual dropping (but the the torpedo arming range differs from nation) and the way they have the aiming of dive bombers you lead your target and if the dive bombers dont have a lot of time to get to the target the odds of hitting it are slim and taking into account a targets movements is key here. finally fighters REMOVE RNG remove strafing remove click on fights so how would that work. If idle they fly in a wide ring if active they fly in a tighter ring and if you want them to shoot down something you have to get them behind the aircraft and click around to keep them behind the air craft so this gives both CV players the chance to out play each other regardless of skill level (if you can keep your fighters behind the enemy fighters you win and some for the other side) and also they shoot down not just one group but any enemy plane that is in front of them so grouping your bombers together gets them killed and WG can balance this off historical stats on planes and guns and bombs/torpedo’s. also give us the players back what we want to take out in battle remove these set flight mods and let us choice and pick how much of what play type we want to take out

      So to end this with a few more words
      YES it would mean a lot more micro management YES it would mean been active on the map with planes a lot more but CVs are meant to be like a RTS right? so micro management is a skill needed for a RTS game so in all steal ocean got CV game play right where WG failed stupidly at it I’ve been in this since the CBT and CVs where the first class i got to tier 8 in (been a long die hard fan of starcraft 1 helped A LOT) and WG can easily change how planes interact with enemy AA or how AA interacts with planes but please if someone can bring this to WG as a option for a rework of CVs steal ocean nailed it rightly with CVs and AA

      (side note if anyone is interested in seeing steal ocean CV game play a few channels here > > > just a few videos

    • PlunderMyBooty, great name btw, if ships main or secondaries are able to fire on planes then to me at that moment they should not be able to fire at ships.
      Once air attack passes there could be a minor delay releasing the guns from that duty, i.e. reloading normal ammo, skewing guns to surface targets, etc.
      The current system allows max AA defence and to fire on ships greatly increasing their DPM vs both. That is unfair and unrealistic.
      Ships in smoke…firing at planes and ships. Oh but radar you say? If radar consumable not in use then it should not happen.

      Ships with no AA should not see CVs.

  10. bla bla bla. Just nerf this junk already.

  11. In clan battles the best team should win. Having a better CV player like fem means that we should win because we have the best. If the other top clans dont have top cv players then theyre not really deserving of a top spot. That said 7v7 at t10 with cv is a bit questionable. I think 9v9 would make cv viable in clan battles.

  12. I also hate how needed def fire is on a CA unless you’re US. You see a CV every 5-10 rounds and there’s no point in def fire unless there’s a CV, so you don’t take it but it’s needed for that 1 round. If you had def fire on the Zao, I doubt that CV would have killed you in the end; but why take it when most battles don’t have a CV but they all have DDs?

    It’s also annoying how RNG everything is with a CV: dive bombs, AA, fighters, more I can’t think of. The only thing that takes skill is watching the battle and focusing on all your planes. Actually fighting is just RNG (with the exception of manual torp bombing).

    • If u fancy a division sometimes, my nick – Prospero5216. Currently I am saving free exp on Montana, as I’m skipping Iowa (already owning Missouri). Good occasion to raise up some credits. 🙂

    • skipping? Iowa is still nice so no need to waste fxp for that…just do first wins with it and stack it with xp boosts! better save the fxp to buy more fxp ships.
      i got ALL fxp ships AND almost 1M fxp which im saving for the next fxp ships.
      i hope ALL prem ships become fxp ships so i get more choices!
      we can division a bit if u want.

    • Missouri is basically an Iowa and I don’t want to duplicate ships in my port too much. Not interested in Nelson nor Musashi (as I have a better version – Yamato).

    • well i just think its better to play it as its a good ship instead of using fxp for that.
      i prefer to buy all fxp ships in the game or at least save it for the next ships.
      im almost done with the entire grind so i dont have many other things to use fxp on anyway

    • AFilthyFnCasualGaming

      That’s the choice you make. Life is full of choices why should the game be any different? You may get handicapped but you play around it. Get better at figuring out what movements affects CV drops etc.

  13. Alexandre Hans Albert

    A CV can too easily delete you and it’s unfair. IMO a cv should be able to do arround a citadel in dmg per squad in an attack. That’s approximatly a good shoot from a BB. In a cv you get an instant deletion in very too much situation. BB shell have dispersion and everything.

    • BBs get a lot of citadel chances every 30 secs…and no AA can shoot down their shells.
      a CV should punish lone targets.

    • Except CV’s get to ‘fire’ once every three minutes. That’s six salvo’s from most BB’s. So by your logic, CV’s should be doing six citadels worth of damage. Or maybe more, since you know, you can shoot down or completely stop a CV’s ‘shells’.

  14. Just saying that situation at the end is exactly why I run Def AA on my Zao.

  15. You are right Zoup, in the regard that, if you go out on your own, while I can’t fully agree you should be deleted (maybe a zao should just because weak cruiser and depends what’s hitting it) but players who sail alone with 0 help – do deserve as the meme goes “a paddlin’ “just like any ship that sails broadside to a ship they shouldn’t. And I say that as a CV player. However, for the 10000th time – it is not a CV’s job to spot DD’s – we get the least reward for spotting things, except one category we get more than BB’s, LWM did a whole thing on spotting rewards, DD’s and cruisers, it is their job to spot. Can we spot them in a pinch – yes, if they aren’t one with good A and they are capping or you can guide us to them because most have about 2-3km spotted by air ranges, on maps where a grid square can be 4.5×4.5 km across, and our planes, even with no other ships or anything to spot them, are spotted 8km out minimum, so they can better try and hide from them. They are more likely to be spotted by a DD than a plane unless they are a complete fool.

    They also, while yes, can have as much impact as you say Zoup – your also wrong it’s 100% the captain and all – it’s the team as well. I had a game where I late loaded and crashed hard thanks to the game center, in my CV, where I never even got a plane off the deck. I loaded in and got a plane up right as the match ended. Know what happened? My team won, with no CV. And it was a match where CV’s were mid or top tier. It goes back to your first point, teamwork. They had no CV, but banded together enough the enemy CV couldn’t do enough when he had no opposition at all, the sky was his. I face a team sticking close enough together, id doesn’t matter that I stomp all incoming planes, I can’t do jack otherwise. But, if I team is all over the map broken up, even I’m focused on using my fighters, I may not have enough groups to provide cover, especially now in USN, and now I can’t attack the enemy team, and while I may be focused on defense, I can’t cover all the ships that are spread out, and not close enough to just melt planes with grouped AA, meaning that even if they are the noobiest noob of noobdum, they have a potential clear and easy shot just because and can seem better while I’m crap because they find solo ships far enough away that my fighters can’t get to them in time even if I go to use strafe and I can’t do anything because the red team is too bunched up. Look at that map in the replay – reds are broken up, they are easy pickens.

    And the issue is not actually the captains Zoup – it’s the mechanics, other balance issues besides. Wanna know the real gap between “great” and every other CV player – strafing. It over penalizes anyone caught in it. Wanna know why some of those captains left tier 4 and 5 when that ability went “CV’s suck now” wanna know why they were saying that – they actually couldn’t play a CV to save their life in some cases, without abusing strafing and manual drop. You make strafing a debuff, as it was initially, not an auto delete, that solves about 70% of the issue. And yes, I’m writing this as I watch, to which I got respect for Fem, played with and against her – but in this Vid, that’s a bad spot she shouldn’t be in. I understand full well that USN CV’shave really bad stealth, and that you do not want ships having a line of sight to you, but being stationary, your putting way too much faith in your team that a DD isn’t gonna pop up next to you from around the island or that the enemy CV won’t now have a parked target to use manual drop on. I can’t tell you how many CV’s, even as an average CV player,I have punished for what she’s doing just sitting there behind the island. If your team hadn’t done as well, that CV has a few more planes left – you lose.

    And you don’t take away manual drops – you simply force them to drop a bit further out, make it they actually have to lead a Battleship that they might be able to dodge. You don’t remove strafe – you make it that it debuffs bomber accuracy (similar to using DF AA) but without the damage boost and make the debuff stick for a time as he squadron gets back in formation so to speak, and for fighters, lowers the DPS of the enemy fighters. You remove that ability that if planes are grouped, which they often have to be just to get through the AA of some ships with at least a couple planes, even late game because they may not have lost enough AA guns, to delete 12, 18, 24 up to about 30 planes with the press of a button. I should not be able to drop torps 1 km away from a target that is active and maneuvering (this accounts for the time for the torps to surface, and the amount a BB will turn in to try and hit the torps before that) or .8 km on a target unawares or sitting still/afk (the actual minimum range of a torp drop that will still arm, seeing as IJN’s torps that armed only .5 km away were removed a couple years ago). Yes, I know those ranges by heart having played CV’s since Alpha and Zoup – there was a time we didn’t have strafing or manual drops – and without those abilities, CV’s were still dealing out 150, 200, 300k damage, even I was because at some tiers yeah, AA was underpowered, and they had not yet buffed the hell out of BB mobility as they have. It’d be harder now, it is harder, but AA balanced right, no manual drops, I still can put up 160k damage games in Lex much as I detest this 1,1,2 load out they forced on me. I’ve hit 6/6 torps on a Neptune that didn’t have an AA build and possibly lost too many guns, with an auto drop because I know the proper attack angles. That 160k damage, just over half is DB’s and resulting fires because I know how to use them and stack DoT’s – but that means nothing when an Iowa shoots all my planes down when I go to attack it 15 minutes into the match, or in the split second my attention was diverted elsewhere on the map because of say, a DD sneaking through, a button press results in all 20 planes evaporated. Anyone that says CV’s are useless without manual drop, or if you forced them to have to drop further out – doesn’t actually know how to use a CV.

    And that still doesn’t factor in that USN fighters are still vastly superior to IJN, even the proposed downtiering of Midway to tier 9 fighters results in a 21% chance they down an IJN fighter of tier 10 WITHOUT the Dogfighting Expert skill, 23% with DFE – down from what is currently with the tier 10 fighters, a 24% chance to down an IJN plane (these numbers all assume full builds with AS and max fighter damage). Against IJN having a 20% chance against those tier 9’s, less against the current tier 10’s, while also having about half the tier 9’s planes ammo, and if IJN loses even ONE plane against those it’s chance to down a USN fighter is down to 16%, where as USN losing one only drops it to 18% without DFE, I think the math put it close to 20% still with DFE (I wrote it out in a post earlier today as a reply). That doesn’t account that USN strike ability is still mostly relying on DB’s that have received no buffs to counteract AA buffs meant to stop manual TB drops, and has the same dispersion as IJN, simply 2 more bombs to try and hit a target in it, and needs to be made slightly more accurate. Heck, I have a match today in my Independence that yeah, it became clear I was against a noobie, started to take it down a notch by my fighters stomp his without strafing, and use strafe to obliterate his and all and even then, I was half hearted using that and manual drop. Wasn’t even trying which yeah, made a difference, not sure how much.

    Sorry I’m leaving a text wall man, but this issue, there are no short answers, but your right about the fact yeah, they should be kept out of ranked, Clans, etc till they fix all the issues. And you read through this, and want any views from a guy that has played CV’s since Alpha and has seen the changes and all, who is a more or less average player where CV’s are concerned and understands and can use most of the mechanics, even if I often try not to use things like manual drop and strafing. I even got no issues setting aside replays of my better, or even my worse, games in CV’s if you wanna use them. Feel free to message me on the forum – WanderingGhost on NA. CV’s are what brought me to this game cause I’ve studied WWII aircraft over 20 years from I was a kid, which naturally led to CV’s, Bismarck, etc.

    • Anthony Murray Well said good sir. Well said.

      Mechanics are 100% the problem. Micromanaging where the planes are is hard enough to do, and then WG throws in a bunch of things that shouldn’t exist and does not even tell the player that the controls exist, which is stupidly bad game design. Strafe and manual drop should be removed for that reason alone, and if they are kept, they should add interface elements so that they aren’t a complete mystery to 95% of the player base. If you have mechanics, they should be able to be clearly referenced, rather than having to go through outside methods to get the abstracts of the mechanics in question. I’m hoping that WoWS Blitz does not use those same mechanics… It would completely ruin the aircraft carrier for me. Aircraft carriers are hard enough to play, managing ship movement, aircraft attack runs and return to carrier movements, and then WG threw on the manual drop and strafe mechanics, which made low tier CV’s unplayable when they had them, and even after the removal.

      I like doing micromanaging, in fact I play many games where micromanaging is the norm(LEGO Mars mission Conquest, a very old game, is but one example of the micromanaging I’ve done in games.), but WoWS CV’s have far too many elements to micromanage all at once. I agree there should be skill in CV gameplay, but having unknown mechanics is not one way to do that.

      The main skill should not have to be micromanaging aircraft movement, although that is part of it, and instead make the drops the principle skill factor. Make the controls for the auto drops more complex, or at the very least make the manual drop a form of auto drop with more complex controls. No carrier diver bomber squadron ever bombed at a random patch of ocean to try and hit a ship. That is the case with torpedoes, but those fall into a different category because you actually need to lead the target, and they still don’t aim at a random patch of ocean to try and hit a ship. They take their aim from the position of the ship being targeted, because otherwise there is no other points of reference to use.

      There is so many things wrong with WoWS… And one wonders why I stuck to games being developed on iOS instead of ever trying to play WoWS extensively. Only ever got to tier 5 with the Nicholas. Naval games on mobile are so much better than WoWS can ever hope to be, at least in my opinion. And hopefully WoWS Blitz does not turn out as badly as World of Warships

  16. I agree with some of the stuff Zoup is saying but…honestly what he is saying is from, as you he, the perspective of a player “Haunted” by Aircraft Carriers and is not the whole picture, his opinions are completely valid because most of the playerbase is non-CV players, however you have to take into account the other side, actual CV players.

    This match was a very bad example of his point, even though Fem is good, she is a human and can make mistakes and in this match she made a terrible positioning mistake at the beginning, she went to a cap without friendly ships between her and the enemy (which means if anyone has an idea of where her planes are coming/leaving to, they can easily track her) and it’s extremelly important, while it is good to be closer to the enemy for less flight distance, its no reason to just go on your own. thus there was no need to protect her if she actualy positioned better and no matter how good a CV captain is, the CV has a limited presence on the battlefield under pressure.

    The next point is about team game, this is a team game and while it’s true a CV can have a huge impact on a game, the whole team is the first and most important factor to determine the outcome of a game, as you can see in this same game, even though she contributed to victory, your team was very well positioned.

    Examples of bad positions that can screw up your allied CV presence in a game is to make 3 or more groups of ships, push a cap in which the enemy can hide behind island, stay too close to enemy AA (Des Moines, Montana, Minotaur), leave flanks wide open, not helping with long distance dogfights (focusing planes) and the list goes on. No matter how good a CV player is, if the enemy has a better position than your team it can be extremelly hard to turn things around and this is what decides a game.

    The reason why people have this mindset of “CVs decide games” is because in randoms a lot of people are not used to games with CVs and tend to position horribly, this results in a favoring battle for the enemy CV and even if the guy is not that good at CVs can punish the ENTIRE TEAM by taking advantage of their horrible positioning. Check CV games from a top view perspective and analyze the team positions, a team well positioned can completely negate the enemy CV strike and scouting power, sometimes even their defending power by pushing together caps.

    • That’s the funny thing about CV’s, if you play as a team they are an annoyance at most. If you don’t, you give them the freedom to pick your team apart.

  17. You must remember one thing. We are talking about Wargaming, and they could give a rats ass what the player base wants or thinks. They prove this on a regular basis and not just with this game.

  18. HYDRO ZAO?????

  19. “I’m sure everyone’s gonna be upset about that”Lol wut?

  20. I disagree with most of your points. We know what happens when you allow CVs- just look at the King of the Sea tourney going on right now. Teams spec for AA and the CV can’t do much except spot and be patient for the right opportunity to strike. Just allow a few more ships in CBs so that that the match does not look like a “late game” match from the start (I’d go 9 v 9 with 1 CV and 2 BB limit). Yes you need to know a ton about what to strike and how.. but that’s the same as knowing where to hit shells in a BB vs another BB to do max damage.. or knowing how to dominate a cap in a destroyer.

    One possible issue with allowing CVs in CBs is that there are a LOT more teams doing CB’s than KOTS so it may be hard to find a T-10 CV player for your clan…. well… then WG needs to make CVs more attractive (no XP nerf at low tiers?) and let everybody know that CVs will be allowed in CBs in X season, so everybody knows to get ready.

    For randos… an interesting game mode would be “protect your CV” rather than “spread out and dominate these mythical cap circles”.

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