World of Warships Aircraft Carrier Guide and 8.0 Rework Tutorial

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Today I am covering basic squadron controls for aircraft carriers after the 8.0 rework. I’m covering squadron consumables, torpedo bombers, dive bombers and fighters. Each of them will work a little different than carrier players are used to, and for those that have never played the new version of carriers, this guide will start you on the right path.


  1. Thanks for this Zoup. I haven’t bothered to play much on the PTS.

  2. Don’t encourage the enemy Zoup! Down with the CV cancer!!

    • Uninstall yr game. You know toy are disrespecting sailors that died in ww2 and it’s Cv that lead the way on the oceans

    • +SCI Yeah that’s true the cv won ww2 but the cv is ruining this game. If you think hating the cv class disrespects ww2 vets you must never play German or Japanese ships either. If you do then uninstall by your logic. You do realize this a game right? Or do you think you’re fighting the fash and japs still?

  3. This is going to suck.

  4. Complete borring new CV modus. Hope no one will play this and WG see how damn dump borring and idiotic this is. They waste so much time and money for this damn rework.CVs have a playerbase of about 5% ? Why dont rebalance the atctuall CV? Less Torp-Damage, less sqaudrons at same time in air, no strafing attacks by fighters and it will work much better

  5. This explains why the dive bombers were useless to me on PTS. With the fighters and torpedo bombers, you start your attack run a lot sooner and farther away from the target and adjust your aim during the attack run as the target dodges. With the dive bombers, you really can’t adjust your aim much once the attack run starts. I kept trying to use the W key to climb and the S key to dive but you have no control over climbing or diving with divebombers! As a flight sim the dive bombers leave a LOT to be desired. Why not play a dedicated flight sim like IL-2 Sturmovik rather than CVs in WOWS?

    • It gets alot easier with practice. I can do dive bombing runs in the middle of a hard turn most of the time now. But, as you noted, I do most of my aiming before starting the attack run. Still having a clean attack run where you can do a top down straight drop is best for trying to get those citadels.

    • World of Warships is not a flight sim. Who in their right mind approaches this game with that mentality?

  6. Thanks Zoup, really informative.

  7. Well done Zoup.
    Using the K.I.S.S. principle to it’s full potential, I hope Wargaming notices this.

  8. Even tiered CV’s confirmed temporary on the main website. Odd tiered CV’s could very well make a comeback someday.

  9. sorry but am I the only one who thinks that it still looks OP?

    • I can see what you’re saying, but I don’t think it will be, at all. While you have fine control over a single squadron, previously CV’s could control up to a half dozen squadrons at once. All attacking or scouting simultaneously. This required a high degree of skill to perform well, which meant that there were very few CV players in the upper tiers, and the skill difference between opposing CV players determined team victory. CV’s just had too much impact.

      The rework seeks to address these issues by simplifying CV gameplay, and making CV’s more accessible.

  10. Thx for the video. REPAIR PARTY FOR TORP BOMBERS?!!!! 1111

  11. Thanks for this. I have had most trouble with rockets and especially dive bombs, less so with torpedoes. I think we’re going to need more tutorials from all sorts of CC’s on the finer points of all of this in the long term, but this was a great start.

  12. This should be dumbed down enough for all the morons that complained the old was was to complicated!

  13. Very helpful.  Thank you!

  14. January 2019, the Month WG tried to cure sky cancer and gave everyone worst sky Cancer.

  15. thank you for your latest videos. way less biased and more imformaive then Farra.

  16. So, do you still use fighters to shoot down enemy planes or are they now just rocket launchers? Can you strafe or intercept, or do CAP?

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  18. I didn’t mind the RTS CV play, since I have some experience of playing some RTS games in the past, but if I may be honest, this new game play looks a bit more interesting for me. I like how it’s more hands-on, instead of seeing bunch of tiny dots from far above the sky, lol.

    I just hope WG gets the balance right, quickly, because otherwise it’s gonna really blow, negatively, in the end.

  19. Using Speed Boost to slow down. Perfect WG logic…

  20. This rework gets cheesier and cheesier. Can’t wait for the valkyries on flying unicorns…sure, it’s not historically accurate, but it’s not as farfetched as repairs on planes in the air.

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