World Of Warships Aircraft Carrier SHOKAKU – Japanese Tier 8

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World Of Warships Aircraft Carrier SHOKAKU – Japanese Tier 8


  1. You now that already

  2. Your selecting the thing in the game settings, right? Is your resolution
    set right?

  3. Mikayel Dobrovolski

    +Yu Takeda
    he just sucks at playing carriers

  4. hardcoreminecrafter9

    +Idlewild1337 bye bye!

  5. Nobody will miss you.

  6. Don’t you have to have a pass still

  7. I believe. Just click download. It’s free.

  8. Damian van kleef

    +Kabuki Kitsune chocolate XD

  9. I am now going to call obama obungle…thank you. ^^ it has set into my
    mind…also – cmon offensive? really? i don’t believe its his fault he aint
    yapanese 😉 see what i did there… no hate 🙂

  10. For what it’s worth, Shokaku means “Soaring Crane.” Calling it anything but
    the way it was meant to be pronounced, and doing so intentionally (as one
    deleted comment did) is actually rather offensive. It’d be like calling
    President Obama, “Obungle.”

  11. I BallisticRaptor

    +Kabuki Kitsune Who Dini

  12. You click where you want it to go?

  13. Sorry, I was thinking of the Zuiho, which I think came later than the
    Shokaku class, all of which participated in Pearl Harbor.

  14. +Aaron Ferrell There’s no such thing as Zuikaku-class, Zuikaku is one of
    In case you wondered, the first ship laid down was Shoukaku, that’s why
    she’s the nameship. Zuikaku is the litter sister who comes later.

  15. But the Japanese zero was a better fighter for a good amount of the war due
    to its superior maneuverability

  16. No, for most of the war they were out classed.

  17. +DarkShiv funny, because a lot of these ships are small compared to modern
    day ships

  18. Torpenis.

  19. +Kyle XY i hope that phly will take your comment positive.

  20. +Kyle XY the reason he is so clumsy is press account. press account needs
    Nerf, because every youtuber I have seen with PA suck big time since they
    have no in-game experience with anything…. they just buy their way up the
    ladder with thousands of dollars worth of doubloons and when you get them
    on your team they contribute little to nothing. the game would still be on
    youtube if they took out press accounts… so I really don’t know why they
    would give so much just to get the game shown off by some1 who has no clue
    what they’re doing. Press accounts are fine in older games since the people
    playing it and youtubers already know how to play the game, but in a game
    that has just been released like that its just plain stupid to give out PA
    like that.

  21. Thedancingshrimp

    +Kyle XY Lol so many people bitching about your opinion because they are
    all fanboys.

  22. +Maree Printemps His torpedo dropping was just bloody AWFUL! I mean he sent
    3 groups and then launched them…head on? Why would you launch head on?
    That just insures that 90% of the torps have NO CHANCE of scoring any hits!

    Phly kicks butt at planes in WT, but his RTS foo? Yeah not so good.

  23. +Kyle XY Well people would be inexperienced when they first start right?
    If Phly grinded his way up, when he gets to the Shoukaku he should probably
    be a reasonably good captain by then.

    Ofcourse this vid is from press account, it’s more about showing what the
    ship looks like more than what it could do.

    No offense to Phly, but I stopped watching after 10 minutes, because I can
    tell that Phly (right now) sux at mass bombing.

  24. stefan talpalaru

    +Doc Dewrill yeah 😀 i better play with the FUSO

  25. +stefan talpalaru *RTS?


  27. Tf is that?

  28. +Sibghat Shaikh NO its shit!!!

  29. +Harry arthur Fuck Carriers they are shit
    and i hate WoT

    Whos next?

  30. Legion Of Eclaires

    Good game and I love pizza. Now your turn.

  31. +PhlyDaily Midway

  32. Erie! Because Erie Guvnah!

  33. Shimakze

  34. +PhlyDaily Furutaka

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