World Of Warships Aircraft Carrier SHOKAKU – Japanese Tier 8

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World Of Warships Aircraft Carrier SHOKAKU – Japanese Tier 8


  1. Hang on, you have Tier X ALREADY? And not just one, but SEVERAL? HOW?!

  2. Lady Lexington!

  3. Is there a NA server, cause when I downloaded the open beta I got put on
    the EU server.

  4. More carrier gameplay!

  5. +PhlyDaily use the new SB2C hell diver!!

  6. I suggest taking fighters, at the moment the appear to be better than dive
    bombers… And mean all your squads don’t get shot down 

  7. There is more skill than arty, you flew your squads over the enemy flak and
    through their fighters, constantly going in and out for drops taking fire,
    thus reducing your effectiveness (first game). Arty shells can’t be shot

  8. those suicide loadouts are so retarded. WG really fucked up with them.

  9. +PhlyDaily Could you play the Izumo!? Or HMS Warspite if you have it!!!!

  10. Furutaka

  11. The American and japsnese tier 2 cruisers. Those things are shit and
    that’s what I have and id like to see how to best use them. 

  12. Team Enchanted - Become an Enchanter!

    9:27 Close your eyes and just listen…

  13. Press accounts should only unlock once you reach T10… so you don’t get
    fail CV’s like that. my view is learn the game then press about it… not
    learn the game while pressing about it… that’s just dumb WG WOWS is way
    too young to be giving out press accounts to ‘youtubers’ like that who get
    exited when they drop torps… nothing against you phly, you seem like a
    great dude, but plz learn the game before jumping in high tier games like

  14. sounds like a real bad idea to bring only offensive planes on your load
    out.. and no defensive (fighters) in a high tier game like that…

  15. Phly you really gotta stop using all squadrons at once. If you drop torps
    from multiple angle, especially on cluster of ships, you always have more
    chance of hitting it. Plus, if you give some time between each dive bomber
    squadrons, you will do a lot more since the enemy ship will use up the
    repair and won’t be able to repair again.

  16. The hell – I have yet to even see that map.
    Probably only played on 4 maps so far…

  17. Sweet

  18. Any ideas when the german ships will come?

  19. Phly take out the Atago tier 8 cruiser next please! :D

  20. fubuki

  21. You have one of the best intros on YouTube. I am a big fan of you and

  22. Phly you can shift+click to set multiple waypoints

  23. Phly just not good with carrier

  24. Lets see that Fletcher!

  25. Tanker Dude (Tank3rDude)

    Please play the Atago in the next video! I am on the fence on getting it or
    the atlanta. Have not seen the Atago in action, so…………..yeah. Matt

  26. how does phly have everything already?

  27. gearing us dd

  28. Nguyen minh thang

    Shoukaku – Soaring Crane
    Taihou – phoenix
    Hakuryu – white dragon

  29. Why no 60fps……:( I look forward to watching your videos because of that

  30. Justnyan Andsmile

    I want some more mothertrucking Yamato action plz <3

  31. yoloswag inthebuilding

    what is the best ship there :D

  32. “Shoka koo”

    No its Show Kah koo

  33. Just saying, you might want to NOT play a carrier again,,zoom out.

  34. Usually I like your gameplay win or lose because it’s fun and you play
    well, but in this one I felt you let your teammates down because you
    admitted you know how you are supposed to play but refused to play that way
    because it’s “not fun” and got outplayed by the enemy carrier in the second
    play-though not because he had a better carrier but because he played
    better tactics like hogging the edges of the map.

    A carrier is supposed to be a support ship for your team and while it’s a
    boring job it’s still an important job that you should have at least taken
    more seriously because playing that bad tactically while maybe more fun for
    you is less fun for your team.

  35. Tier 10 Yomato

  36. Bro just bring at least 1 squadron of fighters, look what the hakuryu’s
    fighters did to you and because of that you had minimal impact on the game
    since most of your bombers got rekt

  37. Realy “gg vlad”?
    For miself i think that people you play like this suck, carrier aren’t be
    carrier killer they are here to take ennemy battleship out

  38. I must say, thats the most epic video intro I’ve seen.. I just love zimmer

  39. What why do the japs have better bombers its total bs everyone knows that
    the U.S. Have way better bombers 

  40. play the langley i want to see how it plays!

  41. Jesus….this class of ships seems so terrible. Extremely frustrating to
    play and extremely annoying to be up against. Exactly like arty in WoT.

    The only redeeming thing is that it gives cruisers more to do. Still, seems
    so stupid they implemented this…..

  42. Hey Phly! Shell or bomb a village in wows or war thunder will ya?

  43. kancolleeeeeeeeeeee shokaku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. tier 10 DD any nation

  45. Next: Atago please! :D

  46. bombers as Team close range targeting/scouts…hove over team, then watch
    for opening to bomb targets..

  47. The Thunderstruck

    I liked to see some Fuso battleship class please

  48. Hunt enemy CV(s) first before they get you and (then) your BB’s… then
    free to get enemy BB’s… re having fighters and re requesting initial ally
    AA support: separate conversations

  49. The Tier 5 U.S. Destroyer, the Nicholas!

  50. Stiggiekaptain WoT

    USS Iowbla

  51. You know I’d quite like to see how the tier 5 carries do, I never really
    progressed past that point and the torpedo bombers just seem to wreck face.
    AA guns just don’t really exist until tier 5 and but still only have self
    defense capabilities

  52. SHOKAKU- Shoh Kah Koo- . Soaring crane

  53. Shoukaku – Shou-Ka-Ku

  54. Want to join a Mount and blade warband regiment

  55. so after this game gets out of beta the sea combat type will be introduced
    to warthunder?

  56. e chi sei, capitan harlock?

  57. How do you get it full screen? When I go onto full screen, the game crashes
    and I have to reinstall :(

  58. The torpedo run that you described as “very good” had all your torpedoes
    except one dud because you dropped them too close.

  59. You need fighters bro

  60. that was painful to watch lol. perhaps you should practice in the low tiers
    before trying upper tier carriers?

  61. Mogami!!!

  62. Did you do this because of fan request? Because I thought you would never
    touch a carrier in this game.

  63. You played so bad and i loved it so much! :D

  64. antonis psillakis

    first mom i did it!

  65. That’s what high tier cv gameplay seems like these days. Going up against
    the guys who rushed 24/7 just to get their hakuryus….

  66. You just showed everyone why IJN carriers are underpowered!

  67. Hey Phly I was wondering with World Of Warships being in Open Beta and new
    players coming to the game if you could do a beginners guide. Maybe
    recommend the best way to advance through the tech trees and what classes a
    re best for specific nations. I am going to be playing the game soon and
    hope to see you on the high seas. And for other subscribers like this
    comment if you think it’s cool and so Phly can see it better. Thanks

  68. Painfull to watch. U have that sucker sealclub account but no skill,
    Unsubed. Bye.

  69. dat intro

  70. Kevin Espinoza (Heymynameiskevin)


  71. Amit cohen (DaDerpyFrag)

    is this game free? If so where do I get it

  72. Langley 

  73. fuck it go for the south carolina

  74. let’s say it all together now. “Show Kah koo”

  75. Where’d he get that intro?

  76. Phoenix tier 4 cruiser

  77. When using the aircraft pls attacking from da side plus u probs. know but
    it would be better to attk one by one (all at the same time different
    angles) broo

  78. Please tell us what specs your pc is man I am using a ok rig but the game
    runs like shit 😀 also I would like to see a Myogi game play because I am
    killing myself inside using that dam BB -_-

  79. Play the St. Louis 

  80. Never-change-the-freakin-intro!!

  81. No offence, but you suck at cvs

  82. How do you look at your planes like you did?

  83. KingOfRotterdam16

    What button do you press to make a “route” with the auto pilot?

  84. Andrew Sichting (AwesomeHawk11)

    Lexington please

  85. Zajebiste intro :)

  86. Is the Zuikaku class in this game?

    • Sorry, I was thinking of the Zuiho, which I think came later than the
      Shokaku class, all of which participated in Pearl Harbor.

    • +Aaron Ferrell There’s no such thing as Zuikaku-class, Zuikaku is one of
      In case you wondered, the first ship laid down was Shoukaku, that’s why
      she’s the nameship. Zuikaku is the litter sister who comes later.

  87. First!

  88. Shouldn’t the Japanese have better fighters??

  89. the lenght of this ship is the lenght of my torpeedus

  90. We need those carriers in war thunder 

  91. Legion Of Eclaires

    Bismarck. As soon as you get it whenever they implement it! 

  92. Spalderdash Hugo


  93. OMG.. Bro please don’t command any more CV’s. You’re the worst command in
    Carrier History (After SlickBee). As soon as you spawn you start getting
    your squadrons in air ASAP rather than decided where to go and setting way
    points. The quicker you are in air the faster you can go ahead and sink
    enemy CV.

    You have squadron ready and waiting on deck and instead you’re talking
    about how beautiful wooden deck looks.

    And the part where you mention that a ‘fucking fighter group’ took out your
    torpedoes squadron it was not him BUT you yourself took out your fucking

    You send in DiveBomber ahead f Torpedo Squadrons so that they get taken out
    by fighters meanwhile Torpedo Squadrons do their job effectively.

    You sir sent some f the finest men & women f Imperial Japanese Navy to a

    • +Kyle XY i hope that phly will take your comment positive.

    • +Kyle XY the reason he is so clumsy is press account. press account needs
      Nerf, because every youtuber I have seen with PA suck big time since they
      have no in-game experience with anything…. they just buy their way up the
      ladder with thousands of dollars worth of doubloons and when you get them
      on your team they contribute little to nothing. the game would still be on
      youtube if they took out press accounts… so I really don’t know why they
      would give so much just to get the game shown off by some1 who has no clue
      what they’re doing. Press accounts are fine in older games since the people
      playing it and youtubers already know how to play the game, but in a game
      that has just been released like that its just plain stupid to give out PA
      like that.

    • Thedancingshrimp

      +Kyle XY Lol so many people bitching about your opinion because they are
      all fanboys.

    • +Maree Printemps His torpedo dropping was just bloody AWFUL! I mean he sent
      3 groups and then launched them…head on? Why would you launch head on?
      That just insures that 90% of the torps have NO CHANCE of scoring any hits!

      Phly kicks butt at planes in WT, but his RTS foo? Yeah not so good.

    • +Kyle XY Well people would be inexperienced when they first start right?
      If Phly grinded his way up, when he gets to the Shoukaku he should probably
      be a reasonably good captain by then.

      Ofcourse this vid is from press account, it’s more about showing what the
      ship looks like more than what it could do.

      No offense to Phly, but I stopped watching after 10 minutes, because I can
      tell that Phly (right now) sux at mass bombing.

  94. You really botched that first game by name sending everything out @ once
    and not reacting quick enough…still an awesome vid though Fle!!!!

  95. Can’t wait till they nerf/get rid of manual mode for torpedo bombing.

  96. stefan talpalaru

    I really hate to play with a carrier , it reminds me by RPG

  97. this games needs to be on steam

  98. stefan talpalaru

    FIRST !

  99. I sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter. Ever since I was a boy I
    dreamed of soaring over the oilfields dropping hot sticky loads on
    disgusting foreigners. People say to me that a person being a helicopter is
    Impossible and I’m fucking retarded but I don’t care, I’m beautiful. I’m
    having a plastic surgeon install rotary blades, 30 mm cannons and AMG-114
    Hellfire missiles on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me
    “Apache” and respect my right to kill from above and kill needlessly. If
    you can’t accept me you’re a heliphobe and need to check your vehicle
    privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.

  100. The SS Diarrhea 

  101. Cant get enough of that into 10/10

  102. Post the one where you get Bruce the shark

  103. Why are you not posting you ark videos 

  104. Sail the Frutaka!!!

  105. Phly can you use the Fubuki ?

  106. The tier 9 Japanese/usa destroyer

  107. first! gg post hate (and love comments) here

  108. 6th!!!

  109. Nice to see some carrier gameplay thanks for the video phly :)

  110. *VOTE ON NEXT SHIP*!!!

  111. Bryan Daniel Aello Gonzalez

    hola putos

  112. First comment HYPE

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