World of Warships Aircraft Carriers for Everyone

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Seems like everyone got an Aircraft in the Naval Aviation crates. What could possibly go wrong with that? A Tier 8 in the hands players that have never played carriers before? Nothing to see here. Move along.


  1. I am a veteran CV player and didn’t get a single Premium CV. In the 8.3 Update Vid at the End They teased a Kutsenov Premium Russian Cv. The Kutsenov class was commissioned in the late 80s and carried Jet fighters. So even if they put WW2 planes on it it would have to be a T10 Premium Cv.
    As a CV and a surface ship lover I don’t know if I should cry or be happy

  2. honestly didnt notice a whole lot of worse CVs than usual. some bad ones in the lower half of the scoreboard, some upper half and very few on top. business as usual if you ask me.

    • Wierd, whenever i take my HMS Implacable to battle, i usually end up in the Top 3 players for the match. And i’d consider myself average at most. If your statistics are correct, either i always get matched into really bad teams or i’m better than i thought.

  3. I opened 5 air supply containers and got Saipan, Kaga, and Enterprise. I have never been fond of carriers and that didn’t really change after the rework.

  4. I bought 10 of those boxes & got ZERO carriers…all I received was camouflage & flags..

  5. kein ding yo

    i mean the t4 cvs are just boring as hell to play, so no wonder they didnt give those away

  6. Got not a single one!

  7. I swear all ya’ll forget how OP the old CV was.

  8. Hey, just like Barney Stinson said “It isn’t gambling if you know you’re gonna win”. So GGs

  9. I bought 10 of the crates and got all 4 CVs. I’m having fun with them, but will never become a CV main. I have played the low tier US and RN CV’s so I had some experience before scoring a bunch of t-8 prems.

  10. Beppe VecchiaCanaglia

    I got saipan and gz in crates. CV Is fine. Before i never play CV. But i only play coop. And in coop CV are quite useless. Too low alpha and too short battles to do good damage.

  11. I got 2 Tier 8 carriers in containers to join the British tier 4 & 6 ships earned earlier. No previous experience with carriers so I am playing lots of co-op to learn the skills. Having fun. I do not take my gaming too seriously. It is for fun.

  12. I received 2 in since they came out, through in game drops. Never really play CV’s before. After trying I’ve since gotten some lower tier CV’s to try to get better at them. AA can be brutal but it keeps you thinking and I like that, it’s a nice break from other ships also.

  13. i got saipan and graf from containers, but for now im busy re-researching the tree cv’s currently at t6 on all 3 trees… my hope is to get good enough to be worthyof them by time i reach t8
    I got both t10 cv’s before rework, but the playstyle now is so different that i sold them for free xp and restarted the research to gain experience

  14. i bought 10 containers got all 4. i’m not good at them’ play in co-op games. i play just one and put the captains in other ships and will in time probable sell them for the credits to buy upgrades. so with the cash i spent with the 4 cv’s if i sell them all keep the captains think i made out.

  15. I got all the CVs out of 20 containers, 2 of them in the last 5 pack. While i hadnt played any CV prior to the rework, the rework itselft made me play them (something about RTS and high ping didnt mix well before, as well as the strafing mechanics). The premium CVs didnt influence me one way or the other, but the containers were too good to pass up, specially for grinding the upcoming RU BBs. Ofc there are some things that need balancing, imho they need to take away some power from them, either spotting or raw damage, but overall i really liked the rework, its a new class i get to play compared to before, and if anything, none of my games have had obnoxious results, i just usually take it as some harsh zao salvos at high tier, because honestly some other DDs were far more obnoxious than some CVs, atleast with them, its over quickly, rather than being in a constant rain of bs that you cannot avoid regardless of where you go

  16. I bought 5 and got all camos so I’m upset.

  17. I play on the NA server and have since Closed Beta and played CVs when they were finally introduced but stopped at tier 5 and stopped playing them all together at that point even though i was pretty decent at them. Anyways I was one of the people that got a free Kaga in my FREE first of 3 container that WG gave to everyone and was as you said not looking a gift horse in the mouth but CVs have come a LONG WAY since their introduction in the game as far as controls and so before even playing in a Random battle I watched at least a dozen or so You Tube videos on HOW to play and tested in Co-op mode and am now in Randoms doing OK but man its a STEEP learning curve at best but I’m not a quitter and an above average Captain at all other ship classes so as time goes by i know I’ll get much better. Key is with ANY ship class do your research and WATCH TONS OF YOU TUBE VIDEOS!!! Much love and RESPECT ZOUP!!

  18. I got the Hermès for free and got a Ranger with FXP, played one match each in them in Co-op and then immediately sold them. Don’t like the play style, and if I won a T8 Premium carrier I’d sell that too. I wasn’t interested in CVs before the rework, and I’m not interested in them now.

  19. Many of the battles on the Asian server end up as carrier duels with all of the surface ships sunk. At times I feel like I need insect repellent with all the aircraft flying around my head.
    Don’t like the rework at all.

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