World of Warships- Airship Escort Coming To Randoms! 8th Anniversary Event Brings Big Changes & More

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at what’s coming in update 12.8! Enjoy!


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0:00 Intro
0:58 Happy Birthday WoWs
9:11 Airship Escort In Randoms
13:16 More Additions
14:44 Closing Thoughts


  1. Why couldn’t they just bring back Airship Escort as it’s own mode again, even if its temporary. One major reason most people enjoyed it was that it was it’s own mode where you could use brawling builds that didn’t work that well in Randoms.
    Now people who don’t enjoy it are going to have to deal with it in randoms, and people who do and want to build for it will have to suffer through the other modes.

    • I use Brawling builds in Randoms and it works out well enough, itll be fine.

    • I havent in a while and wont play brawlers in randoms in a long time cuz its miserable as fuck, so I guss I’ll just never see airship escort

    • Everybody and their bother told WG pretty much what you just said…. but WG don’t care…. they just gonna do… player opinion be damned

    • Paleontology_Geek

      @luxie8097 Your totally right, I wish they made it separate but, with WOWS we get what we get. Not much else we could do but complain on social media. Being constructive with your arguments will only go so far. Money talks after all.

  2. From what I can find about the new Delorean company, it has no connection with the old company. Still, they have registered their trademarks, so I assume WeeGee would have to have gotten a licence to use the name.
    Edit: The ground effect aircraft was called an Ekranoplan, not sure if they had individual names tho.

  3. The word you’re looking for is _ekranoplan,_ or ground effect airplane. And the plane you’re thinking about is the Caspian Sea Monster, AKA the _Korabl Maket_

  4. Karl Edward Gonzales

    You play Yoshino / Azuma / Long Range Sniper Ships… then MM gave you Airship Escort… Brawl!? Seriously!? This should have its own game mode so players can choose the ships they want to play in this mode! Come on Sea Lord!

    • Probably because the player count are too low to divide into 2 seperate mode.

    • Yoshino can do awesomely in airship escort due to 20km torps nuking the airship zone if u cant manage this and say i cant play its a skill issue

    • Karl Edward Gonzales

      @Mertc I am not only referring to Yoshino but to other long range sniping ships that is not really for brawling game mode like airship escort. It seems you do not get the point of my comment.

  5. I will eat crow if WG pulls off a good game anniversary event, as I was doubtful after the WG 25 event. Concerning Random Game mode, I am not sure a new game mode will really help before WG fixes the god awful match maker that leads to repeatedly one side battles or imbalances between ships on each team.

  6. WG nerfs Supercointaner, because players get too many of them in anniversary event, and now WG puts hard cap on number of Supercontainers players can get anyway. And just few weeks before announcing this they kill the forum, where we could discuss this. Who would expect that?

  7. Glad to see the airship mode back. We need more like that.

  8. I was just thinking we don’t have enough T9 UK ships and now we got the Somme and this new one coming out. Time to level Cunningham.

  9. Anything that brings brawling I like. Why don’t they just open per tier brawl to ships from Tier 6 and upward.

  10. christopher shrank

    Did the math, and it looks like I will be able to get 54 super containers if I do none of the other rewards offered. Even if I you include the SC nerf, it looks like I will still do better than last years event in terms of getting a good haul of dubs, premium, and maybe a ship or two.

  11. Duncan as an Ekranoplan/Ground Effect Vehicle? Oh, nice 🙂

    By the way, if there ever is WOWS 2, they need to add ekranoplans and hovercrafts as a class…

  12. Amazing changes to anniversary! No more of those boosters and now we can even get free T8 premium plus other rewards to choose from! On some of my free to play accounts, I’ll get 7-8 supercontainers while having only 2 T10

  13. PickelJars ForHillary

    WG kicks us in the goodies again with rewards nerf.
    Way to go WG, punish us for completing tech trees.

  14. Hey. Have you noticed how WG stuffed up on the Spanish cruisers? The premium that came out first (Canarias) is far worse than the tech-line version and they are sister ships.

  15. haha, it will be nice if Airship pushed the playerbase back towards a more aggressive meta. I can see WG saying this was their plan all along, development just took a while. The fear is, though, that this really wont change the meta too much if they dont place a limit on CV/SS per match. I still believe that randoms should have a hard cap on that class to two of any SS/CV per team( i.e. 1 CV and 1 SS or 2 SS no CV. Too many ships that you can’t see or hit easily for the first 3/4 of the match really does create a passive meta.

    • It would be better with one cv or one ss. For brawling builds just dealing with one decent cv or ss is already absolute cancer

  16. Honestly, I think that they should have a gamemode of the week, like how they did operation of the week back in the day. Like, arms race could be one week and asymmetrics could be the next

  17. The problem with adding Airship Escort to the Random rotation is it’s ring-based selection. So if you queue up in a brawling BB, it’s a 1 in 4 chance of getting Airship Escort (Standard, Domination, Arms Race and Airship Escort). Imagine getting Standard battle for several games in your brawler, switching to a sniping/backline ship, then getting the brawling Airship Escort mode.
    Arms Race went through the EXACT same process; great fun as a separate mode, got added to the Randoms rotation and now is kind of meh. Guarantee Airship Escort goes through the same cycle.

  18. Paleontology_Geek

    Finally, I’ve been waiting till they finally give us airship escort back. When it was shipped out as a game mode separately I probably had the most fun in years. I kept asking people in the regional chat where it went because I thought it was a permanent feature. I wish it was separate still though; being part of random matches is still a bit of a letdown but, I’ll take what I can get. My enjoyment of the game has waned over the years. I still come back once in awhile. Right now my attention is on other games. I did complain a lot when the submersibles released but, I’m ok with it for now. Using mines sounds like a cool feature but, they need to get it right and not screw it up this time around. A lot of the events have been a bit scummy recently but, every now and then we get good ones; at least they listen to the community enough. I’m not happy with them not listening entirely but, a lot of video game companies don’t listen at all nowadays.

  19. A game mode that I would love to see is a division battle royal.
    Division of 3 verse 12 (4 divisions)
    Set in the arms race mode, first division with 9 buffs wins.

  20. Cool, the 3 kingdoms era is a big thing among east Asian countries. Battle of Chibi may be the most well known naval battle (actually on a river) in history. Asian players will be happy with those cool flags.

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