World of Warships- Airships, Kurfurst & Khabarovsk Exact Removal Date

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Hey guys! More information out of the DevBlog concerning the removal of the GK and Khaba, and a new mode called Airship Escort, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Love the “push the cart” addition to the game 👌

  2. that sevastopol is a 30k heal i believe with 313 hp/s for 90 seconds

  3. When I saw the preview image I was like… my god, they have gone completely insane, lol. But ‘push da kart’ mode is… interesting. Common staple in team games.

  4. Hopefully f sherman will come out this patch, it isn’t getting many changes so it seems as its getting more balanced. Would love to see it come out and see how good it is.

  5. Airships, convoy escort, arms race and asymmetric battles should be all together changing on a weekly basis in a separate game mode.

    • It shouldn’t because the playerbase doesn’t play those modes really. If they were permanent, even in a rotation, they’d be empty.

    • @dzello who says they are empty? Wargambling? I believe them about as much as I can pickup and throw an Elephant.

    • @X Hawkeye The players themselves. People go play it cuz its different, then it gets boring fast and they stop.

      Its why those modes are not permanent: they dont have a playerbase.

    • @dzello sounds very unsubstantiated to me. I would say nine out of ten times when I ask in game chat about the idea of tier 8, 9 or 10 Operations of the Week. The responses are overwhelmingly positive.

    • @X Hawkeye It’s not something new and it’s a common phenomenon on most games. Even League of Legends struggles with it: people like the main mode (Summoner’s Rift), some like a secondary mode (ARAM)… And after that, you can only get people temporarily (URF, ARURF, etc.). The special modes get bursts of people when they come, then after a very small amount of time, people lose interest and stop playing.

      It’s why WOWS doesn’t do that.

  6. Nakhimov will sure enjoy this new mode
    because nakhimov can be as close as possible in hotspot map on that mode lol

    • assuming it wont get spotted by enemy CV and then Blasted off the map by BB (or even some Cruisers), it’s still floating citadel

  7. 8+ secs on the Dido seems excessive, WG devs need an intervention on whatever they’re taking, or at least share it so we can find out what their thought process is.

  8. Love it when they add things, that none is asking for.

  9. I would put money on the new containers being auctioned off for dubloons. The contents of those containers is some serious bait to get people to bid on them.

  10. US Airships. USS Shenandoah – lost in storm. USS Los Angeles (German built) – scrapped after loss of Akron & Macon. USS Akron lost in Storm. USS Macon – Lost in storm. Akron and Macon carried for F9C Sparrowhawlks.

  11. That was some beautiful sailing at the 5:03 mark. I thought for certain a collision was unavoidable.

  12. “Why would you remove AA guns when you’re adding in freaking super-carriers now?”
    Kind of answering your own question there Mountbatten.

  13. Finally, I can’t wait to replace two irrelevant ships with ones that better be more relevant in the modern mess called wow nowadays

  14. I appreciate the tone and style of of videos updates. You are now the first videos I look at for updates.

  15. Knowing that some airships carried aircraft, it won’t surprise me if weegee makes flying cvs a new class

  16. Not feeling great about Dido now, certainly no longer lives up to the “armament of the ship is comprised of ten fast-firing 133 mm guns” statement. 8.5 seconds for reload with less guns than Atlanta, what’s the driving decision there?

  17. Now if only Wargaming would add some more maps, or maybe rescale the lower tier maps to work at higher tiers

  18. You remove AA power from a ship when super carriers are coming because WeeGee seriously thinks that AA is fine or overpowered against CV players. Nobody knows why they are this out of touch nor do we know why they constantly ignore the vast majority of their players when we say that AA is too weak right now and that CV’s are broken. “Just dodge” and “spreadsheet says fun” are a thing because of them being so out of touch with their community and flat out ignoring all of us saying that CV’s are broken and AA does next to nothing to counter them.

  19. For all it’s flaws and questionable decisions. WG are still pushing new ideas.

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