World of Warships- Airstrikes Are Insane

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Hey guys, today I share my opinion on the new Airstrike armament that the Dutch Cruiser are planned on being equipped with, enjoy!

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Ross Rowley:

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  1. they better balance it. Also bring back Siegfried secondaries WG

  2. Anyone also might play the dutch cruisers? XD

    • N HW - Cinematic Productions

      Wished for them witout OP planes…

    • I would have played them without the airstrikes

    • Airstrikes make me not want to ever play the game again. Dutch Cruisrers WITHOUT Airstrikes have so much going for them already, I would have loved to play them without the OP, totally farcical bullshit stratospheric bombers.

    • @DysphoricSmile yeah, they should make it a consumable instead

    • @DysphoricSmile There is absolutely nothing wrong with them having that gimmick. There is something wrong with the way it is currently implemented now.

  3. Wargaming: destroying WOWS one update at a time.

    • USS Missouri BB-63

      Don’t worry there also destroying the console version

    • @USS Missouri BB-63 ah yes, Legends was great…

      Then they added Legendary tier
      Then they added carriers…

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @Gabriel carriers are actually pretty meh in WOWSL

    • Donald Wrightson

      Amen to that!!!!

    • He was hitting stationary target in this movie. I got attacked like this in battle I was playing T10 Italian cruiser and he missed badly it is easy to outrun for a cruiser in motion and DD it will work for thou very effective versus reversing bow on ships and slow BB.

  4. Why do land based aircraft appear 4.5km from the target past the flak zone. Why not bring them on from the edge of the map?

    • Flachwassertaucher

      To avoid issues with flak clouds and how AA works in the game. Could not think of another reason but pure engine/game mechanic ones. I guess the attack flight got wiped out completly by flak or overlapping AA zones if they spawn further out, or if they have to pass over other ships in the approach.

    • @ Flachwassertaucher That would balance it. And it would actually enhance gameplay. Instead of blindly spawning the airstrike, you would have to think about when to launch and from which direction.

    • Flachwassertaucher

      @Buffer Buffer balance is a difficult here. spawn them out to far and the wing is destroyed, they are flying slow in a straight line into the flak clouds. spawn them too close and AA is useless, no matter how much you have. depends a lot on damage ratings, flak bubbles and range. also, spawning to far out would make it very difficult to aim, you do that with you normal gun aim reticle. another option would be to change armor and hp on the planes. as they are right now, very strong against any stationary ship bow in in line of sight/spotted. against a moving target not so good. One thing to note: i dont like this airstrike concept at all. hope they drop it and think of something better. dont know if its intended against island camping HE spam, but it feels a bit like it.

    • Server cant handle it obviously.

  5. w9amCYYTKksreuaukczt0HJFq4GSh5FeSHYD2jdxLtyuKaCn4T

    I disagree with the title. I think WG is insane.

  6. I don’t buy this “we’re fine with removing it completely if it’s too OP”. The airstrike armament is the main gimmick of the dutch cruisers, without it their just one more cruiser line. This shit will stay. And when the population of dutch cruisers goes up in randoms, weight for some fast premium bbs to come out or something like this…

  7. Won’t be long before subs are here. At this rate I’m sure they’ll add ssbn types complete with a nuke consumable. Smh

  8. Nowadays, each new line has to have some weird gimmicks, we can’t have a vanilla line anymore.

    • Imho the new German DDs are pretty vanilla:
      – slow torps
      – strong AP with good accuracy but bad reload
      – no hydro (and no speed boost)
      – good AA but only from T9

    • @landochabod7 that’s because they’re German and WG hates the Germans

    • BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

      @Leonardo Arie wibowo no one says Yamato is underpowered

    • @Leonardo Arie wibowo Yamato isn’t underpowered at all.

    • Leonardo Arie wibowo

      @dzello imho op it does, its only gimmick is the 32 mm overmatch and that’s it, I think the ship that powercrept yamato the most is the kreml, it has crazy turret rotation speed

  9. Someone else put it right on a different video about this: Dutch ships with land based planes in the middle of the sea. Smart

  10. WindowLickersLLC

    As it is currently these strikes are similar to rts alpha without the high skill floor that came with the rts gameplay.

  11. Trazyn the Infinite

    Yeah so why cant we have proper secondarys then? Cruiser range, good accuracy.

    • Because that would be to close to the real stats and that is something war-gay- ming never can accept, like the fact that their ” navy” during ww2 never left their port , except to sink red cross ships in the baltic sea……

    • “Because it’ll make German BB viable. And we don’t like that” – WG

    • Christopher Bugny

      Love those comments. Russian Devs, let’s not forget that. (Might be oversimplifying but still, there is some truth in that)

  12. Drossel Von Flugel

    Nuking a Smolensk: The Lannisters dropped their regards.

  13. Dear Sea Lord, would you take a moment to comment on the fact that achievements awards are now gone from the game?

  14. The M.K. Young Show

    Anything that WG puts time and money into, WILL go into the game. WG has always been ruled by sunk cost fallacy.

  15. Can’t wait when I’m in a DD hiding in a smokescreen and some Dutch division drops 108 planes on me

  16. Strange, wasn’t this the whole purpose of the carrier rework to remove one strike carrier attacks?

    How are we supposed to draw any conclusion other than WG staff drink dangerous amounts of vodka at work.

  17. Also Sealord, the tier 10 is pronounced “Goood Glue” with the oooo making a ooooo sound, like when WG staff pulls the paper bag away from their face after 5 minutes of “Brainstorming” new ideas for gimmicky bullshit to ruin their once amazing game further with.

  18. I put money on them not nerfing until they’ve capitalised on it as much as possible first.

  19. Watching the Gouden annihilate my Tirpitz in a few minutes I’d argue that this armament needs to be completely removed from the game. Especially when one team has one and the other doesn’t. They should also balance it like they do carriers, or just pull it completely.

  20. Welp, glad I’m not playing anymore.

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