World of Warships- Airstrikes Nerfed

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Hey guys! Today we have received news that Airstrikes, featured prominently in the new Dutch Heavy Cruiser Line, have been nerfed. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think below!


Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. encounterd a “gouden leeuw” yesterday in a DD

    when i got spotted by him popped smoke, turned away and he bombed my smokescreen 🙁

    but i already left it

    rip smokescreen 🙁

  2. I’m so glad you said this because I have been thinking about it as well.

    Americans, British, German , and Japanese are the only nation that could ever field out mass air cover of a naval area.

    Why the Dutch? Just odd to me.

    • At open waters, like a few thousand kilometers off shore, probably only the Americans and Japanese as their carriers had the number of planes available to carry out the attack, while British CVs had a lower capacity and German air support was land based

    • now russian carriers are going to be added so i think that dutch are the least of our conserns

  3. this video went up as weegee announced soviet cvs

  4. Satelite based death rays which can atomize any ship within seconds of being summoned are next in the pipeline.

    • It’s rumored to be USSR carrier planes that will drop homing devices which the orbital death rays will target instead of bombs.

    • @Zero_Vector drop nukes to kill every enemy ship

    • Well, get in line. ARP ship bigass laser beam still in que….together with the shield and diving capabilities…

    • @Hello Well, I just went through the dev blog on USSR CV’s… Tier 10 CV will have rocket planes that will launch rockets with 27% fire chance, 40 mm pen and 4 750 damage… 32 of those rockets to be exact. So one rocket strike has potential alpha of 152 000 damage. FDR has 5% fire chance, 32 mm pen, 1 650 damage and 52 rockets per strike, giving one rocket salvo a potential of 85 800 damage…

      I’m going to say your not too far off.

    • @Zero_Vector that’s like tiny tim rockets but more rockets in one strike

  5. Got melted by Dutch Air strike in my Moe . Let me put it like this I wasn’t camping , I was making full steam made Evasive maneuvers it didn’t make a darn bit of difference. Notice I was moving and no I couldn’t avoid this guys strike . He was that darn skilled.

    • Marcus Jones Stinks

      Because he memorized the time it takes to show up along with the probability of where you’ll be considered Moe isn’t an agile BB.

  6. Krzysztof Narloch

    Netherlands navy during WW2 was mainly used to defend the colonies (they were like in the top 3 nations with larger colonies) and the trade routes.

  7. Václav Posledník

    And now we have dev blog with USSR CVs. Great.

  8. Have you seen the soviet aircraft carriers? bruh, the meme has become real

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Video will be up on it tomorrow, tbh they seem kinda weak. The TX planes have less hp than Ranger’s stock planes. The lead you’re gonna have to put on the torps and skip bombs is gonna be insane as well. Plus they have the speed of FDR’s planes. Until we know more about the heal and reticle of these planes its hard to tell how useful they will be.

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten hey look, someone actually not overhyping the Russian CVs. Tears in my eyes

    • @Danhvn color me surprised if they get released like that

    • xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

      @Sea Lord Mountbatten imo if they are weak or not really depends more on the stats WG isnt telling us and whatever changes they make to these things as they have a really bad track record of swinging that particular hammer to far.

    • @Eddie Easton Calm down, boys. It is the just the first step. WG has yet to buff them to FDR levels of hit points and give them jet engines.

  9. Why they even add another unessesary mechanic like this into the game? Dutch cruiser alone is bs and now they have this? If they add missiles it will be more acceptable.

  10. well, we dreaded the moment but Russian carriers are out

  11. Tarquinius Superbus

    Intended to punish camping? It seems more another thing to dunk on bbs. This probably leads to even more backcamping

  12. Koyel Datta Gupta

    there is actually a soveit aircraft carrier dev blog upon us which means soviet aircraft carriers which never existed are coming

  13. Welp, everyone is gangster until one of them is being ganged up by cv, dutch cruiser, tone and submarine.

  14. Why are we welcoming more freaking planes into the game?

  15. Sebastian Vilois

    community: we need an AA rework asap.

  16. leaving the game soon…..subs and soviet cv’s are the “last straw”

  17. I disagree that they nerfed them. If anything they are a bit repurposed.

  18. with all these planes making it into the game, you’ll have to change your name to Air lord Mountbatten

  19. haha love the way you figured out how to pronounce the Dutch ships! haha

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