World of Warships – Akatsuki Review – Walls of Torps

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The is basically the old that got moved down to tier 7. She packs a mean punch with her torpedoes but her guns are no slouch either. She’s fast and with her fast reloading torpedoes can lay some pretty effective torp walls. Still if you don’t have concealment expert, she’s most effective as a defensive . Find out all the details in this review 🙂


  1. My Atlanta wrecks Akatsuki. Just like it did in real life!

  2. Akatski in laughing but sorry, I think its AkatsUki

  3. So, this ship does not only have better torpedoes than the Shiratsuyu but
    also pretty much the same gun power as the supposed “gun boat”. I honestly
    don’t understand what WG are doing with this split in the IJN DD line …

  4. So…what is better Akatsuki or Shiratsuyu? (error I don’t know how to
    write it)

  5. germans say Akatzuki. got the ship and like it only could have better
    concealment. I tried a build with 67kn torps but the range with 8km was to

  6. Wha about Akizuki??????????? Hard to play :/

  7. such elephant, i mean elegant LADY

  8. Where is this akatski hes talking about? All I see is a Akatsuki. :)

  9. David Racek (thedavv)

    same as fubuki with one more turret and abysmal turning rate. And in T6 you
    can run into less proficient players

  10. Playing the Kagero after the Akatsuki is a fucking struggle.

  11. Shiratsuyu makes Akatsuki look obselete. Shira has better concealment and a
    torpedo reload booster.

  12. Have you ever considered doing tree reviews or nation reviews. I am a new
    player and I have no idea which lines are good, which nations or which
    ships have radar or hydro, or which have good armor and no armor or, well,
    you get the idea. I can try and read up on every ship in the game, but
    it’s hard, so I think you would get a lot of views for vids that did a
    quick review on each line. In WOT’s SirFoch does a tier 10 tank review but
    he also does a quick review on the entire line and which tanks are good and
    which suck.

  13. *looks at AA defense* Wait when did these guns get their dual-purpose
    capabilities back?

  14. Akatsuki is just stupid when I get uptiered (when im in T5)

  15. I enjoy the Akatsuki – it’s a fun DD to play.

  16. she would be very good at tier 8 with concealment I like her :)

  17. Chase, just a little language tip, the tsu is pronouced as if the T doesn’t

  18. the game is a paradise for idiots.
    JohntheRipper is one of them.
    The name says all.

  19. something in current year

    Still using that 12 second intro huh.

  20. A ka tsu ki! not that hard to spell chase 😀 ;)

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