World of Warships – Akizuki

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The tier 8 Japanese Destroyer, not the 8 month old cat. One is infinitely more sneaky, dangerous and fluffy than the other.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Notification squad represent!

  2. Jingles can you check the DLC of assasin’s creed odessy ?
    Its a whole extra story

  3. You know it’s a good day when the video has no views and 18 likes 🙂

  4. Is it me or did Akizuki gain a few tonnes, armor plating, 100mm guns and torpedos? Damn cats grow so much.

  5. Good thing you’ve put those note on the third picture, considering the amount of fluff it might be very easy to be confused.

  6. so, where’s the cat?

  7. Wait this isn’t kitten diary of Akizuki. I feel :jebaited:

  8. Good picture – of the cat.

  9. Είστε Τρελοί

    When is Cmd. Jingles McJingleberry coming out?

  10. If you ask me Jingles Akizuki the cat should be a captain of Akizuki the battleship you could ask world of warships to make it happen

  11. ProcrastinatingPuma

    Is it just me or can I here Rita talking in the background lol

  12. What amazes me that akizuki “the cat” has unlocked the concealment expert skill and give Admiral Jingles a good scare and she has a beard that can give the evil gnome overlord a run for his salt

  13. Are you gonna tell us now how the attack on Rita’s toes went, Jingles?

  14. 0:35 – I have to admit I was a little confused due to your fluffy beard.
    So I’m glad you added “Not This” to your selfie. 🙂

  15. I gotta see if I can at least equal that in my harekaze, the Aki’s half sister.

  16. The other day, I managed to surprise Vladivostok with torps from my Kii and he also got paddlin, as he showed me broadside at about 5,5 km.

  17. 12:00 Oh man, the friendly Shiratsuyu ALLLLLMOST wrecked the narrative of this being such a great team.

  18. Precious baby, she’s already a fully fledged cruiser in our hearts… the cats cute too

  19. SailingRobins? Hagurumeme Intensifies!

  20. Anirban Chakrabarti

    Whenever I feel sad I imagine Jingles dressed up as Santa riding a sledge pulled by akizuki. Also, his sledge is the ship that the anime people plagiarised from akizuki

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