World of Warships – Akizuki 7.7

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A ship that received some buffs and nerfs this patch, discuss the penetration buff plus mobility nerf. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII Japanese Akizuki Replay – Discord Server

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  1. 32mm pen after using ifhe is just too op

  2. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    IJN 127mm is now completely useless in comparison to IJN 100mm.
    Seriously what is even the point of IJN 127mm other than better air drag values at range and less floaty arcs than the 100mm

    IJN 127mm still requires IFHE just to pen 25mm – while its in built for 100mm. Adding IFHE for the 100mm can allow you to also Pen 32mm battleship bow armour!

    Better HE pen, reload, turret traverse, shell velocity and only 10-20mm less pen. Clearly 100mm >>>>>>> 127mm in almost every way.

    Perhaps Hakuryu secondary builds and battleships such as the Kii with 100mm secondaries – might actually be viable. (if one is looking for lols).

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      But the torpedo boat line with their 127mm are already vastly inferior to the gunboat line with the 100mm having far better reload (dpm), turret traverse and AA power. The only weakness was previously having to use IFHE just to pen gearing 21mm and bb superstructure armour.

      But now the 100mm and their 1/4 pen mean they can pen up to 25mm armour and up to 32mm armour with IFHE – which is quite a slap to the face on the 127mm which needs IFHE just to pen 25mm.

    • Tbh, I like the prechange IJN 127mm gun more. Yes, it have slower rate of fire ( Close to Shinonome iirc), and it have horrible turret rotation too. But when it hit, it hurt, alot. XD

    • You realize the gunboat line is supposed to be better with guns, right? You realize how ridiculous this comment is, right? “Hurp durp why can’t torpedo line outgun the gunboat?” Maybe it’s because you have more TORPEDOES to do damage with.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      sgthop lol do I have to repeat myself that the 100mm already have better dps, traverse and AA than the 127mm – making them superior in firepower?

      Heads start to turn when all 127mm guns with IFHE are only capable of penning 25mm. Then out of no where the 100mm start to pen 32mm BB armour with ifhe. – it’s understandable why they would nerf bat the Akizuki because of this – but ironically the Kitakaze is untouched, even though they are the same hulls. As for Harugumo – she didn’t take a nerf bat – since her manoeuvrability is already that bad.

    • The 100mm without IFHE won’t penetrate 25mm. For the same reason why a Cleveland without IFHE won’t penetrate 25mm, or Z-39 won’t.

      And yes, the 127mm gun is now inferior. And I don’t see an issue with it. One line has an objectively more powerful Torpedo power, the other one an objectively more powerful gun power. Both being able to Supplement with their other type of armament.

      And before you are jumping onto any conclusion on Harugumo and Kitakaze, remember that both of them are still WiP. They can and probably will Change before Release.

  3. Admiral Vridiantoast

    A message to those who think that this is OP: Stop. The Akizuki broke almost ALL her shells before the patch, and IFHE was the only way to turn shatters into a 50/50 chance. Yes, the torp line breaks shells with the same problem, but if you’re firing out in the open without using torps, (in the torp line) you’re playing the wrong line, and you will be punished as such. Your guns are a last resort, with specific situations for low health ships.
    The gunboat line also has a bad turning radius, while rudder shift is good. Quit whining, and play your ships like they’re supposed to.
    Battleships: you have this wonderful thing called HE. It pens DDs. Use it.
    Cruisers: you already know what to do, so I’m not going say anything.

    • Yes, and the Aki was balanced around being forced to choose IFHE. It had four amazingly fast turrets, so shattering half of the shells was not a problem for it. The guns were not underpowered, you just had to be persistent and keep the guns going whenever possible. The guns are not a last resort, you just have to put yourself in situations in which you can safely use them. If you couldn’t do well in the old Aki, your playstyle might have been the issue.

    • yes. like this highly intelligent player says. better pen than stock cleveland *without* IFHE on a DD with 3 second reload is 100% fine. nothing to see here. you guys are just IJN haters.

    • No, if you are using your guns as a last resort you shouldn’t be playing this line at all. Instead, you should go back to the main IJN DD line which focuses on torps, unlike the gunboat line when they are no where near as effective as your main guns.

    • Admiral Vridiantoast

      sorry. didnt explain that further
      tried to fix it

    • remove the ‘last resort’ phrase and it will be a good post. Something along the lines of “Your guns are your bread and butter but should only be utilised in specific situations when you have a good escape plan or have a good understanding of the battle around you and you know the risk of dying is within acceptable levels.”

  4. the aki buff, i don’t like it

  5. Its very simple. Before the patch i bought akizuki. 3 days later, i hated

    Ever since this morning, my opinion slightly changed into=

    We’ll i……Have..the time of my life…And i, OWE IT ALL TO YOU
    *dun dudududud dud duunnn

  6. It was fine the way it was…

    Now it’s Got Horribly OP Guns

  7. What is the pointof having differnt caliber guns if they can one the same

  8. Way to much of a buff. 1/5 pen at 20mm would have been perfectly balanced against high tier DDs that all have 19mm of armor and Battleships that have 19mm of super structure

    • I suggested exactly the same on the official forums last year. It would have balanced Aki’s HE penetration with other Tier 8-10 destroyers.

  9. u need to use more AP on broadsides…DD broadside with AP is deadly

  10. Time to play some Harekaze, time to be the perfect gun/torp DD hybrid, and they won’t see you coming at all with 5,4 km concealment.

    • Beardroid91 it is gonna be a awesome since 9.4 km range also helps concealment after fight. Maybe drop smoke to go full commando

  11. OK, but the Akizuki was balanced around being forced to choose IFHE. It had eight super-reloading guns at tier 8. I think the Akizuki was fine the way it was. I don’t know why Wargaming made the guns so much better without taking anything else away from it.

  12. Can’t say I enjoy the change

  13. So now it’s a mini kharbarosk

  14. The guns needed a buff, but why did they go and nerf its handling. Thing already felt like a slow sailing brick…

    • The Speed never changed, the 33kn they adopted for Akizuki is basically what this ship was capable of in real life (which they use as a metric in game), and Akizuki had this Speed since the day she was implemented on the Live Server. What they did Change was nerfing the Rudder shift slightly, which considering the immense boost you get from the 1/4 HE pen is well worth it.

  15. almost made it the whole video , but we got a NOTSER boys,, 06:56

  16. 2nd Amendment Protects All Amendments

    Comments never disappoint with people complaining about a gunboat line having better guns than the torpedo focused line…Seriously, STAHP with the stupid.

  17. Aki is a difficult to play ship. the changes will make it a little bit better. Sh’es still just as vulnerable as she used to be. Thats hasn’t changed.. No matter what you do with your build your going to make compromises on the build and trade offs.. and you’ll still have to be a good shot to make the best use of the guns. Notzer, take a HSF Harekaze 4-10 hull running no smoke. I suspect you may just scare some players to death. Aki nasty, but Harekaze packs a lot more torps, and it’s faster and sneakier

    • The Harekaze B hull with an Aki captain is a very balanced tier 8 DD. It can do the normal IJN torp boat thing. And it can defend itself a lot more respectably than most IJN torp boats. But honestly, I don’t use the torp booster. I like having the option of smoke to disengage when radar isn’t an issue. Or to occasionally smoke shoot. Using the TRB seems to me to make the Harekaze very one dimensional.

  18. I love the Akizuki changes. I honestly don’t even notice the nerfs, since I always played my Ducky like a light cruiser, anyway.

  19. Nerfed rudder shift? It already turns like a damn BB.

  20. would be nice to know if my beloved yugomo got a little buff on the HE shells too

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