World of Warships: Akizuki – Amazing Game vs Double CV

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Akizuki is pretty good! This double CV game was better than usual!

0:00 Game
18:08 End Screen
20:20 Captain Skills & Upgrades
23:42 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 Japanese destroyer Akizuki.


  1. I was just watching some of ur other vids lol

  2. Even though it was a 9v9 it was an excellent game!

  3. Akizuki is a great ship! Great guns and good Torps.

  4. I believe they call it a sandbar.

  5. 3man ENUF division couldnt carry 9v9 game where both your CVs died basically at the beginnig? lmao, thats a little bit of a shame for a guys like this under those circumstances

  6. I’m not a big fan of taking IFHE on Akizuki/Kita/Haru since the IFHE nerf. 37mm pen doesn’t let you pen the decks of US BBs, let alone Russian/German battleships. 3 skill points to let you pen bow and sterns while cutting you fire chance in half, I’d rather have more consumables.

    • I agree, but I think on T8 it’s not as big of a problem – you’re vs T6 to T10.

    • The AP is amazing too, if you get to shoot broadsides. It rarely overpen, and with the higher alpha, you get up to 40% extra DPM. In this game for example, I think superintendent or RPF would be really nice, and I do like PT as well. Anyway, when you can play this well, it does’nt matter, does it!?😉

  7. Tf was that commander?😂

  8. It is called a reef. 16:26 the word you’re looking for.

    a ridge of jagged rock, coral, or sand just above or below the surface of the sea.

  9. Why not use ap? Akizuki AP shreds broadsides, especially dds

    • Cause it doesn’t have much more damage output than the HE and it doesn’t have great pen.

    • @Aerroon wierd. Works better than he for me. I only use he on angled ships or if I want a fire

    • @Will Kelly HE is the best if you know you can win a figth, and you just want consistant damage. But the AP damage is 1700 compared to 1200, which means almost 40% more, if you can prevent overpens and bounces.😊

  10. I swear, You get the best matchmaking I have ever seen anyone get.

    • This is Youtube, people only show us good match. If you want to see normal games then you should watch it on twitch

  11. every time your commander says feuer! my mind say …und wasser XD

    • Speaking of this. If anyone here is ever a script writer for a medieval story, then keep in mind that people did not shout “FIRE!” when shooting arrows. They would probably say something like “Loose!” or “Shoot!”. “Fire!” comes along with FIREarms.

  12. Sand protruding from the sea is called an island 😊 A sandbar is at the mouth of a river. And a reef is below the surface.

  13. Bismarck secondaries stole your kraken with that anshan…

  14. Even with IFHE, taking over 240 shells until your first & only fire would see me arguing with myself!

  15. 2 days ago i was playing my kitakaze in randoms and it was a 4v4 (very rare occurrence) with double CV (Red CV is FDR + Kaga) (Our CV is Shokoku + Hakuryu), worst game i had, couldnt get unspotted the whole game

  16. I use Azuma from AL on my akizuki, had a lot of trouble with her, but you made me wanna replay her, and had fun my 1st match! awesome video, keep up the fantastic work

  17. I’m looking at the zone cap at 2:35 and I’m like, yes yes, he’s gonna cap it with no interference but how misfortunate would it be if it still at like .5 seconds or something. You had it capped lol but desync was there to ruin the day

  18. Great game but i really hate how you didnt use AP at all. So so many beautiful broadsides wasted ;-;

  19. Neither of the cvs you faced are capable of doing very much damage to destroyers. just wanted to point that out. The danger is solely from spotting.

  20. The voice captain is beautiful 😍

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