World of Warships – Akizuki Preview Impressions

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on Northern Lights moves to support the attack on C point, the Akizuki is unlike most other Destroyers. The speed is terrible for a and it lacks torpedoes but the gun system makes up for a lot of weaknesses. The rate of fire coupled with the amount of guns can really overwhelm enemies. We go from point to point trying to make the enemy realize her power. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Japanese Destroyer Akizuki Replay


  1. Well in my BBs i’ll be hugging my nearest cruiser buddy for protection.

  2. that awkward moment when you’re watching in full screen and you try to
    press the “back to port” button – Be_Alright, maybe

  3. Were they released yet @notser for everyone

  4. My Benson is Crying in the corner.

  5. hi noster is this normal for akizuki he 95% of this guy he shell do 0
    damge most of the damage are coming from fires

  6. Notser’s all tsun tsun with his smoke (*´▽`*)

  7. I’ve seem these a number of times being used by Supertesters and every time
    they’ve just gotten obliterated. The fire rate was really good but surface
    visibility was poor, lack of a decent amount of torps and a lack of speed
    just meant total beat down. :(

  8. DD hit DD over pen, the Brit navy hit DD … fuck it….

  9. That torpedo rearm..I dunno It makes it pretty much 8 torps of 10Km with
    67knots. The Benson has 10 torps with 9km and only 55knots. It also has too
    much HP for a T8.
    The guns are fine with the exception of the fire chance (if it’s 10%). USN
    DDs have a higher caliber with the same reload and only 8% with demoliton.

  10. Notser do you know what they’re going to do with those who already have the

  11. Notser, she’s only 33 knots, Please have a disclaimer that you have to have
    the flag to get 34.6 knots, I was like did they buff the speed that quick.
    Not hating, just saying

  12. Also, If I have a Hatsu unlocked right now but I don’t own her anymore, is
    she still unlocked for me?

  13. Angling and penetration should have been a highlight for this DD as well
    since even angled DDs will bounce both the AP and the HE of Akizuki!

  14. i also got stuck recently on an island on two brothers map. never happened
    to me before

  15. The problem is that tier 9 and 10 are only torpedo boats, and up to tier 7
    the Japanese gunboats suck major ass.

  16. Dual-purpose main guns at last!

  17. Good Game, what was the maneuvering like? I may have missed it if you
    mentioned it sorry. I have Udi and Fletch is it comparable to either, mid
    way between them? Hard to dodge Torps or hard to say? I know you hit that
    one but it was a good launch by the Sims and would be hard to avoid
    regardless, it did look as if it wasn’t that responsive though?
    Those guns look great, that ship will actually give me a reason to do IJN
    DD Line 🙂 New stuff, kewl :)

  18. y u have no torp beat?

  19. They’re adding a Sub line!!!

    …..oh wrong sub line :(

  20. I still can’t play her ?

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