World of Warships — Akizuki | Swimming With Sharks

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The only 100 mm gunboat we haven’t yet reviewed. It’s time! Interested in the game? Get bonuses on your new account at


  1. Hmm kind of a let down I thought this was going to be a video about Jingles Cat……. ;-(

  2. Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada

    Man, I love my Akizuki.
    She is the epitome of Japanese Destroyers for me (I mean the DDs that really existed).
    I have her with the captain skill that makes her be able to fire farther than the normal…
    I love BB-Qing ships… Specially BBs.

  3. The visual effects combined with the music always makes it so much more entertaining to watch. Mad respect for you, Robin.

  4. Robin pulling up with a perfect video again, love the edits, its really relaxing. Keep it up champ🤙🏽

  5. GG! Jingles cat went HAM on this one. Lol!

    Thx for sharing! Salut ✌🏼

  6. Robin, you’re the most criminally under appreciated editor of wargaming style games on YouTube. I always get hyped when your replays hit my subscription feed.

    • Agreed! So glad Jingles gave a shout out about Robin a while back, so very entertaining to watch these vids!

  7. Still the best WoWs youtuber! I love to watch even though I stopped playing a while ago

  8. Hey robin if you’re looking for more japanese-sounding music to put in your replays, Total War Shogun 2 has good tracks for that

  9. The audio transition when you activated second wind was awesome.

  10. The Ibuki syndrome,, plays a cruiser but can’t resist showing the juicy broadside to deliver those ninja torps and pray to not get himself erased.

  11. Between the editing, commentary, and music, Robin you make warship videos beautiful. cultured asf

  12. Your editing style is effortlessly clean and refined; as someone with a major interest in filmmaking and video production, your content stands out in its style and is a consistent factor I hold in high regard. Keep it up!

  13. Quality editing and awesomely epic gameplay, utterly brilliant.

  14. Sucks the Yamato shells didnt hit you at the end, you would’ve had Dreanought.

  15. What a perfect video man , the music , the edits everything !! Top notch !!! Keep it up.

  16. Ah…. this intro, the musics, the visuals, and Robin’s voice.
    Yep. I like this a lot.

  17. the music timing on the oland kill was perfect.

  18. You asked the Venezia to cap B, then you are talking negative about Venezia going to die. He did a good job, but you were kinda blaming him if he gets kill losing the game.

  19. Red player: “How much damage, Frenchie?”
    ALL of the damage 😀

  20. Sailing Robin, it’s nice to see a player as fervent about the game as myself 🙂
    Happy Sailing!

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