World of Warships – Al Nevsky ANOTHER Russian tier 10 cruiser

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ThatR;s right ladies and gentlemen this is yet ANOTHER russian tier 10 cruiser because WG knows what its community and player base wants/needs. WG knows that Moskva, Stalingrad, Smolensk and Petropavlovsk are simply not enough to satisfy its player base and that we’re all dying to get our hands on ONE MORE “historical” Russian tier 10 cruiser… Al. Nevsky.

180mm guns with rly fast rld, 1000m/s shell velocity with 19km gun range and 8km 60kts torps, more HP than heavy cruisers of other nations. THIS IS the RUSSIAN LIGHT cruiser xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

P.s. I will be posting another game soon where I didn’t play it with smoke-bot tactic and had similar results.

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  1. Lesse how many cits on kremlin this time

  2. So other nations have super/battle-cruisers at T9, The soviets have a super-heavy light battle cruiser at T10

  3. This ship doesn’t have a flight deck. It is underpowered and doesn’t meet the meta.

  4. The real name of the ship is Alexander SMOLENSKY

  5. It’s that awesome real Highly decorated Russian navy again

  6. Only Monkey would use his fingers instead of a wash cloth.

  7. 19km base range HE spamming 5 second reloading guns


    • you can add mod to reduce the reload rate.

    • @Big Boy Of Boys it also has radar and hydro.

    • ​@Big Boy Of Boys The armor is really kinda trash (its just a slightly better Dosnkoi armor) because if you nose tank on this ship you will lose out on 50% of your firepower and still eat full pens trough the nose because your icebreaker bow does not go as up as it goes on Mosvka, but the sides are 25mm not 30mm like on DM so every BB that you meet will overmatch you, unlike with DM.

    • @CloneD Anon Why would you ever get close enough for that to matter? You dictate the engagement with BBs and burn them down. Look at how he was just farming damage off the Yamato and Montana. HE spam is the meta of this game.

    • @Brett Hobbs I agree that HE spam is sadly the name of the game atm. Though at least these Soviet cruisers must do open water gun boating since their gun arcs do not allow to sit behind islands.

  8. Govt. WARNING >>>> Lots of harm to stupid broadsiding Moskva included in this video

  9. Even I want to have broadsiding Moskvas in the enemy team.

  10. Charles Stromvall

    The first match WIP or not that Monkey survived and flambass didn’t.

  11. This thing is just Bigensk. WG doesn’t even care about the game anymore. Either play Russian ships, or lose.

    • onebigfatguy Except he’s not correct, he’s just another one of those, “HURRHURR RUSSIAN BIAS PLS LIKE/UPDOOT THX,” posters that infest every single comment section now.

      It’s not original, it’s not accurate, it’s not funny, and it’s not helpful.

    • @Shaw Fujikawa Did you just get off the bus from stupid town? These ships are FUCKING BUSTED and if you can’t see that you are BLIND.

    • ​@onebigfatguy Literally right in this video Flambass says: “This thing is actually, from all the ships I’ve seen recently from Russia, this was one of the most balanced ones.”

      You want WG to listen to CCs while indirectly saying a CC is completely blind. So which is it?

    • @Shaw Fujikawa Yeah this one looks normal when compared to the rest of the shitheap but that’s not saying much. This ship is a soviet Des Moines that’s better in everyway that matters. The only REAL downside is it’s not great at shooting from behind islands but with 19km range and 1000ms shell speed this thing can open water gunboat with little fear where a DM would never dare to do. It’s basically a tier X Kutuzov without a smoke and double the ROF.

    • ​@Jozsef Toth Dude you should really not try to reason with these people who only complain about”Russian bias” and have literally zero constructive criticism. Just lately couple guys who were crying the same shit tried to claim that Moskva of all ships is so “OP”. They are really pathetic and they add nothing to the conversation, i dont know if they even play this game.

  12. This in a division with smolensk…I’m sorry for the enemy’s BBs and DDs

  13. WoWs in 2021: 10 tier 10 Russian cruisers

  14. great more fast firing russian spam.
    Americans= “We have efficient autoloading technology”
    Russians= “We have Rusev and vodka”

  15. prime reason i will never have a Tier X ship. my Iowa is still sitting there and I do not touch it ^^

  16. Tahir ibn Mohammad

    the accuracy is great because of the speed of the shells. To 15 clicks it takes just 7.5 seconds, in a wooster it takes a good 10 seconds

  17. Rick rolled bitch

    Don’t you love how they made you have to hassle to get the tier 10 Puerto Rico cruiser but for this all you gotta do is go up a tier line within a couple weeks

  18. “…but the accuracy is so bad” he says after tearing that Moskva to pieces with steady citadel hits

  19. Dear WG,
    Please make a World of Warships classic like you did for World of Tanks. Back before Russian Bias and CV rework.

  20. this nevsky feels like a more powerful smolensk without smoke, even though the reload is not as spammy.

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