World of warships – Alabama MID rush

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  1. Now rush mid with the Richelieu! It’s the perfect ship for the most speshul tactic ever introduced to the game! Richelieu mid rush or riot!

  2. Michael Griffiths

    I see you have so much fun with this game and it inspires me to play. So I queue up and get low tier. I follow a high tier BB and CA into battle with a DD in front spotting for us. But then all of them do a 180 as soon as the shells start flying. Now I’m being focused and can’t turn because I’ll eat citadel shots. FML.

  3. Team work ?????? what is this game ??????
    Well played Team flambass 🙂

  4. Here’s a little challenge.
    Can you midrush with that giant floating citadel called the Moskva?

    • Didn’t you want to say Nürnberg?

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      Moskva arcs are too flat.
      Would work better with Des Moines.

    • Schnittertm1
      Moskva is a far bigger target, harder to maneuver in a restricted channel
      and it doesn’t have torpedoes to counter enemy torpedo runners.
      Dmitri Donskoy is a more vulnerable citadel but it has torpedoes to counter torpedo runners.

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      The idea of a Challenge is to make things more difficult.
      The reason why I didn’t recommend Des Moines is that it would have been relatively easy.

    • Awaylon McInthrows

      One BB would probably end that attempt

  5. great team effort !!

  6. Can’t help but think this is the way WG meant this map to be played

    Which means WG is SPESHUUUL!

  7. Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama really coupled well with this video. Nice push through Flambass!!

  8. What upgrade are you using?? I really like propulsion mod for more horsepower when slow speed and I really like it with tactics like this.. Alabama gas a good rudder shift abd turn radius on its own

  9. next rush a carrier though the middle

    • There is a replay where Peppa is in my division and we went through the mid and he capped enemy bas :D:D:D:D you should be able to find it on my YT channel

  10. Absolutely glorious

  11. More Hanz please:):)

  12. Did You shoot them??? JAAA????

  13. You really are insane…insanely genius. ; (

  14. Oh this is the video you replayed on Twitch today? Kappa

  15. Mr. Carrier….do you haf your papers? ROFL…I spit coke all over the keyboard on that one.

  16. Thats My Flagship!!!!

  17. Nice game

  18. what kinda blasphemy is this??? HANS ON AN AMERICAN BATTLESHIP???. DAMNN THAT HANS!!

  19. Flambass, stop making noobs rush mid!!!

  20. Thanasis Anagnopoulos

    ” It’s 1941 for you ” I died hahaha

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