World of Warships – Alabama Potential Buffs

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Recently suggested the would be receiving buffs based on feedback from the community. I discuss the potential changes and what it might mean for future premiums. I want competitive premiums but I don’t want them to be the only viable ships. Hope you enjoy the discussion and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Alabama Replay


  1. Why would they buff premiums but wont nerf them?

  2. Risheen Mukherjee

    I smell pay to win on the horizon 🙁

  3. Iowa might not be getting the citadel buff.

  4. a change from 2.0 to 1.8 sigma is much greater than you think Notser, don’t underestimate it pls. Try playing with Bayern and Warspite and youll feel a big difference

  5. what if they buffing em until they get satisfying sell rates then nerf em back?

  6. I find it Interesting that Notser was the only “known” reviewer/contributor who liked the Alabama pre-buff. All other “known” reviewer/contributor, who’s reviews of the Alabama, I’ve seen; ranged from “eh, it is what it is” to “this ship stinks”. This observation, is not meant as a slight to anyone, but interesting how varied even skilled players opinions about any one ship can be.

  7. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    They still need a prem T8 BB so that next season of ranked can be dominated by all premiums. Calling it now; next season is gonna be full M. Kutuzov, Lo Yang, Alabama teams.

  8. It’s not getting buffed because people complained. It’s getting buffed because people who spend money complained…

  9. UnexpectedInquisition

    Noone complained louder than Flamu

  10. I think the buff is solely because they want more money…


  12. Sounds like WG believed Flamu. 😉

  13. Alabama is now straight up better than NC, gj WG

  14. A high citadel, the one that current Iowa/Missouri/Montana/Alabama have, is NOT a good thing for the game, at all. Why?

    Simple. It causes people to bow camp. Which is a boring and stupid tactic that should never have been in the game, and is NOT how a ship, ANY ship, should be played. I highly despise the bow camping meta because it promotes stagnant and horrifically stale gameplay. And I HATE that with a bloody passion.

    The ONLY time I want to use my reverse gears, is when I derp into an island and need to get myself unstuck.

  15. Very appreciated buff indeed.
    Hope they’ll give her MBM 3 too, she’s a premium afterall

  16. With respect, i have to disagree with your assessment.

    Without taking the citadel into account, Alabama is already fairly balanced when compared to North Carolina:

    – More agile
    – Better torpedo protection
    – Less HP
    – Less accurate
    – Less mid range AA
    – Worse concealment

    The accuracy difference between 1.9 and 2.0 is not huge, but it’s noticeable. LWM did a forum post where she showed hundreds of test shots and overlaid them on top of each other. Alabama had a noticeably wider spread, although in terms of centered, it was maybe a 10 or 15% difference, which is something that can be corrected by moving in closer. And therein lies the problem. You said it yourself when you bring up the german destroyers: A ship without a proper identity. Alabama has the traits designed to give her an edge in brawling and pushing into caps due to her agility and torpedo protection, yet had the citadel to make that impossible. So what ended up happening is that North Carolina ends up being better at longer range due to her accuracy, AND better up close because of her citadel.

    Wargaming finally recognized the problem with the Iowa, Missouri, and Montana armors and are lowering them. After all, people bragging about landing quadruple citadels on Iowa has long become a sick joke. So suddenly you have a new tier 8 premium that Wargaming said was going to keep that horrid citadel even when a much stronger premium, the Missouri, was getting it lowered.

    Hence why it was a huge drama. Hence why every single European reviewer panned this ship.

    Now with the citadel lowered, the Alabama finally has an identity: A mid to close range brawler/concealment sniper hybrid. Not as good at brawling as the Tirpitz, not as good at mid range as North Carolina, but able to more or less fill both roles as situation demands. Sort of a jack of all trades and master of none ship. Which will make her very enjoyable and on par with the already high quality tier 8 premiums from the other nations.

  17. Flamu is RNG
    I still think NC is better. Since I learned it better.

  18. You mean you don’t want a WOT pay to win clone?

  19. Well, it’s a good move. But this whole thing really shed light on another issue of WoWS. What I was calling “Lol-Armor” from the onset of CBT when I started playing. At the time a dev even PMed me in private to ask me what was the problem and how I would go about fixing it… So I explained it: Battleship having no resistance to hits, HE nullifying the entirety of the armor mechanics… this was before the Germans and their insane turtleback and Dreadnought-type resilience to damage. The Dev kindly told me I didn’t know what I was talking about and did not understand how the game worked. I was so disgusted I never discussed mechanics with a dev ever again. And when the entire CBT forum was in a RIOT against fires being OP, WG politely told EVERYONE to shove it, was working as intended and to play cruisers if we don’t like it … I am **not** making this shit up.

    So here we are, nearly 2 years later… Barring Germans, battleships still have lol-armor (cruisers too but that’s another problem) so they cannot perform their job comes tier 8+, which is to tank damage. In the two years of this game’s existence, a meta has flourished, which is to stay back as far as you can, and just snipe anything giving you their side, and bow-on if you get targeted. Everybody, EVEN THE ONES DOING IT are saying it is boring and blah blah blah and so on. So after 2 years, they are lowering the citadel of the high-tier USN BBs and revising Alabama so it also benefit from this change. It’s a good move and took FAR too long for them to do it as well. Of course, you cannot expect much of the high-tier meta to change, or if it’s going to change, it’s going to take an awfully long time.

    BBs should not be historical, or at least should have game mechanics that makes them able to resist incoming AP much better. Let torpedoes be the weapon of choice to take down BBs. Not Citadel hits (to some degree, much less than now at least), not fracking fires or that godawful IFHE atrocity that was put in the game… Torpedoes and CVs should be taking care of BBs and should be very good at it (they are, but have been to far nerfed by WG). BBs should feel like super armored vehicles bouncing shells left and right, and not taking 1/6th of their HP every 10sec from incoming shell-fire.

    Now I’m not the majority with this train of thoughts, but look at all the whining on the forum! LOOK AT IT. First the Mutsu being as weak defense-wise as an Ishizuchi, but at tier 6 (and getting uptiered all the time, **another** problem), then Alabama was supposed to be yet another Lol-Armor BB. PPL are simply sick and tired of having ships (mostly BB) that can’t take a hit (hence the German BB-line success). And I hope WG can take a HINT themselves as well. Fix the Mechanics, fix the torpedoes, and fix the CVs. I’m telling right now: That will make the game so much more healthy in the long run.

    Alabama gets turned into a tankier BB. **GOOD**
    My 2 cents, and thank you for reading until this point. Had a lot on my chest.

  20. WG thinking about their wallets too much now

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