World of Warships – Alabama Premium Impressions

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on Shards moves out to support the team as we move past C point. I move with Poimane against the enemy team and try to use the nimble controls to my advantage. We encounter enemies by the center and I deal with them one by one. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Alabama Replay


  1. “It’ll have a hard time against battleships..”

  2. man your friend dogs you too much

  3. I am looking for good USN BB, CA and DD capitans. Any advices?

  4. hey Poimane! Long time no see

  5. please press h for 10 seconds at the beginning so we can see the stats of the ships. thanks


  7. i started off as a DD player because i thought BB’s would be boring but i have made it to the Montana and i gotta say BB’s can be every bit as frantic as a DD at that tier

  8. Poimane sounds like Poi-mane, poiii~~

    Forgive me dear lord

  9. Ok so Alabama was designed to take 16″ fire and the NC was designed to take 14″ fire but Alabama is not as well protected.. well then. “Reasons “

  10. Stop stealing Poimane’s kills, Notser, or I report you to animal control!

  11. Well played. I’ve seen some negative reviews of this ship due to the higher citadel. Guess it depends on the player?

  12. Nooooo, whyd you take that beautiful measure 22 paint off her?

  13. Notser, what would you say to rebut Flamu’s comments on this ship?

  14. you sound like an oool couple arguing…damn fun…..and fuck me….i want that fat lady called Alabama 😛 looks daamn sweet <3

  15. Flamu say the armor is bad

  16. 2:55 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  17. I wish when you gave the speed of the ship you would say ‘top speed of 27 knots-er… or less.’ A good pun to get things rolling.

  18. Poor Poimain. Notser kill steals. it’s how he rolls.

  19. My first Game against Notser and I am in my brand new stock Ognevoi… Did not last long!!!!

  20. David Suttles Jr.

    where is this ship? its not even for sale.

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