World of Warships – Alabama Review – Solid But Difficult

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The Alabama is a solid tier 8 premium US , but with her citadel that extends above the waterline she requires good players who understand mechanics to get the most out of her.



  2. “Where she’s like the Iowa is in her citadel placement.”

    That’s all I needed to hear.

    Thanks for review Chase.

  3. Much better than Flamu’s annoying bitching.

  4. it’s also funny that they have the South Dakota class in this made to be inferior to the NC the way it sounds in terms of protection and performance, when it in reality was a much better protected ship than the North Carolina class and had better fire control and such

  5. Tamás Kerecsényi

    The problem arises when you compare this to the Amagi. The Amagi has almost the same torp belt, better armor all-around, below the waterline citadel meaning she usually safe from citadel hits below 10km and hard to hit at any range, more and more accurate guns, better gun angles on the mid and aft turret, faster etc. I mean the Amagi facerolls this ship easily (even if you go bow-on, the Amagi’s better HE shells gonna rekk you anyway if that’s the flavor of the Amagi player), i like the NC but this being worse than the NC makes it easily the worst t8 BB, just because it’s a solid ship, it doesn’t make it competitive against it’s t8 counterparts (Just like how a GK and Yamato can obliterate a Montana, the Montana isn’t bad, it’s nice and all, but it’s not competitive against other t10 BBs, sure if the GK or Yammy player is retarded then sure). Also this game was a nice showcase of the bad dispersion, i mean some salvos were so bad it was hilarious to watch. :DD Anyway thanks for the review Chase

  6. So much controversy on whether this ship is good or not… But here’s how I see it. I see Flamu’s review of this ship from a competitive standpoint. He is an exceptionally good player and being in OMNI playing competitive games largely at T8 means he would have a competitive view on this ship whereas players like IChase and Zoup are not as into the competitive side as Flamu and therefore would not see the ship the same way Flamu does and tbh competitively this ship is not very good. High skilled players who have vast knowledge of the game fighting each other will be able to exploit any weaknesses such as a large citadel with ease. all the angling in the world won’t help you if you are flanked by an experienced competitive team. However in more random battles where there aren’t as many high skilled players in the same game means that methods like angling etc work a lot more reliably and therefore minimise the damage taken to the ship. Don’t get me wrong everyone’s view on whether this ship is good or not is perfectly valid but you have to take into account what this ship is being used for. In a competitive game i’d take the NC over this in a heartbeat. Sorry for the minor rant.

  7. The Alabama and South Dakota class was designed to take 16″ inch shell fire right but the NC was only designed to take 14″ fire but I’m not sure in game it the Alabama can take its own fire it seems?

  8. I do not understand why she has a sigma value of 1.8 while NC is 2.0. they use the same mark 6 guns and mark 8 shells. And fire control equipment i believe.

  9. Sweet Home ALABAMA!!!!

  10. Chase you mention the Iowa and Montana’s citadels being the same size. Here’s the problem, they are both wrong and after much discussion with proven points of schematics and drawings, WG has acknowledge that while this was by design, the will fix it as they believe it will promote better play for these two US battleships. They will fix this for 6.4. Their statement on this issue can be found here: . Likewise, the citadel on the South Dakota class (Alabama) is nearly identical to that of the North Carolina. Again, they’ve intentionally made this ship a floating citadel ‘for balance.’ Yet having done so for the Iowa and Montana class, will they fix the Alabama before releasing it or wait for 1 to 2 years to correct an egregious error on their part from the start? If they want my money, they will fix this before not a year or two later.

  11. avelino nunez ortega

    Putting the North Carolina broadside is a terrible idea

  12. 998 days of premium dang!¬

  13. The Alabama citadel is like that because the designers had to build a ship with armor against 16″ shells, the same speed as NC and within 35K tons standard displacement. The engine rooms had to be stacked in order to fit all that into a hull 150′ or so shorter than NC. Iowa has the engine room she has because the requirement was to push 45K turns through the water at 32 knots.

  14. The Alabama’s TDS should be on the NC, Iowa, Missouri, and Montana

  15. please ditch the 500 subs intro chase

  16. Chase, any clues as to if the USS Massachusetts aka Big Mamie will make it into the game? She’s got a lot of history and is a museum ship, and I have personal ties to it via navy veterans in my family who served on her.

  17. Fubuki tried to lay a smoke for you :'(

  18. when she goes on sale, I can’t wait to see the potatoes buying it day 1, asking for my yamato AP

  19. it’s almost as if you have something personal against Flamu lol

  20. I don’t really like how dissed Tirpitz players ._.

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