World of Warships – Alabama Review

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Well she is finally here after months of rumors and speculation of her performance we have her in game. The USS


  1. Rewind Remix NCS

    love the vids

  2. The tirpitz does better at range… I’m sorry what? The best brawling ship tier for tier is better at range than a super accurate American BB? Sorry you’re wrong on that one.

  3. Great contribution! Thanks! Keep ’em coming mate…

  4. Qckslvrslash Gaming

    I want to clarify what I meant by the Tirpitz doing better at ‘range’. First my break point for close vs long range is 10km. I meant this comment to refer to situations where due to the Tirpitz’s poor turning circle it is best to remain outside this distance lest you get caught side on. The tight turning circle and quick rudder of the Alabama means that there are situations she can close in when the Tirpitz is stuck at range.

  5. Hey Qckslvrslash,

    Love your vids. But I wanted to add in a correction. At around 3:00 to 3:30, you state that the 310mm armor belt above the water, running from turret 1 to turret 3 is part of the citadel. That’s just casemate armor, the citadel sits below the water.

    Other than that, thanks for the video! I love my Alabama.

  6. For me, the USS Alabama dispersion has been horrible. I had a game last night (40k damage) of 32 hits, 4 pens and 1 cit and most ships were sailing broadside. Followed by a game in the SC and just wrecked shop (4 sunk 80k damage). It has been the same story for all 8 games I’ve had in her. The shells just dont seem to fly the same. She is a pusher tho, just point the bow right and bully red team out of your caps.

  7. The problem with this ship is it is worse in almost every regard to the NC when it shouldn’t be. It has worse armor, its guns are less accurate and shell speed is slower, Its concealment is worse and its AA is worse. This ship needs a buff. The problem is people complained that the lower citadel would make it OP when in actuality it still is a worse ship than the NC which in itself is one of the least performing t8 BBs. People have this mindset that any buff to the Alabama would make it OP when even if they buffed what i said the Bismarck would still outperform it. The guns and concealment need to be buffed and then this ship would be perfect.

  8. depends on the time zone.

  9. Me, DCAP and Young_Slumber did the Alabama Cuck Train today. It was funny. I straight up hate the ship, but it was funny. To me, it’s a t8 Warspite. Small turn radius, good credit printer, tanks well (against torps at the very least) lacks secondary power against german power creep (just like the Spite.)

  10. Great vid! Heard you on the warships podcast and subscribed. So far I love the bama, my first game in her was a kraken lol. Have only done 5 games in her and they were all wins. I think I was always top 3 on the team. I haven’t played NC in awhile and have to buy her back to compare but I don’t see the need. So far i think it’s a great ship and will keep on playing her.

  11. Glad they fixed the citadel before release, I met one pre release and it was bow on angled at 17 kms and got 3 cits with my Amagi!It was silly.

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