World of Warships – Alaska Buffs and More

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Alaska Buffed, Le Terrible changed, Jean Bart nerfed, and British DDs adjusted. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X French Republique Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Notser do you have any idea when CCs like yourself will be able to try out the newly buffed Alaska?

  2. That enemy Yamato. It’s quite rare to see someone use long range secondaries build on a Yamato. 😀

  3. “Small, nimble cruiser”, yesyes.

  4. Changes to Alaska sound fair.

  5. Jean Bart: leave sigma at 2.0 and scrap that realod booster

  6. So, Le Terrible is Le Worse. Awesome Job WG

  7. They had to take the smoke from the terrible to give it to the russian bb line when that comes out 😉

  8. Colonel David Davenport

    WOOOHOOO! Alaska – GET INTO MY FLEET! Thanks for the video NOTSER!

  9. It would be cool if the video would match the subject that you are talking about rather then beeing a random battle. Show clips of the ships you are talking about and maybe mouse over the stats screen when you talk about their old stats ect.

  10. Wish they would buff fredrich der grosse its a really painful ship to play even at close range it cant fight or brawl

  11. Le Terrible = Luh TerrEEbluh
    République = ray poob LEAK
    (Caps shows accented syllables)

    Hopefully that helps I know you’re trying hard!

  12. Alaska concealment should be better than a Conq…

  13. Notser do you think they will add the HMS Vanguard

    • fingers crossed ..

    • +Grease Monkey unlikely, Vanguard would be a tier10 and it’s a complete paper ship. Conqueror was war gaming’s take on it. If they did add it in, they would have to distinguish it from Conqueror, it would have to be a tier 10 (clan battles reward ship? Coal?) or split line maybe. The Conqueror should have just been called vanguard from the start.

  14. Any reason you’re in Republique and not Alaska in an Alaska buff vid? lol

  15. what about that second tX french battleship? Bourgogne or so, any news?

  16. What is that camo?

  17. no smoke… LMAO
    RIP sales

    • perhaps it’ll be a mission ship ??

    • Grease Monkey  Perhaps doesn’t really need the smoke with the speed it gets. People are already reluctant to fire upon 47 kts Khabas, so imagine with 55 kts Terribles… Plus the original smoke was pretty crap, it was kinda the early drafts of Pan asian/German smokes, next to unusable…

  18. Relatively high sigma value & MBR a problem you say? Tweak MBR so sigma is worse when the consumable is active, returns to normal afterwards. Rapid cycle or panic fire isn’t as accurate; seems a fair trade.

  19. With regard to Alaska, just what *are* the new firing angles after the buff? Also, I doubt that the change from 30 to 45 second fire duration was meant as compensation for the buffs to Alaska. Every other “large cruiser” (Graf Spee, Kronshtadt, and Stalingrad) already had 45 seconds, so it was probably just an error to not include that on Alaska to begin with.

    I freaking hate when Wargaming chooses accuracy to nerf when a ship (especially a battleship) is too strong. They should’ve either nerfed the main battery reload booster or the base reload. Heck, I’d love if they gave Jean Bart the same reload as Richelieu, keep the reload booster as-is, and give her 2.1 sigma like Yamato.

    For Le Terrible, nerfing a DD that was already bad by removing its smoke doesn’t make any sense. They should just scrap the gun reload booster entirely, that’s not something that makes sense for a DD. Just give it the same 4.8 second reload as Aigle.

    For the British DDs, Jutland and Daring will still be completely unable to damage a DD that charges straight at them. IFHE remains a completely mandatory skill for them. Which is silly because Wargaming *just* gave Akizuki, Kitakaze, and Harugumo a ridiculous 25mm HE pen so that there wouldn’t be an IFHE-mandatory line.

  20. Pronounciationnazi input:

    Terrible = Tereeble

    Republique = Repyblic

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